If you are familiar with the addictive Game “Burger Shop”… you will be ecstatic to hear that Burger Shop 2 is now available!!!! I spent endless summer days glued to my laptop screen playing Burger Shop and shooing away anyone who dared interrupt me… i finished it over and over again… and guess what? Burger Shop 2 is even BETTER! It has breakfast items and eggs and bacon and steaks and lasagna and buns and donuts!!! My advice? Play it with a bag of Mcdonalds Breakfsat by your side… or you will be sorry!!! 


6 responses to this post.

  1. i love burger shop 1
    9ej kent edman 3alaiha lol



    • Posted by danderma on February 2, 2010 at 11:10 PM

      Eee idman min idman… marra ommy dashat il 9ala wella ana o khawaty kil wa7da ib laptopha o mendamjeeeeeen… ikhtar3at it7acheena ma inred!!!! LooL


  2. I love it ! sij sij addictive


  3. For some reason I feel that I know you ..


  4. Maybe I do maybe I don’t. Not so important. Let’s just enjoy blogging.


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