Review: Lunch @ Bistro 86 in the Avenues…


I heard about the  opening of Bistro 86 in the Avenues last month. I heard so many positve things so i decided to go visit with Butootee for lunch yesterday.

If you have been to Burger Hub and Prime n Toast, then you are no stranger to Bistro 86 as all three are owned by chef Ahmad Al-Bader!

Unfortunately i didn not have my new wonderous Eos with me so i had to settle with my BlackBerry. When you reach the door… you will stand for a second taking it in and another minute trying to open it -i had a waiter open it for me from the inside-


The place was almost empty aside from one table. The place is warm and inviting, yet surprisingly small! You could see the Chef’s Table next to the register… i believe it’s where the owner prepares some dishes several times a week and you can book the table in advance or something… thats what i heard before…

The menu… i remember hearing that it changes daily as well but i couldn’t validate it with the staff… click here for a readable picture of the menu


We had a choice of sitting in a booth or in a table by the window so we chose the window…



While we were waiting for the appetizers to arrive, we were served a complimentary bowl of caramel pop corn. Weird choice before lunch yet we munched on it lovingly… the caramel was yummy and worth smuggling into cinescape theaters the next time you are going…



The drinks: Mine was one well made smooth Lemonade. I liked it immediately, i always have trouble finding good lemonade in Q8 but this one didn’t Disappoint.. For Butootee it was a pinapple mango cocktail thing that was also good… wedged between them in the picture is the now empty bowl of popcorn!


We ordered the  Potato Croquet with Creamy Tomato Dip and the Mushroom Pastry with Sun Dried tomato Pesto for appetizers.



The Mushroom Pastry was yummy…  herby mushrooms surrounded with gooey melted cheese!!


The potato croquet however had bacon pieces inside 😦 It did not say so on the menu so it wouldn’t do for a vegetarian like me. Butootee was more than happy to polish it off and says it’s really good…


For my main dish i had the mixed green salad with pickled carrots… boring?! Well it was SUNDAY! I said i would diet!!!! There are many salads in the menu but most of them are cheese based and i already had some cheese in the Mushroom Pastry o if you take away the cheese you will mutate the salad so i settled for the green salad…   




and Butootee being a carnivore had a hard time choosing between the mushroom lasagna -meaty-, the veal escalope, and the cheeseburger… in the end he wanted the cheese burger and of course most of Q8 has tried it already as it’s the same cheeseburger served in Burger Hub 😀



But the potatoes are AMAZING! I polished them OFF -khosh diet!-! you know when you were young and you would go for your friend from school house to play and for dinner and they would serve you fa6ayer from m7aisen, home made potatoes and some chicken nuggets and hamburgers? Remember those chunky potatoes soaking in water, sweetish inside, and with salt granules sticking to your fingers? B6a6 il Bait? mo chyas?

Thats how they were… b6a6 bait! YUM!



When he asked butootee if he wants the hamburger cut in half… i remembered Ansam LOL!


We were too full afterwards to eat dessert… though they had some french toast thingies for dessert that i am certain would be identical to my beloved Creme Anglaise French Toast from Prime and Toast

So the verdict?

It’s a good place, fresh and new, but i still favor Prime and Toast… if only they would bring their spaghetti and have some breakfast dishes… maybe they do have as i am told they change their menu daily… i need to go again and try more dishes…


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  1. Posted by itsallg000d on October 26, 2009 at 11:30 AM

    Bel 3afiya … We were there last Tuesday for dinner, check our post about it

    We liked it specially that baked goat cheese tortellini. By they way, they are still adding to their menu so you may get that spaghetti there 😉


  2. Posted by -H on October 26, 2009 at 2:18 PM

    Ana I went there lama kan Tawa fate7 bas 4 days!
    Ga3adna ma3a Omy welwalda alah e7afetha g3adat etkalm el owner wetmade7 bel ma63am cz wayed 3ajbha sh’3la maskeen chan enazlna wayd sha’3laaat on the house bas 9ij kan latheth wayd 3ajabny! Ya36eeh el 3afya walah 7asafa ma la7agtaw 3alaih!
    9ara7a over all 5osh shay :p!
    Ps:el pastry Malat el mushroum ehwa esaweha eb nafsa!!


  3. Posted by The Spanian on October 26, 2009 at 3:55 PM

    bel 3afia 🙂 .. for me .. i didn’t like it that much 9ara7a 🙂

    bs wait!! .. the popcorn ya36onech eyah ohma ta9bera ya3ny?!!!! .. i thought we ordered it last time we were their !! .. 3ad 6abeet fehom 3aleh in my blog :p


  4. bel3afya
    shaklah 7adah 8awii!


  5. shawwagtenee
    thanx for the reviw


  6. Food looks good 3alaikom bel3afia! I cant wait to go and try it out! Burger cut in half is a no no 😛 hehehe


  7. Posted by Daddy's Girl on October 27, 2009 at 10:04 AM


    3lekom bel 3afiya! I must go again but to the chef’s table personally… ymkin yesawoonli spaghetti 🙂


    Sej? not store bought? It’s good o light in colors o ma tentefesh!

    y7leelha il walda estanesat 3yal?! ana my sister ra7at lah awal ma feta7 o ham nafs il shay killah ityeelhom complimentary dishes kanat 😀

    The Spanian

    pop corn ta9beera… sej malha 3laqa bel akil lakin wa7ed yegarwesh o oho yan6or… bs lo makan sweet lo ma3a different salty flavors or dips yet.haya2li awnas…


    It is … check other blogs as well..

    Some Contrasts’s review -lovely pix-

    The Spanian’s Review

    360’s Review


    Thanx hon you must go try it


    allah ye3afeech… madry shino tan6ereen go try it!!!
    Laman gal cut in half awal shay bo’3ayt agolah NO… b3dain chan i remember ‘i dont eat burgers! It’s not my orders! and Ansam ile doesnt like it cut in half’ looool


  8. i should make plans to go

    maybe next weekend


  9. Bil3afia!! The food looks goooooood!!! esp the lemonade!!


  10. Posted by Summer on October 30, 2009 at 12:39 PM

    I loved 86 bisrto!! you should have tried the cheeseburger spring rolls!! it so good!:P


  11. Posted by GeordieLass on October 31, 2009 at 1:09 AM

    i didn’t know you were a veggie too : ) yay am happy to see others like me x


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