The Tiniest, Cutest Sandwich Ever!

If you are on a diet but just can’t stop thinking about a sandwich, or you are confused between two sandwiches and can only have one, or maybe you want a light snack? Here is the solution for you! While shopping in the bread section of TSC i found this tiny tiny bag of toast from Breadtalk! It was so tiny it fit comfortably in my palm

It was just too cute! Here is it in comparision to a can of Pepsi!

There were two tiny types: Plain but rainbow colored or Normal Colored with Mozzarella Cheese…

I opted for the color free one… i have just been to Food Exhibit in Mishref and bought some Amazing Za3tar Mix and an Authentic Palastenian Virgin Olive Oil which smelled out of this world… I knew i wanted to make the best Labna Sandwich… and the Tiniest… with Al-Mara3i’s Low Fat Labna… The result was so so yummy and the size was AMAZING! I Highly Recommend those! See for your selves…


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18 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for the tip 😀


  2. bel 3afya :*


  3. hehehe bel 3afya


  4. Tiny and cute!! 🙂
    Bel3afya 😀


  5. i love the bread from bread talk…who doesnt enjoy their fresh bread 🙂
    thats one hell of a cute sandwich and a very nice bite 😀


  6. Also Happy Valentine’s day 🙂 hope u have a day filled with loads and loads of love 🙂


  7. oh my god that has to be the cutest bread on this planet!! i wanna squeeze it and play with it :p


  8. bela3afia
    but.. It’s not a diet sandwich if we eat an entire bag of mini cute toasts huh. Cuz that’s what I’m gonna do ;D


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