Review: Hotel Chocolat

*Warning* Have Some Chocolate Besides you B4 u C the Pix, Or else…

My adoring relationship with Hotel Chocolat goes back a long time… i discovered it 2005 in the UK and had immediately fallen in Love <3… Giant slabs of swirly chocolate to nibble on, chocolate dippers that i would dunk into my hot cup of Tetley tea and then slurp on… i used to bring back home a huge amount of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat for my own cunsumption… as seen by one of my old pictures below… this was in 2005 if i am not mistaken… can you count the number of Hotel Chocolat Products :p

So i had been more than ecstatic to hear that Hotel Chocolat had actually opened up in AlKout mall!!! No need to order online just to satisfy my longing!!! I had to check it out!!! So last Saturday, the day of the storm, we waited until the skies were clear and we drove all the way to AlKout just to pay them a visit…

At first glance the store is tiny! very very tiny indeed! I was lucky it was not crowded at all so i could roam it freely… it was a bit of a tight squeeze with two friendly sales persons and my husband around but … well i don’t care the goods are there and i can buy them right?!

This center table was taking up a lot of the store space, plus it was hard to navigate around… espeacially given that i went into the store so fast i almost slammed into it in my scramble to check out the stock… now lets see… they have those giant chocolate slabs, 10 KD each, you can take it for a gathering or a zwara and have the family eat from it and it won’t finish!

The Rocky Road slab and the Caramellow slab! Caramellow slab has pieces of the Caramel Canapes inside it ❤ what are caramel canapes? Those are…

I was so happy they stock those! One of my favorite Hotel Chocolat products! Caramel Canapes used to be a regular in my Aramex British Inbox back in the days when i used Aramex, when i go to the UK i must stock on them… they are so good… how good? when it first came out in 2007/2008, i bought a little bag for my parents to share, and they fought over it! That’s how good… it’s chewy and sweet and caramellee and very very yum… i do not recommend the hot chocolate powder ‘Liquid Chocolate’… i tried all the flavors before and it ain’t good!

Back to the slabs, there are miniature virsions the size of a human palm, you can buy one for 2.600 KD or 3 for 2.100 each… many assorted flavors are available of course, pictured here are the Cookie Creme ones my husband was checking out…

or you can buy the little plastic box of six pieces… and mix and match with the slabs to make a multiple of 3’s for the discount! Again many assorted flavors available… not all of them are in Q8 though and many of them change with time, but my absolute favorite of all time is the Cesar ones which i bought of course…

There are also lovely boxed sets of chocolates that you can use as gifts… here is a hint for you, if you ever want to give me a gift to make me happy, a box of these would totally make my day *hint hint HINT 4 some 1 😉 *

This is the ULTIMATE chocolate gift to give… the box is HUGE! and what does it contain?!


Oh La La 😀

If you love chocolate, or are a desperate chocoholic like poor moi, you must head to AlKout to get your fix…

It is also very user friendly, it tells you what chocolate is vegetarian and what contains alcohol and not…

Now… what is missing?!

The Fondue Chocolate Set AKA Big Dipping Adventure.. just microwave the pots and dip to your hearts content!

The chocolate Spread… AMAZING with bananas… it contains little crunchy nuts that makes you go Ga Ga for…

The prices are fine… considering it is not really cheap in the UK and that i did pay a fortune on shipping, so they are relatively reasonable…

For more about Hotel Chocolat in the UK, Click here to visit their website…

and yes… it is worth the trip to AlKout…

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14 responses to this post.

  1. Will be there in the Weekend for sure now !


  2. Halllaaaallluuuujjjjjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *screams*

    This is heaven, hell, whatever, i’m overwhelmed!!!!! yeeeeeeeew 😀


    • Posted by danderma on April 21, 2010 at 12:11 PM

      LoooL i feel you my dear… i totally feel you! Thank god it’s not nearby wella chan kil yom 6ay7atlah kakaw!


  3. Posted by Lama on April 19, 2010 at 11:42 AM

    How on earth I could resist that now !!!!!


  4. u got me craving chocolate now.. I WANT! =/


  5. out of words..definately getting a box for B by the end of this month..he would soo totally love it …im craving for it…ur killing me 🙂 !!


  6. Posted by Dalal (om 3azoz) on April 19, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    No…no… 7aram 3alaich! ana nag9a? sinfully delicious!


  7. ooh 7ade im gna go check it out this weekend !


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