February in Q8 Means: Spraying with Foam Has Begun!

I go out the door this morning only to find my moms car sprayed with two lines of foam from head to toe -or bumper to bumper- with the bloody dreaded foam! She was in the Avenues last night which means spraying has already started! We are still in the first 10 days of February! Why are we getting sprayed already?! Isn’t it bad enough that we have to get sprayed at all? People can’t you control your children? your brothers and sisters and friends and nephews? Lee Meta y3ni? I wish spraying people with foam becomes ill legal so at least we can live foamless! Urrrrrrrrgh!


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  1. allah yaster!


  2. I think that selling foams IS illegal..I think?
    beside there’s no better way to express our love and devotion to our beloved kuwait than spraying foam and vandalising public properties….


    • Posted by danderma on February 11, 2010 at 2:49 PM

      I dont thin it’s illegal because y3ni selling it is a big deal every where o ma7ad ga3ed ye7achehom… i think fireworks are illegal though….

      madry y3ni why spraying and ruining cars and obstruction drivers vision translates to i ❤ Q8!


  3. Spraying doesn’t express love for Kuwait. It’s just an excuse.

    Quick advice: If a kid wanted to spray your car, or you, say no & if s/he proceeds, punch him/her in the face.

    True story: In a previous 25/26 Feb celebration, cars were stuck in streets as usual & this fat kid walks up to a Yukon and sprays around. The driver, a Kuwaiti man, smiles. The fat kid opens the door, the man says no & asked him to step away, but the kid sprayed. The man stepped out, took off his 3gaL & beat the crap out of the kid.

    Moral of the story: If your parents failed to teach manners, someone will eventually teach you; the hard way.


  4. Ukh!! I hate when this happens =/


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