I <3 Dean & Deluca -& their Sambosa-! Now it’s here… Ramadan Will never Be the Same!


Awal Shay imbarak 3lekom el Shahar o 3sakom min 3owadah…

This is a looong post, with lots of pictures…

it’s no secret that im a D&D fanatic. However, this past week, i was angry at them… then i fell in love head over heels all over again…

It all started last week… with the arrival of this brochure… Im sure most of you recieved it with your newspapers…


I was giddy with excitement when i saw it, took me back to my childhood days when we used to recieve Kids R Us brochures before eid and we would rifle through planning how to spend our 3yadi on… so to me… this brochure was my very own grown up version of the Kids R Us memory…

I look upon picture after picture of yummy food on beautifully set tables… until i reach page 9… in one instant i start salivating (g63 adri bs shasawy shawagnee!!!)


And i knew i wanted those lovely oozing cheese sambosas to graze my futoor table with their presence in Ramadan… and seeing that we were fasting Sha3ban Already i decided to go and get my self some especially when i read this paragraph…


On Sunday i leave work early in honor of the samboosa shopping, i drove straight to Dean & Deluca From work… and i shop around for some Ramadan Supplies… i asked a blue eyed chef about the frozen starters and he says they will begin selling them on Wednesdsay *NOOOOOO*… he was kind enough to give me allll the gory details on what are the available flavours, prices, ingredients -at the end of the post-, and he scribbled down the kinds on my own copy…


Sadly i had to count the days until Wednesdsay came… i am not know for being a patient person especially when i start craving food…  the moment i was let off work, i drive off to Dean & Deluca once again… i was fasting that day… and hungry, and really wanted those cheese sambosas (Halloumi n Akawi Samboosa with Herbs and Black Seed)… i run inside… ask about it… and a british guy -i think he was the general manager and i guess he’s british from the accent- told me to come back on Friday when they would start selling it for the public :`(

I hated the delay… and how they would advertise something and keep me hanging… i began having 2nd thoughts about my love for the place now that i was supposed to wait two more long days… fasting every day… imagining my samboosa grazing my table. Why o why would u advertise something and keep me waiting? People Crave Food… it’s not good for their health… i remember tweeting about it…

Today -im fasting too- i drag butootee at 1:30… we get into the car despite the horrid weather… all for the sake of my sambosa… we drive to ikea parking since Butootee wants something from there… i rush him through ikea -for the first time in my life-… i forbid him going into Al-Ghanim since i couldnt wait to go and get my sabsosa… i practically run all the way to Dean and Deluca -or dandan deluca as butoote nicknames it- …

and they tell me they will not sell it until Saturday!!! It being the official first day of Ramadhan!!!!


ohhhh no not again!!!

I was sooo angry… i told him how many times i had to be told -not yet and not yet- … they say talk to the manager about it… i whip my head around and there is the british manager… i walk to him… red hungry fasting  danderma… and ask him about the sambosa… he confirms it will be sold on the first day of Ramadan -Saturday-… i explain to him how many times have i been there already for the sake of those sambosa… and he surpises me by saying he will give me what i want…

am i hearing correctly?!

I didnt expect him to give me the sambosas, i had already given up! I just wanted to express my frustration and get a good solid confirmation date.. and in an instant, within 3 minutes of my opening my mouth, the manager rushes inside the kitchens to retrieve my order… one box of halloumi sambosas… just as simple as that!!!!

and then he comes back with them… smiling… hands them over and moves on… swift, fast, professional, and efficient… just like a snap! Right then and there i fell in love again with Dean & Deluca, i forgot all my anger and frustration, and i remembered what i loved most about the UK, that wholesome feeling of tabreed il chabd ilee 3leehom…

I couldnt believe my sambosas where finally in my basket!!!

I couldnt believe my sambosas where finally in my basket!!!

I run to the cash register… i am so happy im snapping pictures of my bucket of sambosas


and then i went home… i stuffed it into my tiny freezer… the size was just about right…


Then just before Futoor, i opened the box and started the preparations…


I put the samboosas on Foil so i could bake them in the oven... i never ever Fry my samboosas...

I put the samboosas on Foil so i could bake them in the oven... i never ever Fry my samboosas...

I put the samboosas on a 200 C oven ...

I put the samboosas on a 200 C oven ...

6 minutes later... they swell up, i turn them on the other side to brown for another 6 minutes

6 minutes later... they swell up, i turn them on the other side to brown for another 6 minutes

In 12 minutes, the samboosas were hot, bubbling, and ooozing on my futoor table

In 12 minutes, the samboosas were hot, bubbling, and ooozing on my futoor table

Need i describe the taste? Cheesy, herby, Crunchy... and well worth the wait!!!

