Do You Remember This Cartoon?! Es2alo Labeeba!

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This cartoon is what made me decide, at a very young age, to study computers when i grow up! You see we just had our MSX computer then… and i would spend hours clicking every combination of keys on the keyboard that i could come up with… because i wanted Labeeba to come out and suck me inisde her wonderous world! I loved her so much my 3alamiya birthday cake that year was shaped like Labeeba!

So i decided to study computers until i was able to get Labeeba out ❤ Needless to say i still cannot get her out but wikipedia is doing a similar less interactive job 🙂


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  1. No I don’t remember it but the anime mu ghareeb 3alay!


  2. I do remember girl cartoon names like Labeeba and Flona but I don’t remember the stories. But I guess we were getting prepared to use the “7asoob” at a pretty young age 🙂


    • Posted by danderma on April 4, 2010 at 10:54 AM

      Eee kan 3ez il “7asoob” 3ad :p the MSX Sakhar just out o every house in Q8 had it o playing amera wel meftaa7 😀

      Don’t you remember floona? It was jedan maleeq o very girly…


  3. Posted by aws on April 10, 2010 at 12:44 AM

    do i remember ?
    dear… in my case the question would be ” would you ever forget”..
    I don’t think anyone ever taught me anything as much as labeeba did..
    the story of Galileo… 7ajar el rasheed… edison.. graham bell.. plastics, atoms, earthquakes, space travel, trains, binary figures.. mashallah she was simply AMAZING… i didn’t know the original japanese name otherwise i would have dug it out !
    i still sing the theme song to myself every now and then..
    she is the cutest pink creature i ever came across…
    those japanese… sometimes i feel so grateful to them i owe them my life for coming up with such ingenious episodes… no one was able to portray science in such an intrigueging way (how ever that spells !) love labeeba..


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