Growing my Own Basil Plant… Basilica!

I have always fancied my self cooking on the stove, then reaching out to my sunny window sill and plucking some fresh herbs right out of their growing pots… then sprinkling them on my pot and feel that my meal will be as fresh as it can be!

Needless to say when i saw the above basil growing packet i bought it at once! It cost me £5 and it is an all in one seeds/plant/growing pot!!! Just follow the directions on the back below…

So first we cut the top open with scissors to reveal the content

Then we search for the packet of seeds to grow

Then add water…

The content should be a bit damp but not over watered…

Voila! As easy as 1-2-3!  Keep in a sun lit place and wait for the seeds to grow -2 weeks-


 I will be calling my zr3a Basilica… and i will be cooing and watering her daily and posting about her progress until i see some results… if it all goes well… im thinking of mirade of posts with pastas and basils and stuff 😀

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6 responses to this post.

  1. I also love cooking this way! They sell those mini plants at Sultan! It just makes the cooking experience much more fun 😀


    • Posted by danderma on January 28, 2010 at 3:04 AM

      I bought the mini plants in sultan bs mataw 😦 y3ni i plucked them out once o kanaw wilted already o ma 6la3aw again… i went to masatel o made my self a fresh patch o healthy plants o watered them… they lived a week or two o ham mataw 😦

      khal ashoof 7athee with this one…


  2. alaaah nice


  3. Good way to infest your home with any of the million parasites that got scooped up with that soil.

    I only care for your safety ;o




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