One thing women MUST NOT DO …!


Is drive a black Yukon. Really like NEVER… unless she passes some kind of Yukon test drive by GMC before purchasing!!! Khalesaw il Syayeer?


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  1. I AGREE
    also, men plz stay away from Lexus it’s a ladies car!


  2. looooooool.. my friend drive a brown one loooool


  3. Posted by ocean on November 4, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    heavy duty not 4 ladies!!!!


  4. @Sn3a: the lexus jeep I agree with completely, also the lexus sport coupe is too feminine. I hate it when I look at one and see a hairy ugly dude driving it.

    But to be honest, I’m of the opinion that women should not drive, period or should undergo a much stricter driving test with a mandatory reevaluation every two years. Every time almost get hit I go ‘akeed wa7da’ and lo and behold to my ‘surprise’ I’m always right.

    What usually happens afterwords is a slew of cuss words and curses but if the girl is hot I tend to forgive ;p /ashamed


  5. OO shino ba3ad ? Even if the woman is a perfect driver, she attracts the scum of the earth who follow her and drive stupidly thus resulting in accidents or near accidents. So even indirectly women cause accidents lol.


  6. Keep off the Hummers, for God’s sake!


  7. So true wallah el 3atheem LOOOOL!
    laaaa w la etchufenha wehe etleef el U-turn eb eed wa7da taf6eseen th7kk 3ala shakelha w kl shay ebrou7 weL BRRAKEEAAAAAAAAAAT BROUUUUUU7 !!
    at7a6am nafsyan :(!


  8. Sylar
    i agree.. some women must not drive under any circumstances
    at least you forgive them;p
    actuly i hate driving specialy in the evenings ;<
    plus my little brother and sister needs the driver almost all the time , so i HAVE to drive


  9. come on ppl! leave them be!
    sylar, ur too sexist… not good dude


  10. There’s a difference between being a sexist and realist


  11. Some men don’t deserve to be simply passengers in any automobile, that doesn’t refute the preposterous notion that Women (or men, for that matter!) can capably drive a 2-ton SUV that runs on a 5.3Litre, V8 engine that bursts out 320 horsepower at will!!


  12. it’s the 16 KD nokia of cars ……


  13. Posted by Daddy's Girl on November 5, 2009 at 7:53 AM


    Maykhalif they look wrong but at least they can drive o steer it no problem! Inama hal wa7sh?


    Yoboooy! Why?!!


    Exactly too heavy duty!


    Ahh… if ur talking capabilities, some women drive better than men… every time i was almost run over by a car i look wella its a man but i don’t forgive walla lo george clooney!

    Ama 3n il scum of the earth following girls… solved easily! Don’t let men drive 3yal … or if a man is m’3azlchee take out his license…

    Ama 3n you prefer women not to drive perioud? Mako ay moshkila, but then plz mako wala ryal yeroo7 dewaniya or gahwa or 7dag cause wayed ako meshawer! Saloon o maktaba o madares o mostawsef o yeb el yahal o wad el yahal o ishtar a’3rath il jam3iya o wadha il zwara o wadha teshtere badlat 3ers… jarabt marra itwadee a woman to search for badlat 3ers? o on the day of the 3ers.. jarabt itro7 min spa lain mani padi leen hair leen makeup leen home to wear il badla o maybe bank on the way to get el jewelry o b3dain to the wedding?!


    They drive hummers too?! Weee3!


    LoL The driving period for the little ones! Imkadsheenich 3adil haa? ana le3baw fenee le3eb!


    One day you will encounter one driving in the street… and u will understand what i mean 😉


    If ur saying what i think your saying… then i agree with you


    Dude long time no see! chanzain 16 Kd… 4 KD Nokia b3d


  14. Daddy’s Girl:
    Well I hope I don’t! I’ve encountered enough already from both genders in the past years. You may find this interesting:


  15. i dont feel ena its feminen at all.. y3ni ok if u want a jeep get a cuter 1…
    this is soo heavy duty ( thought my aunt has 1 ) n my mom drives the house 1 sometimes..


  16. Posted by Q80BOY on November 5, 2009 at 7:18 PM

    la GMC, wala Hummer, walla Land Cruise, a9lan la7’9a .. noo jeeps for women .. 7adkum Mini Smart or itha ibt6lu3oon feeha Camry 😛


  17. Posted by Summer on November 6, 2009 at 6:24 PM

    Why do people have to generalize about cars?

    For example: if a girl drives a red Ferrari, Kuwaitis atomatically think inha ray7a feeha ow wayid titshay7a6, but in truth she’s just rich. People can’t aceppt that probably because they’re jealous.

    Same thing with a black Yukon, you will think the girl is 9abyak!! but in fact she might not afford a luxurious Jeep, a Yukon might suit her body, she may not be petite so if she takes a small car it will look ugly on her!!


  18. Posted by Daddy's Girl on November 6, 2009 at 10:28 PM


    ah my dear… u see, who cares how she looks like in a car?
    It’s the fact that the car is just too bloody huge for a delicate human being to drive… this is my point… they buy huge cars they can’t handle, o they drive like maniacs in them, nearly running u over…


  19. Posted by pinkelephant73 on November 12, 2009 at 12:31 PM

    I drive a Tahoe and I look like shrimp in it, and I had the choice to buy a smaller car but I didn’t. Why? Because I have no control over small cars! I can’t even see the road! I love my big car and it’s perfect and roomy, and I drive it better than any guy can 😉
    Some girls were just not made for small cars!


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