How buying my favorite Contact Lenses became “Forbidden” in Q8…!


For millions of years i have bought monthly Johnson & Johnson Acuvue contact lenses every single month. I hate my glasses. I can’t see. I buy lenses as a solution.

I always go to Keifan Optics. I have a little J&J loyalty card where they stamp your purchase every time and when you complete 6 purchases your given a free box of lenses.

Acuvue are  good, reliable, and part of my monthly purchasing ritual and expenses. They fit my eyes like a silky glove, are very comfortable and don’t cause me any agitation or sensitivities as other brands before had done.

Whats wrong now?

Last friday, it was my monthly purchase time. We go in and here is what happened:

  • “Hello i would like to buy 2 boxes of J&J daily Acuvue lenses plz, -1.5 and -2”
  • Seller: “There is a new brand of lenses you can buy, better than Acuvue, Ciba Vision Dailies”
  • “No thank you. Just the Acuvue”
  • Seller: “The company forbade us from selling Acuvue now. We must only sell you Ciba Dailies”!
  • “So you don’t stock the Acuvue anymore? you don’t have it?”
  • Seller: ” No we have it. We just can’t sell it. You must take the Ciba Dailies.”
  • “I only need Acuvue. I don’t want to risk sensitivties!”
  • I was going to my grandma o needed to wear them the minute i bought them!
  • Seller: “Ok buy the Ciba Dailies, and i will give you samples of the Ciba Dailies. Dont open the box, try the sample, if u don’t like it refund them and i will give you the Acuvue”
  • “Why don’t you give us what we want, Acuvue, which is available, and give us a sample of Ciba Dailies to try y3ni!?”
  • Seller: “I can’t because the selling company forbids it. I must only give you Ciba Dailies Samples if you buy Ciba Dailies lenses and you can’t buy Acuvue”


y3ni shino?!

y3ni ana a6al3 il Acuvue o ye6al3ni, o mamnoo3 ashtereeh ib amor your sharika?! LAish?

Elnass ta36ee il awadm samples with their usual to market their new lenses ile they claim to be better! Enama il stupid marketing of forcing people to buy something they don’t want is totally beyond me!

Needless to say yatah za2ra o zaffa ma 7alam feha leen 3a6ana il Acuvue!!!

O i called Keifan Optics main line several times… el badala it7awel le raqam mobile o yetsakar!!!!

What next? Will i have to go to Dubai or Ba7rain to get my Daily Acuvue?

La 7awla wala Qowata Ella Be Allah!!!!!


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  1. Posted by noora on October 25, 2009 at 6:30 PM

    LOOOOL 3ala za2ra o0 zaffaa ,, wallah mawateeni the7ik :p ,, efqayer it aint him to blame , e5af 3ala rezqah ! chan nadetay manager or wrote a complaint ,, needless to say it is useless any ways :p


  2. loool

    lo ana minich chan sharet il yideed .. o labsta ya .. o as2ala haa itchoof?! la2ana biyeelik boks 7iloo min raylee .. o 5alay bu totee yitwalah 😛

    i guess he owns the new brand 😛


  3. Try Hassan Optics…my friend says she buys the same lenses from there. Hope you find them in stock 🙂


  4. ambeeeh 9ij ????? ana i use the same lances ???? bas le al7een ma shareet 3ndee in stock


  5. lances = lenses


  6. maybe 3indehom stock yaboon ybee3ona .. faa yafrethon 3lech bas zain sawetay feehom

    el lenses ma yenba3 ella bkaifan ??


  7. Posted by Reem on October 25, 2009 at 11:28 PM

    That happened to me too! except he didn’t force me.. I went to the one in Jabriya and he kept insisting that this other brand is better.. but I told him I tried it and its crap :p so then he gave in..


  8. Posted by Reem on October 25, 2009 at 11:29 PM

    and don’t believe him they probably get a larger commission or something.. Acuvue has been around for ages, don’t trust anything else


  9. Posted by Daddy's Girl on October 26, 2009 at 12:04 AM


    Laa it was in Jabriya o mako ‘3airah!!! fa bel talee oho mit9aref 3la keefah… b3dain 3yazt adeg 3la their main line to complain mako…

    Q80 Boy

    Ollah!!! shloon balabes.hom ayah ballah?!
    La butootee Aleef ma ye6eg :p


    They are in stock! but im3andeen… as far as i know i think Keifan are their vendor and distributor?


