Sneak Preview: MELENZANÈ Ristorante

My husband was invited with is friends to a quite private dinner at MELENZANÈ Ristorante, the newest -and most eccentric– Italian in K-Town!

I am always giddy with excitement when i hear of a new Italian opening since we have a severe lack of good hearty rustic Italians in the land of 1000 restuarants… so the moment i knew my husband was going i shoved my camera at him and he promised he would act as my “Avatar” to write this review!

First things first, the new place is a 100% q8y invention, not a franchise, created by two very enthusiastic q8y men who were very friendly and welcoming and deserve credit for this new funky creation.  The cuisine is Sicilian, distinguished by the usage of fresh vegetables like Eggplants (Melenzane in italian!) and sea food with Arabian, Spanis, and Greek influences.

The restuarant is located on Shik resort on Albede3 Street, right next to the new TGI Fridays … and yes that is a construction site still which is why diners must have a reservation and they only serve dinner after the workers have called it a day.

The most prominent feature of the place is the interior theme… it feels like the place has been sucked into another dimension and suddenly things are jumbled up… chairs look upside down when they aren’t, tables hanging upside down as chandeliers and bottles coming out of drawers, again upside down! It;s like a modern restaurant in Star Trek with the the gravity regulator suddenly going bust!

The menu which -also available on their websitehas a lot of appetizing dishes to choose from, and i personally would love to try their Ravioli when i dine there my self…

At the start of your meal, a complimentary pizza like bread with mushrooms and with tomatoes is brought to your table… it is said that it’s really good espeacially wih some chili infused olive oil…

Then the appetizers… a mushroom dish that was so good there was no time to take pictures -only of the last bite on a fork-, a crispy potato chips dish with some mustard sauce on top, and breaded shrimps. They say they were recommended a mini burger appetizers that they did not order sadly… every thing was polished off!

The main dishes were equally delicious, one was a breaded fish fillet with a side of creamy penne… one was penne arabiata topped with black olives, and my hubby for some reason decided to try a chicken escalope inside a panini… according to the diners the portions were generous, the food was really good, and there was nothing left to eat on their plates and sadly no space for desserts…

All in all… it was an amazing experience… my hubby came home well fed and happy and once it opens for the public i will try it my self and try to take pictures again and update this post!

If you would like to try it you can go to the reservations section of their website or you can give them a call on +965 97299288. I for one cannot wait to try them out my self 😀

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16 responses to this post.

    • Posted by danderma on January 28, 2010 at 12:54 PM

      It’s one of three options:
      Either you are too dense
      Or you are too rude
      Or you have a really twisted unfathomable sense of humor which is not funny… yet i really hope it’s the latter!


  1. hmm…yumm!! sounds delicious to me… cant wait to try them out!! btw nice review 🙂 as usual!!


  2. the thing that really make me like the idea “it’s not a franchise” , Good luck inshallah :]


  3. Posted by Lama on January 28, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    To the commenter with the strange comment, I wonder how u reached this conclusion !!!!!!
    and how on earth that relates to the other blog.

    Rest. reviews can be read all over the blogs … if 2 bloggers reviewed the same rest. would that mean they are in a relationship ?!?!? what a smart conclusion 😀 so, if another girl/woman reviewed the MELENZANÈ the I guess Danderma should watch out for the second wife :P.

    Come on ppl get a life. and think before u comment … unless u have a secret agenda, then Danderma’s blog is not the right place for it.


  4. ildecor 7adda 3ajeeb!! it’s worth a visit just to check out the interior!


  5. decora waaayed moz3j
    l wa7ed momken efantek bs mo chethe over eb 9ara7a

    en sha allah l akel ekoon a7la men l decoration


    • Posted by danderma on January 29, 2010 at 11:21 AM

      LOL we have to try it 😀 my hubby says elga3da wayed 7elwa o moree7a… fa ma tadreen el pix shay o laman itro7een shay thanee…


  6. decor is wow !!!1

    n the foood does look soo yummy!
    i seriously so wana come t q8 to eat 😀


  7. WOW .. I love Italian food and weird decoration .. that could be my absolute favorite place .. amazing ..


  8. nice decor different from what were used to here in kuwait.. ur husband is a good photgrapher mashallah! and the food loooks so good!


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