Ana Ana Ana… Ibree2 El Shaay!

If you were born in the 80’s, you must MUST remember this! We used to dance 3leha ayam gabil… they just don’t make them like that anymore 😀


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  1. lol I remembered ba3ad 3abdel men3em madboly allah yer7oma kan 7azat’ha wayed ey7e6onla mosalsalat


  2. hehe ana ma a3arifha lma kint i9ghera m3a ina mwloda bil 80s bs al7en my cousins yghanonha 7g their kids ;p so 3raft-ha o ana kbera :p


  3. LOL oh I remember this one.


  4. but of course my dear and I wished I had the pot he’s wearing


  5. oh my, the memoriiiiiiies! ur so right, they dont make ’em like that anymore! this also reminded me of safa2 abuso3od’s kids songs 😀


  6. LOOOL.. i remember this looool…


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