Childhood in Q8 Means: Nabeel Sh3ail E7na El Mathal El a3la!

I have been looking for this song on the internet ever since Youtube was invented! I searched and searched and searched and FINALLY yesterday i found it on the website

At LAST! This song is so old, most of you weren’t born when it was sung! 1986 chinna? I remember me and my cousins playing with our Barbies, we would have them attend a Barbie wedding and they would dance while one barbie sang for them… and yes we would actually sing this song for the Barbies to dance on! We didn’t realize what it was about… we just knew it’s beautiful, and Nabeel’s voice was and still is AMAZING…

So glad i finally found it! I have been singing it all day yesterday o i’m still going on 😉 I feel like i am back to my childhood days… Thank you Nice Q8i so very very much!


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