a Blackberry Cover with my Name on It :D

pinkish danderma

I know im lovable and famous -a7em- i know my fans are screaming my name every where…

But to make a BB cover with my name on it? and ppl actually buying it o every time they use it my name is with them? Thats just another level of Fame :p

Reminds me of bashar abdullah’s signed nokia phone cover ayam el fame!!! hehehehe

Don’t forget to buy it if ur a fan of mine -cheeky eh?- … from Here 😀


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  1. Posted by ĐǻñĎõøðñ on October 10, 2009 at 3:37 PM


    cute! =)


  2. I pity those ppl who buy them! Poor peeps, they dont know what they r doing!!! 😀

    😉 😉 😉

    😆 😆

    Dan Dan Er Ma 😛

    Luv ya :*


  3. LOOOL!
    shloon chithee! did u make it? or was it already there..
    wait, i don’t think pink is ur fav colour, or is it?
    lol.. 3ashat poor little Famous Danderma Girrl ;p
    hehe, i like!


  4. Posted by Daddy's Girl on October 10, 2009 at 6:58 PM


    Eee Very 😀

    Missed u btw :*

    Elegant Chic

    Whyyyy every one should bye them :p
    Luv u too :*


    LooL walla mini wel darb sheft.ha 😀 laa my fav color is lime green bs who am i to complain 😀 Im famouS!


  5. looooooooooooooooool 3ajeeeb
    oo law ana i saw it i’d definateley buy it maktoob 3alayh ismich how could i resist loool 😀 intay bas goleelina wayn nilga o ana ashtireeeh ;p


  6. loool ya7athech ya danderma;p!! mako 3la zuz 😮


  7. looooool i saw it 2 days back n i was like.. huh!! since when she sells mobs or something :p


  8. Looool a customer just told me about your blog and how Your name is the same name of our skin :p
    you can find us at http://www.ezgrt.com and we are now participating in basmeti q8ya expo 7ayaakom
    oo tra you can order danderma skin with your own colors just for you 🙂


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