My Four Faithful Flu Fighting Soldiers…!

No one likes the flu! It ruins your plans, wastes precious days off your life, you feel horrible, and you suffer the aftermath of flaked nose and a strong couch FOREVER…!

Every year i get the flu 60 times… every month i must have the flu, be it summer or winter, spring or fall, i must have the flu once a month! Needless to say i was never happy the moment i feel a prickle in my throat… however, i discovered a way to skip those dreary germs now with those lovely Vicks products (from Boots UK)… i totally recommend you get your hands on a couple of each the next time you go there or know someone who is going there… better yet, find a stockist for them in Q8 o re7moona!

Plz applause my four faithful Vicks sodliers…

This is my 1st soldier! If you feel like getting the flu, or a person close to you has it, have a sachet for a few days to boast your ammune system and keep the germs at bay! It doesn't taste bad too...

My 2nd soldier is this nasal spray... if it was too late for your vitality booster, spray this into your nose 3 times aday the moment ur throat hurts and it will attack the germs where they first take residence before they attack

The third soldier is the Vicks Breathing Sensation chewing gum! The moment you chew on it a vicks like thing will invade your nostrils and throat, soothing them immediately and you can live your life happily!

My fourth and last soldier is those hot drink sachets! If all else fails, add some hot water on those and get a soothing hot cup of paracetamol to help you get over your ordeal

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14 responses to this post.

  1. Thanx for sharing this valuable info! 🙂 I will definitely get them next time I’m in UK! Specially that nasal spray thing WOW! 🙂


  2. Oh! I’m sorry .. Salamat .. Get well :*


  3. شي حلو


  4. oohh think 4 these suggestions..
    il tell my father about them.. coz he gets the flue a lot..


  5. lol tara mo zain 2 much adweya etqalel mn mana3at el jesem


  6. WOW!

    I wish it’s available here!!!


    • Posted by danderma on February 15, 2010 at 4:21 PM

      Me too 😦 or at least if i can buy them online and get them delivered… but all we are allowed to have is the MOH’s panadol!


  7. Wow, you have a remedy for every step of the sickness cycle. That’s gr8. I shud get my hands on a few of those. Thanks for the tips. 😉


  8. we used to get e7boob ma9 from london.. til i read in the back they had alcohol in them.. faa i stopped using the brands with alcohol.. make sure to check the back of your soldiers so u don’t fall into the same dilemma…

    wish there is a way to investigate why u get the flue in the first place .. this is too much… take a blood test .. see if there is any deficiency..


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