    Ro7ay ay branch ‘3air il Jabriya o shofay sheygolich.. in ma galaw shay golele wain 3shan aro7 achayel…


    La china yenba3 everywhere bs keifan is the distributor o only they stamp il loyality card!

    Madry sara7a ish.salfat.hom… bs awal mara ashoof bya3a chithee?


    Ee we went to the one in Jabriya as we were in a hurry to get to my grandma’s house fa y3ni it was on the way!

    My baby sister also told me that she o her friend went to the one in Jabriya o ham he tried to sell them the new brand o they refused… bs he didn’t force them! El thaher he was taking matters into his own hands and enforcing the sale ‘3aseb 6eeb!


  10. no j&j are sold in every single optics/natharat store in kuwait

    so mawgefat 3ala kefan…

    ohma elkhasraneen

    u have a million places to choose from!


  11. Posted by Fiend on October 26, 2009 at 12:15 AM

    thats a lie… never mind him just go to another branch of keifan optics (mishref, keifan coop..etc) and get your beloved acuvue contacts from there… seriously how dumb does he think you are to fall for something like that?


  12. and that’s how ou get rid of less popular stock in kuwait …… brilliant …..


  13. Posted by Okun's Law on October 26, 2009 at 9:21 AM

    u r kidding right ? mo min 9ijich eli ga3da etgooleena ? etha 9ij tekfain shlon shakla hatha ? ana feeni hwaash wala.. wedi a9arikh.. shakli baro7la.. oo bashteri contacts bas chethi ma3ani ma albis bas bathawaash !! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


  14. Posted by farah on October 26, 2009 at 10:19 AM

    You can find it in hasan and international optics.. take the large box with the 90 lenses so u don’t have to go every month ;p


  15. zain saweeti…
    compaired to me, you are NOT that blind!!


  16. Posted by sarah on October 26, 2009 at 12:48 PM

    ciba sucks. i tried a sample w it literally tore in half before i could put it on, and they feel like paper in your eyes


  17. I am writing as the CEO of Kefan Optics and am appalled, shocked and ashamed of what has happened. This is completly against company policy, we believe in giving the customer what they want, and to inform about new products available. J&J Acuvue contact lenses are one of our premium lens products and are available at all our branches.

    If you could inform us please where this incident happened so we may take the further necessary action.

    Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

    Kind regards



  18. Posted by Daddy's Girl on October 26, 2009 at 2:10 PM

    Dear Ms. Hayden,

    Thank YOU! It really means alot that you took the trouble to comment on my blog…

    I tried to call the number on the bag for Keifan Optics many many times to no avail! and it was not just us… another guy who was also trying to buy acuvue and was denied his request by the seller…

    The incident took place in the Jabriya Branch at about 6:30 PM last Friday!


  19. Thank you for reply and please once again accept my apologies, and I will also address the issue as to why the phone was not answered on Friday night.

    I will immediately deal with the Jabriya branch concerning this matter.

    Thank you once again for taking the time to reply.

    Kind regards



  20. Posted by ghayyar on October 26, 2009 at 5:20 PM

    I too a regualar and old user of j&j acuve lence’s, i gave the other brand a chance oo marte7t chan ared 3ala el j&j, its ur eyes people! Mo shay enjareb 3laih!


  21. Please be assured that this matter has now been dealt with and the relevant parties disciplined.

    We have arranged for the telephone to be covered on Friday evenings, as this has been the switchboards day off in the past.

    Thank you once again for bringing this to our attention.

    Kind regards



  22. Posted by Daddy's Girl on October 27, 2009 at 5:20 PM

    Thank you Ms. Hayden, i cannot express how grateful i am for your swift action. Im thrilled to learn that there exists such a level of attention to customers in Kuwait! Keep up the good work!


  23. Ciba Contact lenses suck!! They did the same to me, and I was traveling the next day for two I just took them lana I didn’t have time to get acuvue..Ciba is soo bad!


  24. ambaaaaaaaaih
    my contact lenses box is abt empty
    laaaaaaa2 .. ya weylhom etha re7t o ma 36oni Acuvue .. b3ad ma y9eeer a5eth shay ma abeeh
    3ad my eyes r sensitive mo ay shay ajareb fehom


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