Book Review: The Carrie Diaries

Fan of SATC? Can’t get enough and want to soak every little detail of your beloved characters?

This book, by Candace Bushnell,  is the thing for you!

I saw this book on my recent trip to the UK, since i wouldn’t make it to the opening of the SATC2 movie i thought i would get a consolation and read it. It is the story of Carrie Bradshaw on her last year of high school and  how did she end up in NYC.

My opinion? It was an extremely easy read, very tame and innocent and moderately entertaining. While reading it I keep reminding my self that i am reading about Carrie Bradshaw and i associate SJP face to the heroin so i wouldn’t feel like reading a Baby Sitters Club book. and it doesn’t really answer much questions and sometimes you would like to slap Carrie on her face and tell her to toughen up. Thank god we are not in high school anymore! I would have also liked to tell her friend Maggie to grow up and get a life -so so maleqa o such a drama queen- and the bag on the cover with the Carrie written in pink is actually a nice twist on the story and means something. You must read the book to find out what 😉

So if you want a quick read or something to pass the time before the SATC2 movie is out, this is the book for you.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Interesting…will check it out…I’ve been reading so much vamp books lately I’m seeing them everywhere now ;p


  2. i think im the only girl in the world who is NOT a fan of satc!


  3. count me in eshda3wa 😛


  4. Posted by a. on May 24, 2010 at 3:19 PM

    Count me as well eshda3wa 😉


  5. candace’s novels are fun to read, I’ve read one fifth avenue a while ago and I liked it.. a bit provocative though.


  6. 7ilwa baby sitters club,, memories,, but even they were more interesting than the carrie diaries,, it was a bad high school drama book that I’ve outgrown,, I kept waiting for the aha moment to the carrie we all know but there was little resemblance aside from the eccentric clothes from her grandma and the purse from her mom,, I think the best part was the last chapter where I finally got the aha moment but it was too late,, I already was disappointed in the book,,

    but all that aside,, I find it amazing how the author can write in different styles cuz ive also read one fifth avenue and another one of her books,, can’t remember the title and they’re completely different from this whiny high school drama

    china I’ve rambled but I’ve been wanting to share my opinion with someone who’s read the book for some time now,, thanks xxx


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