Mino ye7eb il khobiz?! Khobiz Irani with a Twist…!


I love Khobiz Irani, or Khobiz il Tanoor… how many of us tagged along with one of our parents to the nearest khabbaz o stood in line to watch as the khabbaz shapes the little dough and throws them into the blazing oven?!

I remember the heat from the tanoor mildly scorching my little face even though i was always faraway… i remember the heavenly aroma of freshly baked bread making my wath water and my father restraining me from biting into the bread on the spot… i remember my dad for some reason spreading the bread on the back of the car over newspapers -why on earth do they spread bread?- and i remember him asking me sternly not to eat the outer edges of the bread only… leaving all bread slices edge free or as we say in q8y… bara6em free…

In Jabriya… our local khabbaz is horrible! The bread is almost always dry, and you cannot take a bite without showering ur self with dry crumbs…

and then, we found the best, literally the BEST khabbaz in Q8…

Ok lets start the description in pictures… it located in Keifan, Block 7, Adjacent to the Block 7 Branch of the Co-Op…

Butootee Waiting and Waiting for the Khobiz Order...

Butootee Waiting and Waiting for the Khobiz Order...

You have to be patient with this khabbaz, because he does take longer than usual to prepare his special khobzat…

The Khabbaz Handing Butootee the order in a PLastic Co-Op Bag. He does not allow u to wrap it in Newspapers and sometimes have his own paper pouch to give out...

The Khabbaz Handing Butootee the order in a PLastic Co-Op Bag. He does not allow u to wrap it in Newspapers and sometimes have his own paper pouch to give out...

Now the bread is delivered, let me describe it for you… not only is his bread yummy o tasty o fresh o dry flake free… i swear u eat a whole bread without one flakayaya coming out… and no carbon burns on the bread either…

but…. that is not why he is extra special… he is special because…

Well he also makes you Khobz Irani Sandwiches 😀

The first one… the Glass Cheese Irani Bread Triangle…

Do u see where the Glass Cheese is Oooozing out?! Hot and Bubbly?!

Do u see where the Glass Cheese is Oooozing out?! Hot and Bubbly?!

When you meet this sandwich… u cannot part away! The Glass Cheese is just yummy, hot, bubbling, and scorching hot! and believe it or not… I HATE GLASS CHEESE… but in this sandwich? I’m sorry i couldnt take another picture it was just toooo yummy!!!!

The Second One… The Za’atar Bread


This has just the perfect mix between za3tar and bread! Eat alone, or use the edges to dip into some delicious labna (i recommend the new low fat mara3i one… yum!)… and u have got ur self a meal! If ur on a diet and craving zaa3tar fa6ayer, eat this instead and u will settle the craving with less than 1/4 of the calories… just don’t eat the whole bread!!!!

A Close up of the Za

A Close up of the Za3tar bread... all picture were taken in the car upon recieving the bag of hot bread!

There are other kinds too but we didnt order them. I hear there are Halloumi Bread, and we have tried the Tabdoon “irani bread with dates” which i do not like but Butootee adores… these days you can almost always see us sitting in the car outside that little tanoor place and eating their bread happily!!! Our latest discovery and it is so so SO YUMMY!

What are you waiting for?!

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  1. mmm….

    me likey =)

    i think i know where im having lunch today 😉



  2. i LOVE irani bread !!

    yesterday i had 2 or 3.. bs chee bdeon shay :p

    n those loook amazing!


  3. yuum, gr8 discovery and pics !!

    im craving this right now :p


  4. mmmm .. so filled Irani Bread is the trend now ha :p

    sounds woow .. gotta try it one day!!


  5. Posted by eleventhst on June 1, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    looks good!

    i love khobiz irani!


  6. ambeeh 9ij 9ij eyanin when i read the title of the post i was going to recomand it to u waaaaaaaaaaaay 7adaa eyaaanin amoot 3leeeeeh


  7. Posted by Sinful eye's on June 1, 2009 at 2:46 PM

    LOL … khabaz fer3na is now famous cause of you :p
    some times ,, i pay him double ,, just to have extra cheese ,,,,
    i even stopped snacking on chocolates like snickers and M&M .. and just get me a cheese bread !!
    if you wanted some other kind of cheese ,,, all you have to do is to bring it to him ,, and he well do it to you in a bread !
    i even tried some low fat glass cheese ,, turned out to be good also !


  8. laaaaish kel ur discoveries are FOOOD ?? :S:P

    Allllaaaa Tabdooooon i love it *sighs* lazem agool 7ag my grandma tsaweely some as soon as i go back home 🙂

    w ana agoolich laish yefreshooon el 5obez when they 1st get them .. my dad used to do that because … 3alashaaaan :p when u first get the bread it so hot that if u kept them on top of each other the steam would ruin the bread w ysawee kella 3ayeen .. so when u spread them u allow the steam to go out without touching bajy el 5obez w chethy u get perfect bread that is not sweaty 😛 😀 😀


  9. baro7la hatha;p


  10. fedex me some 😦

    I loveeeeeeeeee khobiz irany.. hell when i see a khabaz i still get out line up and get me some 😀 i love lovee the burnt bubbles they crunch and crumble the second u stick ur teeth in them ahhhhhhhhh i want someeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  11. Posted by Amy on June 1, 2009 at 8:29 PM

    I saw a couple when I was in the film Angels & Demons this week… i sort of had a feeling it was you lol madry laish


  12. Posted by Daddy's Girl on June 1, 2009 at 9:46 PM


    Did u try it for lunch?!?!?!?


