Review: *Light* Creme Caramel…

I remember when we were little kids, my mom had a lovely copper cast/pan that was shaped like a butterfly… every other weekend she would spend a lot of time in the kitchen making a water bath and some eggs beaten with sugar and loya… in the end we would gather around for the yummiest creme caramel block shaped like a butterfly…

Ever since, i fell in ❤ with Creme Caramel. Time passed, mom stopped making the dessert, opting for things that are faster and much much lighter, the dessert have all but diminished from the buffet tables of the modern world. I can even call it a retro 80’s dessert… and i still loved it.

Of course i steer away from cream based desserts now… but my hubby surprised me the other day by a little pot of Almara3i creme caramel dessert that is actually *Light* …

The first thing i did was check for hydroginated oils… found non *thankfully*… and decided though it had some chemicals -and starch- in its making… it was good to go…

All i have to do is remove the cover & flip it upside down on a plate…

Click the top plastic thing… or actually the bottom plastic thing…

and there it is 😀

I took a bite, it is not bad at all! It is definitely something i would go back and buy again! Not over sugary, not blah, and doesn’t leave an after taste!

and look at the nutrition information…

It was 120 g so it means it comes with 62.4 calories only! For a dessert, that is even less than an apple and it is really something to enjoy, bite by bite, esp. if you are on a permenant life sentence diet like i am… totally guilt free… and highly recommended

If you like Creme Caramel, you must try this! If you did try it, what do you think?

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12 responses to this post.

  1. If i like creme caramel…. i heart creme caramel ….im craving all sugar so early in the morning and i cant even go get some coz im at work 😦


  2. Shakla latheeeth , will give it a try !


  3. Posted by Latoops on April 15, 2010 at 11:49 AM

    alllaaaah shawagteeini!! allah isam7ich 3ala the food posts 7adeeei tishawaagt!


  4. Posted by Ali from Bahrain on April 15, 2010 at 12:47 PM

    It looks delicious, but there is something wiered on the nutrition label: The Arabic says that the info is per cup while the english version says its per 100 grams!!!!


  5. a cup is approx. 120g


  6. Posted by Zabo0o6a on April 18, 2010 at 10:35 PM

    I’ve tried it 2daaaay, YUMMY !


  7. Oh Danderma! God bless you!
    Just tried it, it’s amazing!


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