Need i describe the taste? Cheesy, herby, Crunchy... and well worth the wait!!!

My Precioussssssssssssss!

My Precioussssssssssssss!

Our fu6oor was those lovely samboosas with a simple beans salad. It was more than enough to fill me up. I do imagine frying them would make them taste much better but in my kitchen frying is considered a sin and eating fried food is a catastrophy… i am quite content on the outcome…

Thank you… DanDan Deluca… for introducing this lovely sambosa into my life. Thank you for hiring a professional understanding manager… i wish all other companies had the sense to hire professionals like him. Thank you manager, for your understanding and giving me faith in D&D again…

A bucket of Sambosa contains 25 pieces (2 dozens). It is sold for 2.950 KD. Not bad for such clean well wrapped amazingly tasting sambosas.

Kinds of Sambosas available are: Sambosa with Pizza Filling, Four Italian Cheeses Sambosa, Sambosa with Halloum and Akawi (MINE), Spinach sambosa, Meat Sambosa, Chicken Sambosa, Italian Shrimp Sambosa, and Chinese Shrimp Sambosa

and for the Frozen Kubbas here are the kinds:

Sajjya (round) Kubba: Spicy or With Pomegrenate

Normal Kubba: Original, Freakka Kubba, Kubba with Turkey and Mozzarella Cheese, Mushroom Kubba, Hamoor Kubba, and Spinach Kubba

Also, if anyone is interested in such information, the Kubba Meat is ARabian Lamb Meat from Kuwait…  of course being a vegeterian myself i wouldnt care but i know many people like their meat a certain way…

So… what are you waiting for?!


27 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Cooookies on August 22, 2009 at 12:15 AM

    MBarak 3laaich ilshahar ;*


  2. Posted by ĐǻñĎõøðñ on August 22, 2009 at 2:03 AM

    mbarak 3laich elshahar danderma =)


  3. ur killing me here! thank God i read this now, not while fasting,,,, chan mit… akeed… lol

    3alaych bil 3afyah o mbarak 3alaych ishahar :*


  4. That’s sooooo coool. My mom loves Dean & Deluca, she calls it Dina! LOL, im so telling her that Dina has ready made samboosas! She’d love Dina even more!

    and mbarak 3laich ilshahar!!


  5. nice blog , ,visit to my blog


  6. 5alaa9 im moving to Kuwait for real!!

    they look delecious ! n ana fasting today wihout suhoor !! so haha imagin how hungry i am now ! 😥


  7. i enjoyed ur rants on this issue in twitter .. glad u finally got them 😉

    and mbarak 3leach il shahar 😀


  8. Posted by .D. on August 22, 2009 at 2:41 PM

    25 sambosas for 3kd??
    thats alot

    i can buy 50 for that price, o ykon homemade and very clean ;/


    • Posted by Daddy's Girl on August 22, 2009 at 3:46 PM

      Cooookies 3lena o 3leech :***

      Dandoon 3leena o 3leech intay wainich :************

      serenade Ism allah 3leech! La itgoleen chithee!!!
      o 3leena o 3leech ul shahar :***

      Fettucini 3leena o 3leech :*
      Omich ra7 itkayef 3la il ashya2aaat 3yal 😀 wayed kobeeb o stuff 😀

      Hima Muchlashin thanks… will do..

      Nosa W3liyaa ma tesa7artay?! tabeen adez lich sa6el bel dhl? Just say the word o min bacher oho 3ndich!

      Q8y Boy Min 6awal il ‘3aybat jab il ‘3anayem… i thought u moved away or something!!!
      3leena o 3leek o 3asak min 3owadah o inta ib se7a o 3afiya insha2 allah 😀

      Akheeeeeeeeeeeeran i got them!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

      .D. i never buy frozen stuff from people who made it at home… o they are also not cheap… etloo3 chabdi o i dont know whats inside o the environment it was made it o mako baladiya itfatesh 3lehom. I usually make my own at home but this year im not in the mood. Besides… the filling of that sambosa is yumm o worth every fils ibsara7a… i would rather pay more for something extra special than settle for less that is cheaper…

      Amethyst: Eee lazim! Sej yeshawgoon… o etha 3ndich feren ge6ee feeh gasdertain o 7e6e il samboosat feeh o wow your hubby chinich slaving over them 😉

