6alat o Shamakhat Ashoooof?!


Yesterday, i was standing in the middle of the food court in the Avenues with butootee, trying to decide which muffin/cookie/sweet to smuggle in to the movie wolverine, when butoote’s Zain phone line rings…

He has his zain line on an old phone with no saved names and he usually answers without knowing whose who…

Butootee: Aloo
Woman: Aloo? Butootee?
Butootee: ee min ma3ay?!
Woman: Wyak Khaltik A…

Butootee doesnt have a khala called A, but his mom does yet she doesnt really call people much on the phone? Anyways butootee decides it’s her o he must be polite and all…

Butootee: Hala khaltee ishloonich?! 3sach ibkhair?
Woman: El 7amd le allah… Which da2era intekhabya are you

Da2era intekhabiya?!?!??!?!?!?!? Khaltah A shako bel intekhabat?! She barely comes out of the house!!!!

Butootee: Hmmm il Oula … laish?!
Woman: Mino ib ta36ee?!
Butootee: Madry yeseer khair… laish?!
Woman: Ma awaseeeeek… 3a6 morash7na flan il flane (insert the name of a veteran morasha7 who has been in the parlimant for ever!!!!)

Butootee is now confused… khalta A aslan doesnt live in the first da2era, o malha sho’3ol bel intekhabat… wala laha ay 3elaqa bel morasha7 il flanee la min gereeeeeeb wala min be3eed…

Butootee: Insha2 allah…

Woman says good buy and hangs up!!!

He checks his other phone, this is NOT the number for his khalatah A, and he doesnt know that woman.


Time for me to explode…

Intaw ma test7oon?!

Shino ya3ni mara ‘3areeba itdeg 3la raylee telehone, ta3al ya flan rashe7 flantan

ta3alaw… 7amlatkom ma feha ryayeel?!

La walla sej?! 3adi?! il 7areem te6awaraw o gamaw yedagdegon 3la il ryayeel?!
mako ryayeel yedagdegoon 3la il 7reem b3d?!

Shino ihe il salfa shorba?!

Awalan ma sema3na 3omorna bel q8 inah a woman tarketh wara il ryayeel itgolohom rash7aw flan il flanee… le ana il 3orf inah il ryal ilee mafrooth sar lah 70,000 senna yentekheb min gabelna abkhas minnah i7na ilee sarlena only 3 years ok?!

Thaniyan 3la ay asas intay itshofeen il raqam, terfe3een il sama3a, o itsolfeen m3a raylee o itdegeen?!

Ib amr mino?!

Ana yoba mara ‘3yora… ana ma artha raylee aydagdegon 3leeh 7reem mini o il darb o malah da3ee… il yoom hathee il mara daga, and no being oldish woman doesnt make it ok, hal ayam mootha il 3yayiz yetzawejoon toy boys…

Ana nagsa ibnee b3d yedagdegoon 3la raylee?! 3la intekhabat?!

b3dain ako ryayeel ma yesadgoooooon 3la allah mara tagzeb il sema3a o itdeg, o 6ag 7anak… laish tefte7oon il bab le hal mashakil

o intay SHAKO oho mino ib yentekheb?! shako goleelee shako?! ib amarat shino yegolich…

o khalas? geltelah intekheb flan khalas bey6ee3ich?!?!?!? What if he didnt say insha2 allah?! shino kentay betsaween?!?! Haaaa

Ish yeswa 3leekom ityekom mara kawliya itshek ib her husband, i itdeg 3lekom min yedeed… walla raqam ‘3reeb in my husbands phone, o itwareekom njoom il qayla?!??! Wella ityekom il lajna il nesa2ya o itshamekhkom…

ana tra 3la washak kint asawee call back o azefha… o agolaha next time in refa3tay il sama3a 3la my husband la itlomeen ila nafsich… but i do have an ounset of self control… ‘3airi tra ma 3ndohom…

La itmaskhoonha… o la it6awlonha o ihee gesera

o yekon ib 3elmkom… Butootee kan aslan beya36ee her morasha7 3la bu mokhathram

Lakin now… 3ogob hal halaga o il mosakha… ma ra7 yeshof il soot… gal3etah yestahal…

6alat o shamakhat… 3jeeb walla!!!

