March in Q8 means: Buzzing with Events!

March has never been more exciting! With several back to back events that i am trying to attend, i don’t think i am going to have a lonely quite weekend evening at home this month… I am trying to attend all those events… if there are more please do share!

  • March 10 – 13: Taste of Kuwait Event… popular restaurants in one place and you could have dinner/lunch from all at the same time! Reserve your table now… i already reserved mine! Click here to reserve… Restaurants involved include: Bistro 86, Baking Tray, Salad Boutique, Saso, Living Room, Meli Melo, Fondue, Pizzeta, Melenzane, and much more!
  • March 13: Spread the Passion Campain! For more details click here

  • March 17-19: P2BK … need i say anymore?! Definitely going…
  • March 21: Mothers Day 🙂 What are you getting for your mama?

*Update* I found out about two more events…


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  1. i totally agree…we have loads of events this month…for us with all the above events we have a few more added 🙂 its a crazy busy month 🙂 hope to see you for the Taste of Kuwait Event 🙂
    This time for Mother’s day i might get her some nice pastry supplies…what else would a pastry chef like 😉 wht about you?


    • Posted by danderma on March 8, 2010 at 12:12 AM

      hope to see you there too… we should play a game can you guess the couple :p

      oooh ur mom is a pastry chef? where r u getting the pastry supplies from? my mom loves baking!


      • hehe…yea.. im really excited coz i so want to me you and Ansam and iLsul6ana, P0ach, Chikapappi and so many of the other bloggers 🙂 have been reading your posts for sooooo long 🙂 yea she is a pastry chef in one of the hotels in Kuwait 🙂 cant name ..hehe… there is this place in Shuwaikh near party land they have really nice decorative sheets and sugar decorations that she would love or maybe i’ll get them online 🙂 i’ll get u the name of the shop 🙂


  2. Same here! ITS TOO BUSY! I have an important event coming up towards the end of this month too 😀


    • Posted by danderma on March 8, 2010 at 12:13 AM

      lool i have two private events i must attend plus several other appointments i am not so crazy about! what a month! i bet u it will fly in no time!


  3. That’s good ! :I


  4. Taste of kuwait sounds interesting!


  5. True! Very hectic month.
    So what are you getting for yo mama? I need ideas please 😛


  6. same my calender 😉
    well ana ma 3endee ella l mothers day o graduation ceremony
    coz i don’t go to weddings ,engagments parties or reception parties


  7. Posted by E.E.E on March 28, 2010 at 2:21 PM

    KNPC’s Calendar 😀


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