The Avatar Experience in Q8…

Movie? Amazing! I want that Jelly Fish Thing to play with! IMAX 3D? How movies must be watched. Kid sprawled on the floor next to me screaming and playing loudly out of boredom? I could have slapped her and her ignorant parents! Cutting scenes from the movie? Weeell we’re used to it… Blacking out scenes SUDDENLY from the movie? WTH! What is that ALL ABOUT! Shino y3ni? Wain Ga3deen? R you kidding me?!  You have preserved my virtue now by literally blacking scenes out?! Really!?

Bs tadroon? El sharha 3lay ana ele ray7a an epic movie in Kuwait. I should have taken a 10 KD ticket to ba7rain or dubai, watched it and came back in the same day! Yes it’s that worth it!



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  1. is it that good ?? havent watched yet :S aby ashuf Sherlock Holmes 😦


  2. The movie was amazing! i can’t imagine not seeing it in 3-D.
    i think the characters are beautiful!
    i agree, the ‘jelly-fish’ thingies are cute!
    i bet it would be so wonderful to live in Pandora 😀


  3. Actually, about the blacking out bit.. they had to do that because there are literally 2 visual reels, not 1. and if they cut them normally they risk having the 2 reels out of sink, then the 3D will not work and the viewer will have a headache.

    so this way atleast you can hear what’s going on.

    I saw the movie in london and the parts they cut are SOOOO nothing. one scene was actually of Nitiri fighting off the dogs, and another of her telling him not to thank her. ya3ne.. those are obviously due to technical incompetence, not censorship.

    the blackout bit was of them lying on the ground *after* they “mated” off-screen. ya3ne come ON.


  4. Posted by Amy on January 9, 2010 at 11:22 PM

    I never had the chance to see Avatar but I hope to see it this week, yeah seeing movies in Kuwait can be annoying


  5. Avatar is absolutely spellbinding and MUST be watched on IMAX 3D. But the movie is definitely not for kids so why do they bring them ?!!

    As for the cut scenes – just ridiculous!


  6. I didn’t get the chance to see it yet, and I’m travelling to bahrain in two weeks you think I should wait and watch it there?


  7. CurlyCurls

    Ee walla yeswa! Sherlock 7elo but it’s not really the real sherlock… more like a mix of iron man 3la xmen 3la the simpsons


    well every thing is glow in the dark!!! so many lights!!!! i want that jelly fishy thing 😦


    inzain two reels.. lakin why ako parts min il movie imga6a3a ashkara?! y3ni why ako scenes that deserved cuttin o parts deserved blacking out!

    o laish il blacking out asasan! y3ni ana bashoof shloon?!


    Go as late at night as possible to avoid seeing screaming kids !


    madry! noss il lail hal yahel mafrooth itnam!
    b3dain ako kids who watch movies
    ako kids who play at movies
    you as a parent must know what type your kid is… if the 2nd type don’t bring him!!! e7na malna zanb!


    Watch it ba7rain! Esp. if they have 3D imax


  8. 3ad I was looking forward to watch it 😦


  9. Posted by mrayty on January 15, 2010 at 2:02 PM

    eemy friend told me ena since they cant censor the imax version, what they do is they put a piece of cardboard infront of the projector ;Pp

    etgol if you look up, you can actually see them doing it haha ;P


  10. wayed 7eliw elfilim , Dont miss it !


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