The Story of 2 Chocolate Cakes!!!


No recipe is involved… but hearwrenching Pictures of a Chocolate Cake are shown below, not for the weak hearted… so brace yourselves!!!

Time Line of Events:

Tuesday Night 10 P.M.

It all started with a BBM message i recieved from my brother… who hates all kinds of cakes and cupcakes and doesnt eat any!

“ Cupcakes… Shay Kha6eer”

My brother sending something about cupcakes?!!! Esh9ayer bel deniya?

To be frank i saw the website. I was not interested. It’s chocolate cupcakes big deal… ako 1000 cupcake sellers in Q8, why would this be any different?

My brother insists i should try them. He says he is ordering some for tommorow (Wednesday) futoor time.

Wednesday Night 6 P.M.

It is futoor time. My brother said he ordered cupcakes from SweetnCup. He said he ordered at4 pm online since they said it to order it 2 hours before the time you want it to be delivered.

So we think about the cupcakes. We wait for the Cupcake. and We wait. and Wait. Me and my parents, husband, and siblings hear about how wonderful those are and wait without having desserts for them to arrive.

One of my friends in Twitters tweet about recieving Cupcakes fro at about 6:50… so it means they are delivering!

Wednesday Night 7 P.M.

we call SweenCup at 7… and guess what?

Apparently if u order online at 4, it’s too late. If you do not get a confirmation call… it means your order is as good as non existing! So there will be no order delivery!

Bro doenst give up. He asks for the cupcakes to be delivered on Friday since on Thursday he is not going to be home. We all were sitting around him, he said Friday plz deliver on Friday.

Wednesday 9 PM

My friend Eshda3wa informs me that she made me a Chocolate Cake with Flake and she will have it delivered tommorow for Fu6oor!

I am soooo thrilled! and i feel super lucky! I will have flake cake on Thursday and Supposedly yummy Cupcakes on Friday!!!! WoHooooooo!!!

Thursday  Evening 3 P.M.

I come home… i drop my keys at my coffee table, i walk to the dining table and i find this!!!!!!!!!


Yah! Min wain!?!

I ask around… bro knows nothing about it???

It cant be the one we ordered for Friday can it?

o It had flake like thingies… fa i decided maybe this is the Cake Eshda3wa was brining over…!!!!

Fa i was happy! I wanted it… o it came to me today o will come to me tommorow… Cupcakes went into the Fridge… Fu6oor time can’t come fast enough… fa i decide to sleep until fu6oor time!

Thursday Evening 5:30 P.M.

Butootee comes running… he has a huge white carboard box in his hands, he wakes me up and says “yayetlich hadiya”!!!

I open my eyes grudgingly… why would he wake me when there is still sunligh… o what hadiya? he opens the box wella….

re7at il flake hits me square in the face… my eyes are wide open… my senses are all alert and wide awake, my hand flies to my BB to snap my first encounter with this heavenly concotion… i mean just LOOK at that!


i am so happy to recieve it… Eshda3wa hon ur the best :****

but wait a second…!?

Eshda3wa’s cakes… this is the flake cake by Eshda3wa!!!!

3yal who sent the first group of cakes?!!!!!


It is our Friday order!!!!!

Now i’m angry! Y3ni come on! How hard can it be?

First we didnt get our order… not even an email or sms to let us know NOT to expect the order!

Second, We got the order ONE DAY EARLY!!!!

Y3ni mako 7al wasa6?!

My brother arrives upstairs at my place, he says since there are two chocolate cakes now o he is going to his friend for fu6oor, he will take his too late/too early order of cupcakes…

i was sooo happy to let go of them. Madam ma3aya il qamaar mali o mal il nejoom… i have Eshda3wa’s Flake Cake!!!

Now… Pictures Time… if ur hungry or weak hearted DO NOT CONTINUE!








Needless to say my father thinks it cannot be home made… the aroma… the velvety smoothness of the Flake mousee in every other layer… you cannot have a bite of dry cake… mousse is every where…

o dad confesticated the cake to his fridge!!!

