Old Nintendo NES Console Sells for $13,000!!!

If i had my way, all my old consoles would still be here and i would be on Ebay right this second selling them! See here and here

But my mom has to throw every thing old away since she hates clutter and every surface has to be surgical room clean and gleaming :`(

All i have left is a bunch of  MSX Sakhar game disks and my Dream Cast with Shenmue and Crazy Taxi :`(

Keep your old stuff people… in 20’s years they might make you a fortune!

I wonder if a trip to the Friday Market will unearth me some similar treasures?


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  1. i still have my old nintendo….the funny thing that usually i play the old mario in this edition
    i finished it around 10000000 time lool

    ya 7elw kil shay qadeem


    • Posted by danderma on February 13, 2010 at 10:50 PM

      Ana 3n nafsi i usually play all my old games on my emulators… cause mali kholg i connect a different console kil ma 3annat 3lay le3ba… lakin ini age6hom molya 7safa 😦

      fe3lay kil shay qdeem 7eloo…


  2. WTH! Sadmaaaaaa
    ana me7tara 7adi, I threw my old consoles along with el Sega and the MSX
    I`m BURNING.

    Bas 13,000 is way too much, u think someone will buy it? LOL
    ana agool thank God for el emulators, i can play all games on my PC now.


    • Posted by danderma on February 13, 2010 at 10:51 PM

      U threw them UR SELF!

      ma 3ndich salfa!!! ana loma ommi itga6e6 wella chan lel7een ga3deen!

      Emulators a7san ikhtera3 bel deniya sara7a… ana all my old favorites are on my emulators… bs il dreamcast malha emulator fa me66ara akhaleeha lel asaf


      • Get yourself a Wii, and install emulators there.
        No dreamcast but regarding all the other thingies? You’ll be shocked.
        I’ve tried every single emulator for every single system, and even though I have a big screen TV, when I use the Wii emulators the game looks much better than PC, it even looks EVEN BETTER than the original console!

        Oh and of course no voice lag no frame skipping….etc
        I”ll film a video and post it 3ala yom for you to see if you want. 😛


        • Posted by danderma on February 15, 2010 at 4:31 PM

          All the emulators min Zman el MSX leen Akher sega e6la3at 3ndi …
          bs 3la my pc o akher emulator for sega genesis (played ALex Kidd in Wonderland) destroyed my (then) new HP tablet and now it’s sitting around like a piece of junk

          bs ishloon a7e6hom 3la my wii? Abi link plz


  3. You can find it @ Friday Market or @ Rihab Complex.

    (Writing or saying Rihab always make me giggle; it sounds a lot like “rehab”! hehehe)


    • Posted by danderma on February 14, 2010 at 10:13 PM

      LooL it does sound like rehab! they still sell them? r u sure? I have been there but i have not seen any!
      Must revisit !


    • Regarding “Rihab” 😛
      No they don’t sell the original one, that one is out of stock and you can only find it at people’s homes, or soog el yem3a maybe.
      Or Ebay, Sega stopped making them a long time ago and now those things you can find in Rihab are not official, which will make their price, as you’ve probably seen, too low.

      But the real deal, such as the NES in this post, sells for a lot, there are some crazy collectors around, I’ve seen the MSX game “Castle Excellent” sell for 27 Thousand Dollars.. :/


      • Posted by danderma on February 15, 2010 at 4:26 PM

        hmmm i thought so… where did u see Castle Excellent game being sold? I still have both Castle Excellent and Castle Excellent 2!!!! I must post about them soon 😀


  4. May I have your dreamcast and Shenmue? I still didn’t get to play that game. :/

    Oh and I have the original Sega Genesis 32 bit, think that’d sell that much too? O.o


    • Posted by danderma on February 15, 2010 at 4:28 PM

      Sorry i cannot give you my shenmue! o abashrek ako shenmue II b3d … but if u can find it somewhere it is absolutely worth it… mine is genuine but i think i have the old hawalli copy somewhere but 2 out of 5 disks don’t work… i guess u can still find it in rehab 😀

      The sega might sell for that much sure why not?


  5. Posted by cleondann on March 6, 2010 at 3:14 PM

    well very nice information, i am also playing with my old console, and the amazing thing is that its really working well till now.
    for more information:


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