My Salad Boutique Lunch…


My friend Mounsi whom shares very similar taste buds as mine, doesnt usually talk about a restaurant unless it was worth it. She was raving about her dinner from Salad Boutique so much, i decided i must have it for lunch…

I call them, i place my order. Originally i wanted Pasta Halloumi Salad and Mozzarella Sticks but they said the sticks were not available, nor were the onion rings, so i went with the potatoe skins without bacon…

They told me they will take 55 minutes to deliver it to my place in jabriya! Which is like, 2 streets away… so we picked it up instead.

I will let the pictures talk… ok?

The bag... which is tasteful and looks like a gift bag!

The bag... which is tasteful and looks like a gift bag!

Another view of the bag... already opening my appetite :D

Another view of the bag... already opening my appetite 😀 will the food be as good as the bag? we'll see!

Top View of the Bag Content... will display them out 1 by 1

Top View of the Bag Content... will display them out 1 by 1

The Bill...

The Bill...

The bill in the inside...

The bill in the inside...

The potatoe skins container...

The potatoe skins container...

Potatoe skins without bacon...

Potatoe skins without bacon...

The HUGE Jeder of pasta halloumi salad!!!

The HUGE Jeder of pasta halloumi salad!!!

My drink *from home* Pink Lemonade with ginseng that goes with the whole theme :D

My drink *from home* Pink Lemonade with ginseng that goes with the whole theme 😀

My lunch...

My lunch...

Time to Dig in...

Time to Dig in...

Ok now time for my comments…

My order came up to 6 KD and 50 fils. It is too much for pasta and potatoe skins.

The pasta salad was good. The dressing just right. Zesty and lemony with the perfect balance between salt, oil, and lemon! The rest of the salad ingredients balanced together well. Im sure other salads are as good, like mounsi said, the chicken potato salad was amazing!

But the portion  is really really huge! Ok i get that im paying alot for this huge pasta but im just a small stomached human beign so can’t they give you options? 1/10th of a portion for 1/10th of a price?

I, literally, do not have to make anything for a gathering again salad wise! I will just buy myself 3 or 4 salads and they would be enough! Or for example if im going to a gathering… one order of salad is enough to take with me… with the bag it is a nice thing to have in ur hands when entering somewhere 😀

But for lunch at home for just the two of us? I don’t think so unless im planning on reusing the salad for the next week!

The potatoe skins? Normal boiled skins… not that tasteful… not really worth the 2.250 KD! They are not even crispy! I could have done them better at home for a fraction of the price… im really thinking of putting them into the oven now so they would crisp up a bit!  ?

So verdict? It’s good! Try it, but try it with a group of friends y3ni… o stick to the salads!

Ok what else?

Ee.. this has nothing to do with salad boutique per-say y3ni… ohom shako? but while we were waiting a girl in a hurry driving a range rover decided she couldnt wait until the waitress brought us our food before hers… she decided she would go inside her self… the problem is, she was wearing nothing but a body top and a… mm a7m… panties. Bs. At least the panties were not bikini like, they had a little fabric to cover up her upper hips!!! Thank god she was thin!!!!

When she got out, the waitressees of the Salad Boutique went out to stare and laugh in shock!!!!!! I don’t blame them! now that was a sight to ponder!

Madry ishsayer bel denyaaa!!! Ashwa she is eating salads to keep her figure in check… b3d shetsawee maskeena 7arr!!!


17 responses to this post.

  1. Wooowww love the packings and the bag. And, yes the salads tooo…yummmm

    Regarding the girl, only a body top and panties??? She forgot to wear a bottom or wat!!! Nut case!


  2. Shawagteenniiiii !
    lazem ajarba sooooon:P


  3. sar 3ade ;p ? tara balbes 😛 !


  4. la7tha ya3ny shlon panties ya3ny?

    nesat talbes bottoms wla shlon? ;Pp


  5. Posted by eleventhst on June 6, 2009 at 9:36 PM

    Thanx for the review, but i dont think anything meets our local salad place bak in the states! soo yummy!