17 responses to this post.

  1. its something they have to do wala mako floos min il morashi7 lol

    bas il mo7taramat minhom, it5aley rayilha yidig 3ala il riyayeel, willi mo mo7tarama ba3ad shin gool.

    And to answer ur question about what she would have done if he said no, she would have said 5air inshalah and shut the phone in butotee’s face (no respect at all)

    how are u gonna open up a cafe and ur that tense !!?? chillout and dont let these small things effect ur life !!


  2. looool elyooom ga3deen ntklam blsalfaa 😛


  3. Its getting annoying sara7a! Be it a man or woman who calls.. the whole concept is annoying! I will vote for the ones I believe in mo 3alli emwasini 3alihom! Bas sij hathee jaree-aah yaya dagga 3ala raylich wana khaltek A!!! shtaby!


  4. ambeee 9a7?:O, ana ams wa7da mo5eefa dagga 3ala betna tgoly wain omich?!! getlaha enty meno tgool ana 5altich flana:P shako! 7addy ma3arefha, chan tgool latensain tgolin 7ag omich t9awet 7ag flan b3d lazim entaw min el jema3a:O!! shako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. ana dag 3alay wa7ed ma9ree ygooli betsawteen 7ag mino..

    int shako !

    i told him its private oo not to call me again ..

    oo a7la shay ana khaltik … takhalkilat e7noochkom

    shal mostawa ele we9alnalah !


  6. Posted by Follower on May 12, 2009 at 5:55 PM


    I’ve been following your blog for some time now. I reall think you’ve got yourself serious issues. You obiviously suffer some form of mental disorder. Stop being a drama queen before your husband decideds to leave you.


    • hi,

      are u a doctor ??
      do u personally know the woman (i dont)??
      have u met her??
      do u know that her husband fought with his family to spend his life with her??
      do u know that when she writes like this shes ranting (all woman rant)??

      if u do, then ur a jerk for posting this comment. if u dont then i think u will have to think (and do a bit of research) before writing something that big (mental disorder, husband leaving her, what are u god ??)



  7. OK .. i read ur post w its something really annoying .. bas this person (follower) .. made me laugh so hard .. shakoo serious issues .. shako mental disorder .. el mara t’3ar 3ala rayelha .. is that sumething wrong these days ??!! walla theres no peoblem inna el mara ydgoon 3ala rayelha wehya wagfa yama w strike a conversation with him out of now where ??!


  8. Posted by mohammad on May 12, 2009 at 7:36 PM

    خالته خو ..لو قايله اخته جان شصار !!

    عموما فترة الانتخابات صارت مزعجه جدا كله مسجات والتلفون ما يسكت
    احنا معطين الخط حق يدتي تصرفهم 🙂


  9. Posted by f on May 13, 2009 at 1:16 AM

    Follower that was a rude and unnecessary comment. If you don’t like the blog don’t follow it. If you don’t have something constructive or useful to say, keep it to yourself. There are plenty of us who do like this blog. Moreover, it is a BLOG, which means the writer of the blog may express themselves however they choose to. Learn how to spell and get a life.

    Daddy’s Girl, I am not speaking for you, but I had to write that because there are so many rude people who think they can say anything and we should just sit by quietly. I can’t condone rudeness, so I speak up against it.


  10. Posted by Daddy's Girl on May 13, 2009 at 8:49 AM

    Q80 Boy

    Taw il nass 3la il cafe tra… O thanx for sticking up for me 😀


    Shlooon? Dagdegaw 3lekom b3d?!?!?


    Exactly! Why is it that from one single phone call i am obliged ini i vote for u!?!?!? Tell me how come?!


