A horrific quest @ Sultan Center in search of citrus diet coke!!!


I was told by several commenters on my last post that My beloved Cirtus Zest Diet Coke has been spotted in TSC Salwa…


My horrific encounter with the hooligans began this afternoon… all because i had nothing better to do but go and check the availability of the diet coke…


Just for the record, it is not available, it has never been, and i guess Just Ask can provide it to me but im not wiling to pay 50+ KD for shipping charges alone… i am not a millionaire… but thats not why im writing this post…


I did find a Lemon Lime Diet 7up, i took one for my self at the price of 250 fils per can, not too bad i suppose… still thats not why im writing this post…


 Now, why was my trip so horrific?


It was 2:30 on a Friday afternoon, 45 C outside, bubbling hot, the parking lot was almost empty, i realized the moment i have walked through the doors that i must have not visited the Salwa branch for over a year, because the layout is completly different!


Every thing is not where it’s supposed to be! Somehow the old layout was much better… to make matters worse, the second i walked through the door i was hit square in the face with a stench tooo horrific to bear! Dead fish stench! Ugh! It was as if im walking into the fish market, an old fish market mind you… and i believe it was intensified because of the heat outside… i had to hold my breath until i escaped to the 2nd floor… 


2nd floor  was fine, not so much has changed there, maybe even a little bit wider and the collection was more… no stench there…


But i had to go downstairs eventually! That could not be avoided obviously! So right next to the fruits section there was the foul odor source: the fresh fish fridges, open to the public, the carcasses reeking and the smell sticking to all passers by…


Passers by that include a group of bedoin boys, 8-10 years old, who were PLAYING with the fish, stroking it “UGH”, banging it against the ice witht their bare hands, opening it’s nostril thingies that is filled with blood and pocking about…


Then with the same hands, they started banging on the items in ready food section, and wiping their hands on them… It was pretty disgusting, them going back and forth the fish and the salads and sandwiches… i was sooooo disgusted i wanted to throw my basket and run away…


They even had a trolly of their own with 2 bottle of pepsi… they proceeded to touching the trolly, the baskets, the casheir stands … ugh ugh we3 we3 weeeeeeeeee3 weee3 


Why oh why why ya rabi why… the man who is in charge stopped them playing with the food packaged at one point, but he did not know how dirty their hands were, well he is not superman!!! Why is the fish on the open like that? reeking? inviting hooligans to play with and wipe their stench and dirt and slime all over the  market while screaming to get the attention of each other and running around harassing customers? 


Wain ga3deen?! esh hal araf G63?!


Even it Salwa Branch was turned into a mini Tesco market with everything i love is there… i am not going back again. Perioud. Not unless the stench is gone and the fish is covered up and i can guarantee no one has wiped the blood and slime of a dead fish carcass on the bottle of milk im buying…!




10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by The Spanian on May 29, 2009 at 8:01 PM

    mmmm .. That really sounds horrific !!

    bout that Diet Coke .. i think you can find it in 3ala2 el deen .. there is a shop selling London stuff .. i think it was Heathrow somethin!! .. i’ll check and let you know!!

    Other than that .. if you are not going to London this summer .. then i’m going to bring some with me and sell them 2 u :p


  2. eeewww !!

    i try not to look at people in cold stores or what they do n touch.. l2ana it could be so gross!!

    i wish we had more of the good stuff in bahrain.. we only get it in 1 place which is eljazeer supermarket… its not even that impressing..


  3. i can so picture that..
    especially in the salwa branch..
    5ali9aw lamakin? ishzeenah illy ib sharg o salmiya:p


  4. ewo :s
    ween el ahil 3anhum??


  5. well, u couldve went to the one in salmiya or hawally, i mean the one in salwa is invaded with bedouin boys, lol

    i went there once, and the security guy was chasing them with a stick !!

    so how was the 7up you found? same as ur citrus coke?


  6. ewwwwwww that’s sick! i hate fishies and their smell let alone touching their guts all over products!!

    how could you of not complained to the manager there?!


  7. a taiser could have solved all those problems (well bar the diet coke one)

    took me a good 2 minutes to work out what g63 meant.


  8. ewwww

    i havnt been to the salwa branch in years

    and i guess im not going for years to come !!


  9. Posted by Daddy's Girl on June 1, 2009 at 3:24 PM

    The Spanian

    Laaa Ma67anat Heathrow doesnt bring diet coke lel asaf 😦


    u dont talk! 3ndokom Jawad!!! Kilaha a’3rath waitrose o tesco! I am soooo jealous!


    Mo katha commenter gallolee ro7ay ihnak it was spotted ihnak :`(


    Ay ahal ay ba6eekh… mithil il aranib ayebon yahal o yekhalon il sekka itrabeehom!

    Q80 Boy

    Itsdeg ma jarabtah…
    Mo chinik inta wya ile galolee inah available in Salwa?! I have to go check mino galle…




    Ay manager… ana bel yalla in7esht min il khar3a o il kheesa!


    If u know a place where they sell them in Kuwait, plz Share!


    Ana b3d wyach! Ma ra7 awa6we6 again!


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