Eshda3wa? Ur my chocolate angel :****** Thank you Hon ALOT! I can’t thank you enough


16 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by The Spanian on September 11, 2009 at 1:40 AM

    a5er 9ora bo tutee bel bajamaa ?! .. 5oosh bajama madry qamee9 !!

    ana 3omoman la7a’6t ena 5a6ar elwa7ed edesh ur blog in Ramadhan .. fa ra7 a3tezel zeyarat ur blog till the end of the year!! .. aaaa .. i mean Ramadhan :p


  2. aaaaaakh .. inzain u didnt taste the cupcakes?

    Nabee recipe hal cake ;P shloon


  3. Posted by zoza on September 11, 2009 at 1:56 AM

    3a6oooona il 6areeeeqa ??


  4. alf alf 3afya 3ala galbich babe :**

    glad u enjoyed it

    bas 7ada a funny coincidence!


  5. eshda3wa sent me one too!:D it’s amazing 9a7?? and not as heavy as i thought it would be. oh and my mum said the same thing about it not being homemade lol!


  6. what about the cupcakes yeswa na6leb aw la!!


  7. The cakes look sooo goood! 3alikom bil 3afiaa!!

    But please do tell us how the cupcakes turn out!


  8. Posted by Orange on September 11, 2009 at 5:31 AM

    Be nice .. put up the recipe ! Please !


  9. i love homemade cake, isn’t it the best? ❤ YUMMY


  10. oh that choco cake is soo mouth watering .. 8 hours till futoor !! 😮 :p


  11. Posted by zoza on September 11, 2009 at 2:09 PM

    I agree with you Orange 😉


  12. Posted by Daddy's Girl on September 11, 2009 at 2:32 PM

    The Spanian

    Deshdashat Bait … maskeen yabi yakelha mo imkhaletah abi asawerha… 😀

    Eshda3wa ya 7afeth :p visit after fu6oor!


    Laa didnt taste them… wala abi i taste them! Wa7ed laman yesawee shay lazim yekon professional o ana ma 3ajabny hal method of dealing with customers fa big 6aaf sra7a!

    Ama 3n il recipe, fa lel asaf it’s a guarded family secret 😦


    Goloo for eshda3wa… yegolon family secret :`(

    el cake mo moshkila lakin il flake moussee ahhhh ya galbiiii!


    Allah ye3afeech o teslam edeenkom *huug*

    You should start selling it… call it the Flake Mousse Cake … it’s just so yum!

    Sheftay? 6ol irmothan ma shefna cake o yom elee ityey il cakes ityey bel jomla!


    Simply Amazing!!!! I just checked it ib fridge oboy wella makel big chunk 3la il su7oor!!! 3ad he has diabetes fa shakle bakhesh.ha 3annah!

    Big Pearls

    Well ana 3n nafsi will never order from them again they are just too madry shloon… o they have only one flavor ile oho chocolate… but my brother just adores them… fa if u can tolerate their delivery mishaps you should try them…


    alah y3afeech hon :**

    Ama 3n il cupcakes bro swears by them… i wouldn’t know i didnt try them o i dont want to try them


    Min wain lee 😦 Ana bro7ee abeehaaaa


    Yummy Yummy! I ❤ well done cakes that are home made… they are just something else don't u agree 🙂

    Q80 Boy

    3ndokom chocolate cake 3la il fu6oor 3ad?! 3 and a half hour till fu6oor :p


    Walla mo 3ndi :~( in 7a9altooha gololeeee!


  13. Posted by zoza on September 11, 2009 at 2:37 PM

    eshda3wa : 3a6eeeena il 6areeeeqa plz or saweee o be3eeeha SHRAYCH ??

    Daddy’s girls 😉


  14. ESHDA3WAAAAAAAA I want oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Wala gemt asa3bil :/ ro7meny ya Dande 7araam 3alaich khafaay rabich ra7 af6ir eb sibat ur blog!! Rabinaa 3azalim *cries*


  15. waaaay waaaaaay yoo3aanaaaaaaaaa



  16. Eshda3waaaaaa!
    OMG chenah baro7 adezlaha negsaa 😛


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