  6. Hahahaha, let her do what she wants to do. In kuwaits weather, we should all walk around with nothing more than that!

    But that would have been funny to see… A kuwaiti girl dressed like that in public, I’m glad she has the guts to do it.


  7. i cant wait to go back 2 kuwait MA BUGA SHAAY! im so excited ena its in jabriya ba3ad!
    Inzain gooleeelna 3an ily kanat labsa panties .. shloon bas panties me and my friend are trying to nistaw3ib il wath3


  8. wooow i have to try it ,


  9. panties ??!! wow :p

    and glad u had a nice lunch, it looks yummy !!


  10. Posted by nosa on June 7, 2009 at 12:05 AM

    lo ana mo mt7jba i guess 9ij knt btf95! hehehehe thank god im mt7jba :p

    the packing is sOOOO cute so is the name!
    but the food didnt seem worth it 4 me..

    bs bel 3fyah :*


  11. Posted by Daddy's Girl on June 7, 2009 at 12:28 AM

    Elegant Chic

    No no she didnt forget… she decided that those short panty like bottoms r enough in this heat!!!


    Jarbeeh o goleelee what u tried?!

    Um Mit3ib

    Laaa mo 3adi! Yroo7 il’3mooth b3dain! Eshgelna 3la il ‘3mooth 😉


    La ihe labsa hal panty like shorts 3la bu inhom bottoms y3ni… bs lo labsa short boxers chan astar laha

    la o they had an inverted v like shagga on the sides b3d!


    Ee 3ad ishyab akil il q8 leen akil il states…

    O still until this day, Casper & Gambinis Salads are the best in kuwait… yes they are better than salad boutique but il ta’3yeer 7elow


    ^ ^


    Insha2 allah kilha cham yom or ur back to be BBQed in the sun 😀

    Allah yesalmich… shofay, they were light green, o very very short o tight… ohom y3ni akeed bottoms mo panties but they cover exactly the same amount of flesh regular panties do… short boxers are more decent than them

    o on the sides b3d ako two inverted v shaped slits b3d… something unbelievable! If i saw a similar picture i will send it for u!

    New Bride

    Try it o goleelee shino jarabtay o ishlonah!

    Q80 Boy

    Lel asaf yes… banat akher zeman!

    O it was good … not the potatoes but the pasta salad was good…


    Allah ye3afeech hon :*

    Ashwa inich met7ajba 3yal! El seter zain ya im3awda! Madry shino boga bel deniya b3d bs bajee bikinis bel showare3!


  12. My experience (pics on Kuwait & Food on FB) was okay I guess.. Every salad I order was not available so I got upset and ended up ordering mushroom and cheese slider in a salad place LOL
    Though I tried 6 kinds of salads with the girls (we were 7) and liked almost all of them, but the service wasnt all that and I am guessing its because they’re new and need more training. One of the girls would order something and they will come after 15 mins to say its not available so we stayed there for a looooong time, plus they were out of nachos so they had to go to the next door baqala 😉 hehehe all in all, the salads and food arrived late, not all items were available, they were super slow.. but the owner came in herself with a rose for each one of us and she wanted to make it on the house, but we did not let her… so dessert was on her in the end 😉 And yes, it is expensive!


  13. 9araw elawadem ytmashoon eb 9araweelhum

    khoosh wallah

    bel3afya 🙂

    bs wian el resturant khal i try it


  14. tres chic! i’m in love with the packaging…lol


  15. LOOL I love how detailed the description is! tamreeen 3ala shay min hny??


  16. Posted by Daddy's Girl on June 8, 2009 at 11:17 AM


    They are slow o inconsistent yes…

    3ndohom dessert?! what did u guys have?!?!??!


    ee hathe akher motha b3d…
    It’s in jabriya il street ilee yomor ib champions min wara…


    Try the food… its good too!


    Abi salamtich my dear, Ma yamer 3leech 3ado :****


  17. Posted by ansam518 on June 8, 2009 at 2:00 PM

    fruit salad + fried ice cream o something else, nesait! hehe


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