At work? Need a break? Order this from Kakao!

We were facebooking while on a break from work on Sunday morning when we saw Kakao ‘s group on facebook… we decided to order their sample 1.5 Kilo of chocolate box for Monday morning and bring along some arabian coffee… Look how pretty it was!!!!

The 1.5 Kilos = 18 KD comes in this box

I like their packaging…

A treasure trove of Chocolate boxes inside

Chocolate Goodies unpacked


Lets open the first white box…

Yummy Looking Chocolates

They are oreo balls… with the aromatic araian coffee.. ya salaaam!

One of the brown boxes had those inside…!

This is my fav one! Raspberry, Dark chocolate, and crunchy pistachios semsamiya thingy! I can’t get enough 😀

They call this one the turtle *i think*

It was good… but too crunchy for my taste

The third brown box had those inside… the balls are filled with caramel and the base is oreo and rice krispies… good combination!

Last but not least… the brownie box…

Individually wrapped yet ishwaya greasy…

Ok.. REALLY greasy

It looks good, albeit greasy! Alas, tastewise, it does not compare to the rest of the chocolate. Sadly I do not recommend it ...

I strongly recommend you pick up the phone and give them a call… their number is  +965- 97162323  and they deliver to your door step (or office cubicle)… if you want to send a chocoholic into a frenzy of happiness.. i guarantee that this box would do the trick!!! and Enjoy!


10 responses to this post.

  1. I tried some of their chocolates and they are really good!


  2. i love their packaging..its really nice… its a good gift idea for christmas…we usually distribute a try of assorted christmas sweets but this one looks really nice 🙂 and all this is for 18KD only…nice!!


  3. am still dont believe how can you people order from uncertified store !
    where is baladiya ? where is health ministry ?
    how can you be sure that the ingredients were healthy or clean ?


  4. mmm shakla lazeeez! i’ll order for the yam3a!


  5. i tried it
    moo 9ej!!



  6. Posted by Immaturely Mature on November 18, 2009 at 11:02 PM

    Chocolate post!!! 😀
    Sadly, I can’t order that – unless they deliver overseas :P. I’m still stuck to Hershey bars and Swiss chocolate 🙂
    bel 3afya 3alaik


  7. wow, i absolutely love their detailed packaging!

    bel 3afya, and that pink stuff looks good 😉


  8. You should try their carrot cake it’s really good! i love with with chai 7aleeb;p


  9. kakawhoom 7adda 3ajeeeb . . .


  10. shakla eshaweg


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