Does Anyone Remember Zahrat Eljabal Cartoon?

Why is it whenever i talk to someone about it… they have a question mark on their faces and shake their heads by no?

It aired in 1991, right after we came back from ‘3azoo, it was meant to be about a war thingy which i think it was in WW2 but they translated it as the civil war in Lebanon (i remember the girl fleeing to 9aida after some battle)… i never really got the cartoon but the song was AMAZING… i spent YEARS trying to locate it and i finally found it… Don’t you remember it?

Well i do… and i remember it aired in the mornings, i remember watching it with my then fav. breakfast: 2 toasts, Kraft cheese spread, and tea with mint b3d!


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  1. i had the question mark of my face when i saw the name!

    i know the faces! but i never saw this cartoon before though 1991 was 1 of my hit years for cartoon !


  2. I think you’re gonna make me cry 😦
    I don’t remember this cartoon .. But the song reminded me of “ayam il ghazu” and my beautiful childhood 😦


  3. i remember it 😀 but i dont remember what was it about though i was so young :p


  4. i do remember it 😉 bas ma kint i watch it that much .. ana min rabi3 Grendizer, mazinger, 7asson elmal3oon, fares elfatha’, ameera yaqoot , sindebad .. etc

    yeah am a dino ( qadeem ) 😛


    • Posted by danderma on February 21, 2010 at 8:24 AM

      Mo aqdam mini… i watched every cartoon of that era and i still do… but i think ini ma la7agt 3la amera yagoot o fares il fatha2… 7son il mal3oon? Is that a real cartoon?!


  5. this is what i hate about jordanian translations… you lose all the japanese names..
    i loved the lebanese translations.. the voices where oh so beautiful.. the language so accurate.. sophisitcated arabic vocabulary.. and they kept the japanese names.. u can trace the cartoon name to its origins and u could google it…


    • Posted by danderma on February 21, 2010 at 8:24 AM

      ? was it lebanese or iraqi? the one with the really good pronouncations + keeping the original names? i thought it was iraqi!


      • dear, kabamaru, ranzi, sindbad, sanafer, grandizer, all lebanese translations…
        wafa tarbeya was amazing as om ranzi and Su in kabamaru.. she has this high pitch yelling and screaming and all the sound effects…

        Iraqi translations were amazing too.. ambeeeh georgy is just imprinted in my mind.. the way she yells “esti3dad ya kalbi el wafy” ..

        i still sing to myself the songs from “el 7ooreya el sagheera (little mermaid)” and “Banan (Thumbelina)” iraqi versions.. aladdin too.., one of the most beautiful voices i heard was Elham A7mad … now no lebanese, jordanian or any other would compete with that voice of hers.. do you know her song.. “doori ya korata el arthi”


  6. Posted by Jasmin on February 22, 2010 at 10:27 AM

    just a couple of days ago i was thinking about it ,, it was my favorite


  7. Weird how you say people forgot about it..
    Me and almost everyone I know remember it.


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