New Kiri Creamy Labna in our Co-op!!!


Labna lover? you will be happy!!! My hubby found this in our Co-Op and i can’t wait for Futoor time to try it! New Creamy Kiri Labna!!! Samoon? Check, Cucumbrs, mint, olive oil, green olives, and zaatar? Check! Only few more minutes…


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  1. Posted by Q80BOY on November 11, 2009 at 5:22 PM

    its Ramadan already !!?? 😮 😮

    damn the year passed by quick!! 😛

    joking !!! 😀

    o 3alech bil 3afya !!


  2. yaaaaaaaaa bakhat’kum Yalq8 wallah ;p


  3. kiri is superub….do let us know how does this one taste 🙂


  4. Mmm looks delicious !
    I wonder if they have a lighter one < suwalf rijeim and all ;p !


  5. Posted by Summer on November 11, 2009 at 10:16 PM

    I love labna and I love kiri, but together:S I’m not sure it will taste that good!!


  6. Oh my sister would love this!! Cool!


  7. a7eb l labnaaa
    specially pinar

    did u like kiri’s?


  8. labna+kiri hmmm sounds tasty


  9. bil3afyah… i need to fast! inshalla next week, i’ve been saying it for the past 2 weeks looool…

    Allah ytiqabal


  10. Posted by Daddy's Girl on November 12, 2009 at 12:05 AM

    Q80 Boy

    Yooz 3n il sh6ana… allah ye3afeek 😀

    Abi Omi Abi Oboi

    Wala yehemich adez lich cartoon :p


    Depends on how you like your labna. I like mine sour and light like KDD’s or my current fav. the mara3i low fat. This one is more pinar than KDDs… it’s good but not my labna


    Laa wain mako lighter… o theqela walla il gafsha elwa7da tkafi samoonaya o itzed b3d… i still prefer mara3i’s low fat one


    Laa they are not together… it is Kiri style labna… y3ni you dont feel inah mix… chinha labnat pinar 3la athqal shway


    Wanasa thingiyaat yedad bel jam3iyat 😀


    Well its good as a labna bs ana a7eb my labna 7amtha o light (kdd or mara3i lowfat) … hathe rich like pinar o theqela y3ni insay regime wyaha


    it is not a mix… but it is based on kiri somehow… its similar to Pinar’s labna


    mina o minich insha2 allah… tra il syam jedan jedan khafeef ‘3ameth fate7 wella athan!!! somay wyay next week?


  11. even pinar 3ndhom low fat lbna;>


  12. kiri n its labnah!! == heaven!!

    i still didnt c it bel b7rain!


  13. taqabal allah


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