Who do u think?!


I have a q…

Hypothetically, if you had a race, and you let Dom from Fast & Furious, Frank from Transporter, and Daniel from Taxi race against each other…

Who do you think will win?!

Would love to see it on screen one day!

P.S. I need to buy Twilight movie NOW from Q8 i dont want Amazon Aramex Saga. Where can i find it? Help PLz?


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  1. Another question…
    Who Would Win in a Fight – Jack Bauer or Chuck Norris?


  2. Posted by NBZ on April 28, 2009 at 2:05 PM

    you could get a bootlegged copy from one of the boys on the footpath in front of Centre point salmiya/fanar


  3. ma an9a7ech u buy twilight .. to me it sucked .. i dont know bout u ppl twilight lovers 😛


  4. Frank from Transporter.. he is just sooo coooool!!!


  5. Dom / Vin Diesel – cos hes just sooooo HOT


  6. dom! becuz he’s so cute and i love him;p!, try dvds777.net


  7. ahlaan 😀

    you can buy it from this site;p


    Enjoy :*


  8. Posted by eleventhst on April 28, 2009 at 4:52 PM

    Twilight the movie: sucked! I dont know how people were so into it! I couldn’t get through the movie. Don’t get me wrong, I love anything sci-fi or fantasy, but twilight just didnt do it for me!

    hmm I think Frank from Transporter…i like the coool edge he has! and his British accent!


  9. About your question, I have no idea. ;p

    But regarding Twilight, first, I advice you to read the books!
    Trust me, they’re much better lol, the movie itself is good as well but to me, as a person who read the books, I was kinda disappointed.

    No need to buy the movie, isohunt.com and use torrent. :p
    Don’t wanna wait? keep it downloading while you’re asleep, wake up in the morning and it’ll be done, if it isn’t? leave it and go to work, come back with pop corn and enjoy.


  10. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 28, 2009 at 6:03 PM


    Jack Bauer Of course!!!! I hate Walker Texas Ranger… i cannot even stand him… the most hated TV Character of mine. When they have him on tv i scream CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!


    No can do. I must have it authentic…

    Curly Curlz

    I love twilight! True the series is much better but i like the movie enough… i just have to see it again now i have seen it once o 6ag ib rasi!


    He is cool all right… but so is Dom!!!


    Hotness won’t win him races unless he is racing agaisnt girls who are gawkin :p

    Any other reason?!


    Madry laish ur answer made me happier… i am leaning more towards Dom winning?

    Thanx Hon 😀


    Thanx Hon 😀

    Are they authentic though??


    Oooooh i love the accent… now chinna abeeh oho yefooz?!
    I liked the movie fine? I just reread the books o 6ag ibbali ashofah madry laish? You know the feeling like u want to see it NOW o u dont want to watch anything else?

    Ahmad Al-Musallam

    fair enough… it is a tough call!

    You see, in a matter of 4 months, i have read all four books and the fifth book’s draft. and seen the movie. and … Re-Read all the four books again!!! Faj2a 6ag ibbali i want to watch it again like now now now… not the best movie on earth but its sufficient for now

    O you see… i have a little problem of being such a goody two shoes and respecting the copyrights of the movies/music/books thingy… i want to buy it, authentic, and watch it authentic… i just will not be happy watching it otherwise 😦

    besides torrent irritates me 😦


  11. I ❤ Jack Bauer


  12. Posted by Change on April 28, 2009 at 11:05 PM

    Dom akeeeeeeeed.. and I have a good copy which i’ll gladly give to you if you want coz i so didn’t like the movie..!!!
    but i’m in bahrain so i’ll aramex it 😛


  13. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 28, 2009 at 11:19 PM


    Loool o il jama3a ilee foog ma7ad good enough :p


    Loool dom again!

    thanx my dear ur so kind. But il meshkela ihee il Aramex
    Lo itdezenah tadreen shino yeseer?
    yeg3d lah a week bel jmarek
    b3dain a week bel ministry of info yeqareroon hal ohoo suitable for our virtue or not… even it was just shown in the cinema

    wallah shaklee ba6eg shlalah il ba7rain on friday ayeekom il sob7 akhme6 li cham dvd o at’3ada ib zoe o ayeeb li cham 7alwa 3la cham b6l may liqa7 o arj3 il q8 at night!!! As.hal li o awnas li o asr3 li 😀


  14. danderma u still pay for movies!

    just download it oo khalas !


  15. Posted by justsayNOtoHollywood on April 29, 2009 at 12:58 AM

    screw authentic!!
    I recently became aware that there is no such thing as ‘copyright’ in Islam. And there are arguments that it actually hinders progress in many cases.

    And in the case of ‘hollywood’ and movie industry in general, I wouldn’t want to fund them anyway, so I AVOID authentic when possible ;p


  16. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 29, 2009 at 7:53 AM


    but i have to pay for them! It’s not right!!! i cannot watch it if its a copy!


    What version in Islam is that? The one that disrespects copyright?

    Ur totally mistaken my friend!

    LooooL u wouldn’t want to fund them? but u fund the thieves who steal the movies and make money out of them?


  17. transporter 6ab3an! =D


  18. loooooooool.. wallah I second that option..!! 😛
    come and see how they changed the area in Adliya its like an english garden wallah, bas add the sun shine and no breeze.. hehhee.. bas it’s pretty 😉


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