How R you Lighting it Blue!? The Light it blue Campaign?!

Remember Ansam’s Post on the house that was lit in blue?! There seems to be a plausible explanation… The Light it Blue Campaign!

2 April, The World Autism Awareness Day, shines a bright light on autism as a growing global health crisis…

On the night of 1 April many important building will be lit in blue light in order to raise awareness regarding Autism.

So what can you do if you cannot light a building blue?!

Other things you can do to Light It Up Blue

  • Wear your Autism Speaks puzzle piece pin every day throughout the month of April, and tell people about autism if they ask about it.
  • Change your Facebook profile picture to the Light It Up Blue logo and tag at least 10 of your friends.
  • Post on your blog about how you are “lighting it up blue” to raise autism awareness.
  • Add the Light It Up Blue logo to your e-mail signature … and type your e-mails in blue!
  • On April 2 wear blue clothing and ask your co-workers, schools and friends to wear blue too. Take pictures and add them to our Flickr gallery.
  • Bake puzzle piece shaped cookies and frost them with blue icing, then bring them to your school, work or place of worship to raise autism awareness.

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