Farewell my Last Remaining British Citrus Zest Diet Coke :`(


Place: Heathrow Terminal Five

Date: 31 December 2008…

Scene: Crazy Q8y Girl with baggy jeans and oversized miu miu bag strapped to her shoulder, standing infornt of the WH Smith casheir trying to empty the contents of  an overflowing mesh basket she is carrying… a long line is forming behind her, puzzled travellers are gawking at the crazy lady who has taken more than 30 different bottles of  liquids: all types of innocent smoothies plus bottle upon bottle of Citrus Zest Diet Coke, and the odd chocolate here and there…

Yes, i confess, i have a weakness for everything that is edible and made in Great Britian. I especially ADORE the Citrus Zest Diet Coke. I have brought about 10-15 bottles back home with me to reside in a little beverages fridge in the computer room and to be opened under complete desperate measures. Butootee is NOT ALLOWED any by the way.

Alas, nothing can stay forever! Five Months later… and this is what i have left… :`(


It physically hurt opening that last bottle. I was saying my goodbyes, taking tiny teeny sips only to preserve it. I had no other choice & only half a bottle left. I decide it was about time i took it to the big fridge since it will be lonely… i had to drink it in the next few days…

i open the Big fridge… and guess what?!

Hidden between the jars… there is a BRAND NEW UNOPENED BOTTLE!!!!



I now remember that one day Butootee decided to drink it, and i hid it away in the big fridge! Do you know the feeling when u wear an old winter coat and suddenly u put ur hands in ur pockets and find a forgotten 20 KD there?!

I’m feeling the exact same rush of adrenaline…!

Even Tootee is sooo happy… he is hugging the newly discovered bottlee and simply won’t let go!!!!


Now that i know that i have one more bottle left for dire emergencies only… i feel much much better… and i simply suffer from a hopless case of citrus zest diet coke mania 😀


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  1. Posted by N. on May 28, 2009 at 8:05 AM

    you can get it at sultan center.

    i get mine from sultan center salwa.


  2. LOOOL!!!
    3aleeki bil 3afiya 🙂


  3. Posted by noura on May 28, 2009 at 9:51 AM

    I think it`s available in the sultan center. I deffinitly saw it a couple of weeks ago, I don`t know if it is still available.


  4. Posted by ansam518 on May 28, 2009 at 10:08 AM

    LOL! I never tried it!


  5. looooooool tabeen ayeeblich some .. i’ll be in heathrow ba3ad 2 weeks from now 😛 coming back HOME :D:D:D:D


  6. hehehe hatha LAZM a’6ooga 🙂 mo mamno3 ensheel weyana liquids madri sheno on the plane?



    I am that way about Rice Chex Hot and Spicy. I ship them to myself and hoard them, and ask my family to send them to me for Christmas. 🙂


  8. uuh, tottee is so cute ;p

    and what’s so special with this beverage ?? alcohol ;p


  9. hahahaha omg im normal and not a lunatic as they assumed when carrying around soda’s from diffrent countries and keepin them in a safe place till the last sip is tasted … enjoy gurl and do the haaaaaaaalllaallooyyaaa danceee once u open the can itts worth the dance 😛

    hugs and kissed to batttoootteeee 😛 me love


  10. theyre in sultan 😉
    i think ima go try them since you speak so highly of them 😉


  11. N.

    R u sure it is the exact same one? The british one?
    I will have o go check… thanx 😀


    Thanx hon alllah ye3afeech 😀 Meta ur joining us on twitter?


    R u sure it’s the exact same one? I am going to check it insha2 allah ASAP


    It’s gooood… la y6oofich… itha 6l3 available inTSC try it, o if its not i will bring u some min UK from my next trip insha2 allah

    Curly Curls

    Zain zain boga 2 weeks o u come back home for the summer? Mako summer school?!

    O no u cant bring me any cause ma abi akalif 3leech o akhaleech tangeleen pepsi 3la qalbich min Heathrow…


    Tharoooreee u try it… tharooree jedan…
    mamnoo3 u take liquids before the Duty free… once ur inside buy whatever u want for the plane… i always buy myself a dinner of mozarella panini sandwich min Starbux, Salted Hula Hoops, o one opened Citrus Zest Diet coke for the moment i step into the plane 😀 hatha ‘3air ilee alaq6ah 3ogob 😀


    LoooL so u know what im talking about 😀
    What are those rice chex hot and spicy Crackers like or chips like?

    Q80 Boy

    Yes it’s official… the IG’s have had a fuse gone awry some where… shako alcohol bel mawthoo3 it’s just an innocent flavoured diet coke :p

    Mind u, it’s the yummiest diet coke out there…
    o tootee says thank you very much for thinking he is so cute, but still you cannot take the bottle away from him 😀

    Daddies Little Cutie

    na3am na3am… lunatic number one -moi- meet lunatic number 2 -you- *shaking hands*

    ya rabi the taste is TOTALLY different! Even a simple diet coke tastes different…

    Tootee says hello back 😀


    R u suuuree? y3ni official khalas a3temeed?!
    Khal aroo7 ashoof although sar li 100 senna keeping an eye out for them in Sultan mako … yes do try them it tastes amazing… and lemony and fesh yummmm…


  12. Posted by nosa on May 29, 2009 at 12:34 PM


    u totally craked me up!


  13. […] was told by several commenters on my last post that My beloved Cirtus Zest Diet Coke has been spotted in TSC […]


  14. loool

    ull be back in the uk before u know it


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