      Nosa: Insha2 allah ya raaab itzoreena 😀 7yach allah il q8 chinha il ba7rain bs ishwaya akbar…

      San3a: 3leena o 3leech :* ana agool ymkin lo imgaleet.hom chan ma teba6e6aw? 63m.hom yeshaweg though

      Zuz: 3leena o 3leech :** kanat jedan latheetha allah ye3afeech :*


  9. Shawagteeni wana mayta you3! Must give them a try!


  10. ahahahhay aham shay elsa6el:p

    ed3oolii ayi elq8 3shn ager arooo7 elmakaaan wajrb ashya2 wayd :p


  11. mbarak 3alaaaikom l shahar
    o 3alaich eb alf 3afya
    but,, eb 9ara7a they don’t look like proffessional sambosa
    they are not wrapped well !


  12. mbarak 3lech el shahar 7bebi;*** shaklha el samboosa etshaaaaweeeg:o!!! 3lech bel3afiaa;*


  13. imbarak 3alaich elshahar :**


  14. Sounds like a plan to me! I am gonna get my bucketSSSSS!! Ohhh chinna esa3a sarat 2:00PM! Sorry I have to go home now… enjoy work till 3:00PM Danderma 😛


  15. Posted by Daddy's Girl on August 23, 2009 at 7:40 PM

    Ansam: Do share ur bucketat plzz… ama 3n wagt il 6al3a… innah ‘3adan la natherehee la qareeb… ashoofich 3ogob il 3eed yakhty 😀


  16. Posted by Noura on August 23, 2009 at 7:48 PM

    ehehe eeeh i heard innna iyeeboonhom min il sheraton , la’ana ilshayi3 owns both (ilsheraton and dean and deluca)


  17. Posted by Noura on August 23, 2009 at 7:50 PM

    ehehe eeeh i heard innna iyeeboonhom min il sheraton , la’ana ilshayi3 owns both (ilsheraton and dean and deluca)


  18. Posted by .D. on August 23, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    bel3ax, just because baladya doesnt inspect home doesnt mean that they are dirty 🙂
    the problem in kuwait is we always assume that expensive = quality.. and we may think that the homemade frozen food is cheap, on the contrary they are making 100% profit

    Basically like everything in life, you have to do your homework.. its easy for me to say because khalti and mom sell homemade frozen food and they do it in their own kitchens and most of the food they do with their own hands. oo bel3ax, how many times have we heard of BIG name restaurants and cafe’s being shut down by the baladya.. oo the next day the ban is off!

    o the other hand eli belbet fi byoot ma eyebon ela a7san el material for their food..

    cheaper does not mean less quality.. it can also mean fee nas etkhaf rabha oo ma etboog el nass ashkara 🙂

    walla i always tell mom o khalti to raise their prices, cuz ppl immediately go for more expensive, i guess im right in that 😛


  19. Posted by Daddy's Girl on August 24, 2009 at 12:56 AM


    El shaye3 owns Sheraton? Oh that explains the english tea room in avenues!!!!!!!

    Walla i7temal kil shay jayez… esp laish im3antereen mo ratheen they sell it ila first day of ramathan?!

    bs il tabola o il 7omos definietly mo min il sheraton.. ma yenwakloon malot Dean and Deluca lel asaf


    Allah yewafeg your mom o aunts insha2 allah o yarzeg.hom 😀


  20. Posted by Amy on August 24, 2009 at 3:17 AM

    I love ramadan don’t get me wrong…everything is great about it except one thing…when its time to eat. cant stop.


  21. drooling
    bil 3afiya!!!!!!


  22. Samousek (..ek) is the correct Kuwaiti pronunciation 🙂

    Shawwagteeni 🙂 Keep it up girl! 🙂


  23. Posted by Daddy's Girl on September 2, 2009 at 1:47 AM


    Thanks Hon 😀

    Bs i7na kil ahalna yesamoonah Samboosah… there are some people who call it sambosak o some who call it sambosah… mithil Sugar … people call it either shookar or shaakar… 😀


  24. Posted by omar on September 4, 2009 at 5:18 PM

    ill try it in dowania today !!


  25. […] I can. I finally got the chance to go to Dean & Deluca to try out their Sambosa after reading Danderma’s post (I will prepare a review of my own soon too). At the cashier when I was about to pay for my […]


  26. […] new items for Ramadan, one of which was the much talked about Sambosa (I first read about it on Danderma’s blog, and then I got to try the cheese flavored one). I decided to drop by and get some for home, […]


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