Trip to the Red Palace…

During the festive vacation  i insisted on exploring some new far away places in Q8… one of which was to explore Jahraa near the Red Palace area -never been there before- …. when we reached the Red Palace it was closed off to the public so Butootee suggested we visit TSC Aljahraa…

The place i suppose is a Wholesale center… i was looking for the Kellogg’s mini breaks which have disappeared from every branch in Q8 so i thought why not? I didn’t find those mini breaks but i found some strange stuff i have never seen before in either TSC or any other co-op… have you seen those before?

Instead of finding food colors i found roo7 el byriani… strange but understandable… i thought only ako roo7 almond and rose and such but byriani? moving on… roo7 il kayora?! what on earth is a kayora?!!!!

OK why haven’t i seen pinar laban before?!!!

Those i have seen before… a looooooong time ago maybe before il ‘3azoo! They come in 3 flavors apprently…

ako pretzels b3d!

Is the cheerfully chiko guava flavor?!

I should start having an emergency 3baya in my trunk… when i ventured into the TSC every one was eying me for not wearing a 3baya!!!

and when we went out… there was a car with two girls inside… the parents kept them inside, rolled the windows down, and left them hanging from it and watching the public while they went shopping… they were about 3 and 5 years old maybe…

when i passed them they started screaming at me for some reason… and when i ignored them they turned their screams up a notch by stating “Tfoo 3leeeech tfooo tfooooooooo 3leeech hahahahhaa”!!!!!!!!

Tfoo 3lay?@*#(@&!

yat.hom zaffa ma 7elmaw feeha ib 7ayat.hom… loma butootee chan lateet kil wa7da fehom rashdi 3la her dirty face! What kind of people teach their kids to harass passers by?! weeeee3!

Hathe akher marra aroo7 minak. Mo tharoore abdan azoor il qasr il a7mad :`(


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  1. Shino hatha?? Wayd ashya2 dathra!!


  2. OMG!!!
    those kids .. ma Yeste7oooon
    lo ana menech chan 6ragat 3la their faces
    entti shmwadeech el.jahraa? bs 3Shan the Red Palace
    Ma YeSswa 3laich.. InShallah 3omrey ma aShofah walla y9eer feney methel elly 9ar feech
    bs 9ij el.products malot.hom I’ve never seen anywhere else B4
    what’s the 1st item btw :S ?


    • Posted by danderma on March 6, 2010 at 12:07 AM

      Kint 3la washak a6eghom loma my hubby pulled me away.. el first bottles are products you add to food but i have never ever heard of before!


  3. Posted by F on March 5, 2010 at 11:19 PM

    Hi danderma,
    I am a silent reader/fan of your blog. just wanted to comment on this since I see how you are interested in cooking. It isn’t kayora, it is kewra which is similar to mai ward or mai zahra, it is a flower essence. it is used frequently in indian cooking, especially in sweets. but it is also sometimes sprinkled over rice dishes like biryanis and pulao (the way rose water is sometimes). chikoo is a south/southeast asian fruit which i find to have a nice taste. somewhat like a really sweet creamy pear, its kind of hard to describe. it is really yummy in ice cream. I never tried a commercial kind like london dairy, but the organic or fresh ones that they sell in India and southeast asia are realllllllyyyyy yummy.

    we3 we3 we3 about the kids who were yelling at you. i pity children like that, because at 3 and 5 they are so young and completely a reflection of their of their upbringing (or lack thereof). shame on their parents for not raising them to even have basic manners.

    just wanted to tell you that i really like your blog. especially the dathra series. can’t wait til wednesday 🙂


    • Posted by danderma on March 6, 2010 at 12:10 AM

      oooh how do you know this stuff masha2 allah 3leech! Thanx for sharing and commenting! you should do it more often…

      i don’t think those parents care about raising kids… they care about piling up and letting them loose in the world and they should take care of themselves.. they care more about you not wearing a neqab and a 3abaya and they give you the dirtiest looks ever… rabaw 3yalkom awal!

      Thanx for liking my humble blog 😀 Insha2 Allah i might post it before Wednesday as compensation for last week…


      • Posted by F on March 7, 2010 at 12:37 AM

        Enshallah I will try to comment more often, especially cuz I follow your blog regularly. But it seems like by the time I actually have 5 minutes to spare, my baby boy needs a bottle, cuddling, or a changing all over again lol.

        I happen to know this stuff cuz I have some Indian roots. And I looove cooking so I always try to find out whether it be from family, travels, reading or anywhere else I can get info.

        Its really a shame some of the things we see these days. It makes me sad sometimes how much things have changed since when we were growing up (i think we are about the same age). Priorities,values, morals have all moved to side in favor of wealth, appearance, and shallow ideas.

        I can’t wait to see if you post dathra before wed. And I definitely need a laugh since my week is already starting out crazy :/


        • Posted by danderma on March 8, 2010 at 12:20 AM

          lool how cute!

          i totally agree about how life has gone awry! and to think our parents thought our generation was all but lost!!! how weird! i guess it’s a never ending cycle!

          Insha2 allah you might see it Tuesday Morning 🙂


  4. damn I would of killed those kids! How rude!!


    • Posted by danderma on March 8, 2010 at 12:21 AM

      4y you should have been there… you could have held them while i slapped them… perfect partner to the crime!


  5. Posted by Hanan on March 6, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    Mashalaah ehnaaak 3alamoun min el jahalaa !
    LOL! just saw the post mit th7kk !


    • Posted by danderma on March 8, 2010 at 12:22 AM

      3la inhom 3alamon min il jahala 3la gooltich lakin their jm3iya nice! a7la min jm3iyat il jabriya mathalan!!! bs min barra ha allah ha allah o min dakhel y3lam allah!


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