    Aham shay wa7da mokheeefaaaaaaaaaa looool
    tha7aktenee 🙂


    Looool aham shay bel 7amla o masry! Q8y o yedeg o yes2al o ma bala3naha… hal door masry!??!?



    if im such a mentally disabled drama queen, why r u bothering following my blog AND commenting RUDELY on it?

    The thing is, yes i do have some issues, no one doesnt, for a fact u do have some, jealousy for instant, we are all human after all…

    But i can tell u this, i am not 1- rude like u and 2- Coward like u hiding behind an anonymous name…

    Got something to tell me? Be brave & email me hon what r u afraid of ok?

    O by the way….

    bloggy yet3atherich… plz la it3alqeen 3ndi mara thaniya unless u learn to behave ur self allrighty?!

    Curly Curls

    Ee il thaher chithee… lazim wa7da ma it’3ar o il rayal ma ye’3ar o do2ee ya mazika!


    Loool chan akalt.ha begshoorha…
    Zain itsawoon ta36oonah yadetik! Khoosh fekra… ana yadete maskeena ga3da ma 3ndaha sho’3ol insha2 allah next time 😀


    Feel free to comment as u like my dear. Some peopel bring it onto themselves o deserve what they get…

    i dont know why some people dont understand this is ur own blog, u write what u want, and if they dont like it they can just click it closed?

    Violation of Freedom in Speech is soooo in fashion these days!


  11. 7ada halagaa! o wai3!!!

    bs who cares !! 5ala ele ybi edeg edeg ! u can always bla bla bla , in from 1 ear n out from the other!

    n ur hubby wont get effected by hal ashkal.. he knows best.. hes’ ur hubby 9a7? so dont let it get to u..


  12. Totally saw that coming lol..
    I’ve been getting calls for many morasha7een o morasha7at, and for some reason they were all from women.. some of them seemed young too..

    What’s worse? kanaw yetdale3on o madri shno..
    But usually the call goes like..
    Woman: Alo
    me: Alo?
    Woman: Okhoy a7mad?
    me: Hala, mno?
    Woman: Ma3ak flana, enta ay da2era?
    me: Not interested -hang up-

    Some actually called after I hang up and go like “Sorry madri shfeeh ge6a3” and I’m like “I closed it..” then hang up again lol.

    I get 6 to 7 calls a day, shakelha motha..
    3ala yom mara7 enshof el morasha7/morasha7a talking on the phone… maybe some girl doing reyatha like hathaila el marketing channels o some other girl talking about how el morasha7 bought jehaz el mashi 7ag that girl…etc

    Anyway ma3alaich mn hal ashkal lol..


  13. Posted by Amy on May 14, 2009 at 6:06 PM

    What would the parliment be if it were all women? One thing is for sure, it would never be closed!!




  14. Posted by Daddy's Girl on May 14, 2009 at 8:30 PM


    oho ana i know my hubby … lakin il mabda2 nafsah ‘3ala6 o malah ma3na… y3ni elections is not an excuse to invade privacy o have girlies run after men bel phone 3la bu she advertises the man/woman nazel..

    Ahmad Al Musallam

    3afiya 3leek… chrack is the only answer for hal ashkal… sheft shloon… thats exactly what i mean!

    shino hal mootha b3d madry!


    I can tell u one thing, mo bs it won’t close, laa, 3nd il bab they would all be talking non stop o most of qowaneen il balad will be done 3nd il baab 😉

    madry laish 3ndena a hobby i7na il women… min nagtheb il bab te7la il sowalif?



  15. LOOOOL !! ur commentators are ammusing 😛

    and about that women ? its not the fact shes a women .. the whole concept is annoying :/ manee radda 3ala ur phonecall to chose who to vote for ! 3nad lat9awtoonla 😛


  16. Posted by Daddy's Girl on May 14, 2009 at 8:48 PM


    Eee y7leelhom 😀

    Ham another thing, like u said, y3ni ana if i want to choose whome to give my vote to, would i do it because i recieved a phone call!?

    kan butootee ib ya36eeh, lakin hawan !!! Gal3etah!


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