Do you remember this Video: Toot Toot?

How did i forget about this? It suddenly came to my mind and i remembered it! It was shown almost DAILY on tv, me and my two cousins would gather around the tv when it was on, each of us saying that this girl is her, and jump around like maniacs with the song! Esp. since each of us had a similar night gown!!!

i also remember whenever the part with eating shokalata came, i would crave chocolate ❤

Do u remember this song?


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  1. remember it?? 3indiyaha ib my ipod LOL it brings back SO many memories!!


  2. Who doesn’t?! We used to play & sing this song with my dad 😛
    I love my childhood.

    I also remember “Mashi Qe6ari” 😀


  3. ofcourse i remember it!

    i still sing it to my cousins !


  4. for some reason im not seeing any video, but im guessing its the Egyptian song that says: Toot, toot! Toot, toot! Toot, toot, toot, toot!!!” of three little girls singing before bed time & refuse to sleep, right? i LOOOOOOVE that song! hee hee its one of my faves when i was a kid & i still remember it till this day & never really forgotten it! hee hee amazing song!

    but i forgot the dad’s & mom’s names! :/

    u had similar night gowns? we had similar bed sheets/pillows! hahahaha! xD


  5. It’s a sin to forget that song! XD
    Love it! we all used to gather around to watch it. 😛


  6. OMG *sniff sniff* allah yir7am ayaam zamaan


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