    Ana b3d a7eb aklah bedoon shay 😀

    Q80 Boy

    3ad yegolik il za3tar mofeed for the mind and memory especialy during exam times 😉 have some for tommrows breakfast…

    The Spanian

    Seems to be… 3asa ma bs they pop up like mushrooms! You gotta try it soon…


    Try this 😀 Especially now ur back… at least this is one thing that is not available in the USA..


    O laish ma it3almeen min zemaaaan?! 3jeeeeeeb mo?

    Sinfuls Eyes

    Allah ya bakhatkom it’s so near u!!! Mako yamkom beet lel bee3? I wanna move next door to the khabaz…!

    I already am thinking of combinations to take to him o cook for me 😀

    Curly Curls

    sheftay shloon? it seems thats the reason im fat 😦

    I HATE tabdoon… i do not eat it… cannot stand it… but butootee loves it, his late mom allah yer7amha used to make it o bring us o he would be soooo happy eating it with cheese o jam o whatever else…

    Haaa 3ashan la ay3ayeeeen? ba ana a7eb il khobiz il im3ayen!!!!


    Get in line sister… 😀
    Now u have no excuse to forget eating again :p


    i will send you by DHL if u want… lakin u have to go check a dr. first ok?!

    Do u think they allow bread delieveries? I will check 3la ma itkhalseen ur checkup!


    Loool eshma3na?!
    I went to it two Mondays ago in the Avenues at 3 😀


  13. re7tla:P
    dkhalaw yanity;p


  14. Posted by Daddy's Girl on June 1, 2009 at 9:52 PM


    looooool 3leech bel 3afiya… shino 6alabtay!?


  15. laa ma9ar =\

    i had coffee for lunch elyom =(


  16. Posted by Daddy's Girl on June 1, 2009 at 10:14 PM


    Walla yehemech… try it for breakfast insha2 allah .. even better 😀


  17. I’m so hungry!!

    i miss khobiz irani 😦


  18. Posted by Daddy's Girl on June 1, 2009 at 10:34 PM


    A6areshlich some?


  19. Posted by nooloo on June 1, 2009 at 10:39 PM

    7aram 3aleich 😦

    irani supermarkets 6i7ee7a here but NONE have khabbaz style khobiz :@ laa oo now with a twist offff

    i told my sis to go to khabbaz blcok 7 in keifan oo check his menu 😛


  20. Posted by Daddy's Girl on June 1, 2009 at 10:54 PM


    Im terribly sorry… i guess i didnt think anyone would miss irani bread that much while being abroad?

    Arents there any irani resturants serving bread where u r??


  21. om jibn glasss 6ab3an ;p


  22. intaaay 5arab , masadagt ’63aft hal cham kilo :/
    Now you made me drool over the cheesy bread !


  23. Posted by Daddy's Girl on June 1, 2009 at 11:24 PM


    6b3an 6b3an… 3leech bel3afiya 😀


    Regime 3la shino? iklay yalla taqaway!


  24. i’m having khubiz irani with cranberry pepper jelly and raclette now but i’m wishing it’s the cheese gla9 one! sooo need to try it!!


  25. 3alaykum bel 3afya


  26. aaakh !! mo nag9a ela rahaaaaaaaash YUM YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    yabeelaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !


  27. Posted by nooloo on June 2, 2009 at 2:42 PM

    irani restaurants here serve pita bread lol..the closest to irani khobiz would be nan, but what’s the use of it bidoon jibin glaa9!

    anyways..3aleikom bil 3afya..killaha cham month in sha’ Allah oo i’ll be going around the bara6im in each and every irani khobza 😀


  28. Dandoon

    mmmmm Raclette! Min wain 7asalteeh in q8?! the one in D&D is horrible! O yes do try it o see… i recommend taking kiri cheese to him and letting him make it for u…


    Allah ye3afeech hon 🙂


    Lel asaf ana ma awa6en il rahash… lakin u can take it o see how he makes it with rahash for u? Maybe tabdoon filled with rahash?!?!?


    Insha2 allah terje3een o takleen il khobiz ile tabeenah kiiiil obooh 😀


  29. min D&D! first time i got it ma3ajabni bas i think last time i got another type of raclette li2ina it tasted a bit nutty/woody/smokey o kan latheeeeeeth compared to the first one! khalla9t the huge slice in like 2 days!!


  30. Lamman giltay just don’t eat the whole bread t7abba6t 😛


  31. Posted by The mama on May 31, 2010 at 7:35 PM

    Waaay istathamtw feeni I was googling calories in starbucks zaatar twist o 6ala3li Hal page!! Al7in tanasait fi o abi ;'( bye6la3 ib my baby khobiz irani ;p


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