New Moon The Movie Trailer & Poster…


I like i like i like… watch the trailer with the birthday scene from here

Elee 3ndah was6a 3nd their production company raja2an khal yehareb li il movie!

I cannot wait until November! Why november yal thalama? O laaa… 20 November! Chan khaleetooh b3d Januray 2010 whats the rush!

Me likey Jacob. Edward Needs to go to acting school so he would lose the facial expression of someone with a severe stomach ache… and Bella needs someone to help her with her voice… chinha shwarzneger saying i lovhe youh Kiss Mehh!!! Khara3tne!

Bs 3ad bedena bel te2elef moo? Mino gal inah Laurent was touching her face o she ran away o jacob phased to save her?! She was ALONE in the Meadow! Not at the door of Jacobs house in La Push! Vampires DO NOT GO INTO LA PUSH…

Please respect the fans who have read the book 300 times already…


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  1. Posted by eleventhst on June 7, 2009 at 10:19 AM

    For some reason, I could never get into Twilight..I am a big fan of fantasy, but for whatever reason, this didn’t do it for me!


  2. Posted by The Spanian on June 7, 2009 at 11:28 AM

    so you really really really like that story don’t ya ?!!

    i haven’t have the chance to watch twilight yet .. but it seems like a good movie .. although my sisters who have read the story told me its different !!


  3. eeeeeeeeeee ama 7arrni ham maq6a3!
    3indi enha tkoon alone bil meadow waaaaayd a7la =/


  4. LOOOOL!!!!

    yimkin makanat yam el bait… bs jacobs wolf ears esma3aw:P ?
    when i watch the movie asawy ro7y magarait el qisa coz min sij a7ameg 3alaiiihom when they remove a detail ;p


    i had to watch it again to hear bella’s VOICE loooooooooool
    he does look like he has stomache loool..

    i didnt read the book so i wouldnt know!


  6. Posted by aws on June 7, 2009 at 2:53 PM

    u managed to make me laugh today…
    my first laugh today and it’s already 3 O’clock !!
    ya3ni with all the amount of blood they drink, how can a vampire stomach not hurt him ??




  8. Eleventhst

    Did u see the movie or read the book first?

    The Spanian

    Yes… in particular New Moon is the best book of all four…
    The movie ain’t worth it. It was so disappointing as a movie they swapped the director o brought in the one with who directed the movie The Golden Compass… hence why the 2nd movies looks better…

    Journal Entries

    Ee mo the whole point inha was trekking alone in the meadow when she finds laurent o she thinks thats it shes doomed! Faj2a ayoon il pack o she doesnt know what they are!!!! Shino hal le3b?!


    Khalee inhom they neglect or remove a detail… gamaw ye2alfoooon 3la keefhom!! Kha6ar a7thef 3lehom il popcorn malee while watching!!!


    U must must read new moon! It’s the best book in the Twilight Series 😀



    Honey they are vegeterian vampires 😀 meaning that they only drink animal blood by hunting every few days y3ni mo 3la 6ool 😀


    Meee tooooo 😦 5 months 13 days to go :`(


  9. Posted by eleventhst on June 9, 2009 at 12:21 AM

    I read the book first..then tried to see the movie..and i couldn’t!


  10. Posted by Lemon;D on June 10, 2009 at 1:51 PM

    Hello, Chiina mu nafs el laqq6aa lana shoufay jacob faj2a labis blouza?!..
    w 9ij ta9wer el 2nd movie is much much much better!!!..
    Bs aked readin’ the book a7laaa;D
    madri laish ma 7abait new moon wayed, eclipse 3ende a7la!!..
    bs all in all kelhum 3ajeben ;D
    w btw GREAT BLOG;D


  11. Great content which I found very useful – will surely come back again.


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