Pray for FourMe <3

My friend and my twitter buddy blogger FourMe was diagnosed with cancer on her 29th Birthday!

4y,  my nickname for her… is one of the girls i confide in whenever i feel like bitching…  she is always there for me and never once did she put me down or got fed up of my nagging and bitchi…

When i heard the news, i cried for my 4y, its every one’s worst nightmare, to be diagnosed with cancer at a young age, to suffer the horrid pain… and she has been suffering for so long… i know for certain that for her big 30th birthday she would be all clear and healthy, no more pain 4y… but what she needs now is prayers, prayers, and more prayers…

This website was set up for 4y… you can sms her, or share your prayers with her… if you are like me, still dazed by the news, i think you might find some solace in visiting it and sharing a prayer or a comforting word…

Here is the website

Love you 4y :’*

5 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks Danderma for helping by posting and spreading the word.

    You can participate by writing about FourMe at

    Contact me if you need any further information.

    God bless.


  2. 3asa allah yeshafeeha inshallah… :****


  3. Ohhh dande :* thank u so much darling.. U know how much I adore and love u that I don’t need to mention it! After all u are my Cinderella :p

    Honestly thank u :*


  4. allah yshfeeha inshallah

    shes always in my prayers


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