Do you remember this cartoon? Akhi el3azeez

This cartoon was probably the end of all good meaningful cartoons of the 80’s era… it was a very strange one that is not very understandable, it aired in late 1991 or early 1992… my baby sister could barely speak but every day after school i would let her sing along with the song… until she memorized it and maskeena she still remembers it but doesn’t know what it is… she just remembers it fully 😀


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  1. I used to watch some of it’s episodes but couldn’t understand the story plus I got confused with their genders! =/


    • Posted by danderma on March 6, 2010 at 12:05 AM

      eee exactly el gender was very confusing… halfway through the series i started to believe they have translated it wrong on purpose and that el anesa nawal was infact a male and so was anesa 3esmat! Only when nawal got married at the end did i realize she was a female!!! Totally lost with that cartoon…


      • Wow! You know I think it’s a gay cartoon.


        • Posted by danderma on March 6, 2010 at 12:24 AM

          haaaa okkkkkk… could be!!! explains the severe gender confusion! I must read more about it…


          • LOL!! A7s even the translators mu fahmeen shay XD


            • Posted by danderma on March 6, 2010 at 1:19 PM

              s7 kalamich! 6l3 inhom lesbians!!! o Apparently imwagfeenah b3d!

              This is from Wikipedia

              “The anime series spans 39 episodes and ends when Nanako is eighteen. The show’s themes are dark and controversial. Among them include suicide, abuse, incest, lesbianism, drug addiction, violence, divorce, and disease.[1] The series was dubbed and released in Italy and France, though it was pulled after 7 episodes in France, due to strong adult content.

              It was also released in Arabic speaking networks in the early 90s under the title “Akhy El Aziz” (My Dear Brother). It was shown a number of times before being taken off the air; the anime is rarely available to Arab audiences due to its content, as it is uncommon for an animated series with such content to be broadcast in an Arabic-speaking country, although the anime’s content did receive some little editing. However unlike the French dub, all 39 episodes were broadcast.”

              check it here


              • The series included suicide, abuse, incest, lesbianism, drug addiction, violence, divorce, and disease??? Bal bal bal .. hatha killish unsuitable for children!!

                LOL!! Bes ya salam 3alay wana fahmat’ha 😉
                Now I wanna watch it. Abi afham the story. Ba3d khalas I’m grownup now! No excuses, bashoofah 😛


  2. ambaaaih a7ebba
    it was so real!!!


  3. i miss bombo 😦
    and Care Bears :p


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  5. nooooo bombo was awesome!! she was a yellow fluffy car! how many yellow and fluffy cars do u know :p


  6. OMG i totally remember the song and the clip but can’t remember what was the cartoon about 🙂


  7. 7adda it was miss transelated!! madre leash they agreed to show it in the first place! and lol 3esmat madre shako msameenha chethe:p


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