Our Lazy Hazy Summer Breakfast in Q8…


In the mood to celebrate our new future? I have just the place for you!

Warning, if ur not a morning person, or if you thrive on sitting somewhere where u can stare at other fellow q8y’s, this is not the place for u…

Friday morning, early morning, weather is sunny with a hint of sweet air teasing  ur face and nose, every thing is lazy, relaxed… the weekend has just started, and ur in the mood for change…

and change starts with breakfast.

and no one in Q8 does breakfast like Casper & Gambini’s do!


I simply ADORE capser, every thing about them is good, the style, the witt, the good dishes, the yummy food, the fresh ingredients, their freshly baked baugettes incapsulating yummy fillings, their quirky gifts they sometimes slip in ur daily order, their prompt efficient service, and the selection of fascinating never ending good groumet coffee…

How could anyone not fall in love?!

So, obviosuly, last friday, i decided i wanted to go to casper & gambinis for breakfast.

and i chose the one in Marina Crescent…

Za3tar Rolls Served with our order...

Za3tar Rolls Served with our order...

What i love about marina Crescent now adays is it has transformed into what seems to be a UN sanctuary… all the brits and americans and europeans who had been shying away from the q8y population have stretched out and took over the place… u no longer have to drive into f7ai7eel to feel u have been transformed into a european country…

 Our order in pictures…

Butootee's Frittata

Butootee's Frittata

My Pan Perdu (french toast), Iced Mocha, and Butoote's Iced Green Tea Latte

My Pan Perdu (french toast), Iced Mocha, and Butoote's Iced Green Tea Latte

More pictures below, but let me pain the scene more for u…

So imagine this, cool sunny weather, outside tables over looking the sea, no q8ys around, a table with germans yapping away happily next to you, a couple of british gals jogging with their blonde ponytails on the shore, some americans passing by, not even glancing ur way and disecting u into million little pieces… the place is crowded, yet ur completly alone, no one cares if u were dressed like crusty the clown!!! Ur free…

and u have the yummiest food EVER!

and news papers tooo!




So what are u waiting for?!


16 responses to this post.

  1. now thats what i call great advertising, lo ma3ndy imti7an math thany ilyom chan ri7t !!


  2. The food looks yummmm!!! i love casper…have you tried their crème brûlée..its just too good… after your post i am definately goin to go for breakfast at casper…but what are their opening timing in the morning?


  3. LAAA2 .. LAA t7reeeny ..
    i’m already depressed .. w i miss HOME 😥
    w i miss my Hubby .. ely 9arly a week mo chayfeta except for 2 hrs every night b4 we retire to bed … KELLA men EL EXAAAMZ .. i hate YOU Exaamz 😦


  4. Posted by aws on May 18, 2009 at 3:55 PM

    you have a wonderful taste in food and presentation, and it shows all over your recommendations… but i think we’re leaving out something very important … to complement the atmosphere… ala wahwa…
    MUSIC !!
    at Nino avenues for example i had to ask them over 3 times to turn down the music abit cos i couldn’t hear what the girl next to me says…
    at LeNotre once they played some jungle soundtrack where u could hear monkeys in the background (felt a bit odd !!)
    and in villa fairooz they play fairooz music all the time faa imagine how heavenly it must have felt…
    even during shopping… when i’m at a store… it literally alters my mood when i walk into a shop and hear something nice coming in (sometimes i walk out of a store cos the music is too loud and oh so annoying)..
    once i walked into one shop and when Elissa started singing the saleslady literally fell into tears… it was something about the song … poor girl…
    faa … my culinary experience can never be complete without it… we have 5 senses to savor the flavor… not only i want the restaurant to compliment my taste buds… there are my ear buds (not the cotton ones !)


  5. Wanasa 3alaikom balf 3afyaa… ee enty o bo totee discover good places and post about them o ba3dain i drag bo7amodi to try it egoli shdarach enna zain?? agola Daddys girl said so! 😛


  6. Like in London when i took him to that burger place u told me about behind regents street , ultimate burger esma? and a couple of other great places 🙂 thakarteeni bil uk aaaaaaaakh bs meta eyey June 23


  7. yaa rab ter7mna ebr7mtk ya raab!
    food latheeth.. o in q8.. o ana yu3aanaa.. o mafe casper in b7rain..
    yaa rbi elnet ne3ma bs ythb7 elnet 😛 KELA E’3RA2AAT mo yamech!

    ahhhhhh now that im done:D
    the place lookes amazing!
    the food tastes soo Delicious that u can lick the plate 😛 >> yes ur pix realy really making me imagin myself eating.. especially the egg!

    bel 3fyaaa!
    o yas ay makn bdon locals 7lo :p mafi naas en’6roon! hehe


  8. 3ad i had dinner there last week and it was VERY disappointing

    bs bel3afya 3alaikom


  9. i love casper. i miss it so much!!


  10. Posted by FourMe on May 18, 2009 at 5:42 PM

    Ok seriously I’m famished and this post just made it worse :/ all I can think of now is food foood foooooood! Bl 3afya looks yumm!!


  11. BuTootie’s fritatta looks amazing! And your drinks – total YUMMMMMMMMMM. I like going there for lunch, too, fabulous salads.

    Where is BuTootie’s blog?


  12. Q80 Boy

    Kilha cham yoom o teftak ok? Kafe2 nafsik ib ryoog barra kil yoom!

    Senzi Bianca

    ooooooh their cream brulee is heart wrenching, whats with the little sauces they bring alongside!

    I think they open by 9 am on Fridays

    Curly Curls

    Sorry 7bebty i didnt mean to make u home sick 😦
    But it’s ok, kilha cham yoom intay o ur hubby finish o come back… o b3dain ur abrkad akeed feeh 6000 capser like places and better to chose from hon

    Queen Bee

    The casper near the church is my favourite but due to their construction work its too much trouble to go there…


    Aham shay il monkyes in lenotre!
    Ana for me i don’t like too loud or unsuitable music. Lo mako music yekon abrak. Mithil iltetoo ma63am italian o kilah elissa… kilish mo layeg


    Allah ayeeb 23 3la khair insha2 allah 😀
    o y7leelkom tesmo3oon kalamee :p


    but u have zoe 😉


    Shlooon? Which branch!?


    Insha2 allah kilha cham yoom o terje3een o itloo3 chabdich minah


    LooooL go eat!!!


    ooooooooh i love thier salads!!! The best in Q8 ever!!!!
    Loool butoote’s blog? do u still remember that?


    • i knew you would love the crème brûlée ,it’s served with raspberry sauce for sure and the other one is milk i guess… 🙂 but its superub…the raspberry is soo rich and smooth yummmm…..i could drink a few of those 🙂


  13. i really like ur taste &mood !

    it said that kuwaities’s salary is totaly spent on cofees & restaurants !


  14. CASPER’s breakfast is AMAZING!!!!!!!


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