The Knitting Challenge!


Every woman i know in my life knows how to knit!

My grandmother, my mother, my aunts, my cousins, my sisters!

I am the only female in my family who is a complete failure in knitting… no matter how many times they teach me i cannot make one single knot on the bloody stick!!!

Last week i was at grandma’s and she was talking about knitting… and i decided that 3aib! That’s it! I MUST knit like a human being! If old wrinkly ladies can do it… why can’t i!? No?

So i go to the Kolaf store… i buy my self two needlesat thingy o a set of colorful yarn thingy -the one kitten plays with- and to be fashionable my yarn is florescent yellow… i am knitting my self something anything!

i went on Youtube, i poked my self a million times. I still cannot make the basic knot to tie the friggin yarn on the bloody needle…

But i will knit. Yes i will. I am going to my grandma this Friday and she will teach me… and i will learn…

So… do you knit? Any tips?!

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  1. Posted by shoug on November 4, 2009 at 8:45 AM

    i crochet!! … ;p my tip is to make sure u have plenty of time on ur hands when u start because it is very very addictive! u wont stop… seriously!! ;p

    oh yeah and when u decide to start making urself sumthing try to make it small and quick cuz i realized that if i had a huge project on my hands i got bored of it very quickly!! ;D


  2. Good Morning 🙂
    Wish i could have been of help to you, but unfortunately, i forgot all my knitting skills :/
    However, plz check out this forum
    I hope you find it may register and send the admin a pm, i’m sure she wont mind helping you out. Good luck Deary 😉


  3. my sister knows how to do so but i dont..
    my mom and my grandma knows also..
    i am like you heheh..


  4. whoa knitting, that’s huge! good luck with that!


  5. Posted by Amy on November 4, 2009 at 8:48 PM

    my grandma knits..she makes it seem effortless


  6. 7adeee ma a3ref 🙂


  7. Posted by Daddy's Girl on November 5, 2009 at 7:57 AM


    Aaaaaughhh u crochet masha2 Allah !!!! Nice tips hon thanks!


    Thanx hon ur so sweet 😀


    3alemooch o ma ta3alamtay? Wella ma ta3alamtay period? Ana 3ezaw 3ezaw y3lmonee mako fayda!


    But every one who does it make it seem like a fun piece of cake :`(


    Exactly! Imagine now ur surronded at home with several women who knit o im sitting bel nos gapin stupidly! Mom made this HUGE gorgeous throw that i always steal o i cant make anything…


    El 7al min ba3thoh yakhty …


  8. bel twfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg :***

    i so wana learn too.. my grandma is soo good in it! she use to make us winter cloths n sets 😀

    inshalah ill try.. u inspired me 😀


  9. Posted by Q80BOY on November 5, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    good luck! 😛


  10. ana ba3ad every woman in my family does crochet except me ..

    i wanted to learn too

    bas ma7ad ma36eeni waih


  11. la tgalbeen el.mwaje3
    I used to knit but now I don’t .. I 3got how to start lol .. I totally 4got
    how? I really dunno
    I mean I know what to do once I’ve made the 1st line of knots bs how to make the 1st ones I dunno .. can’t remember =[
    I tried to learn to crochet, bs it’s too tough 4 me .. knitting is much easier

    if U do learn, teach me =p


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