Tweetting with Twitter!


I have finally embraced one aspect of modern technology and decided to join the tweeting flocks on Twitter!

My twitter link is

if u are already there let me know or u feel like seeing what the fuss is all about you can start exploring now…


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  1. Loool. impicable timing! I joined twitter this morning as well… by the end of the day, I was hating already (it seems there’s no point of it with Facebook around). But I’ll give a few more tries (it has a facebook app anyway).

    I only joined because someone from our Media department mentioned it as part of a ‘social media’ article they read about and they wanted to now more about it and whether our company should get a twitter account!


  2. oh, by the way, what happened to beauty & the beast ? I noticed the previous episodes were taken down?!! Did someone complain?

    oh, another thing, I think I now have a better understanding about the possible reason behind some of the ‘difficulties’ you’ve been having with some of your husband’s family. My sister did a little digging ;p. I may not agree with it, I’m just saying I understand it more now.


  3. i dont get twitter;/


  4. Posted by eleventhst on April 29, 2009 at 4:00 AM

    Have fun! A lot of people are into it these days, but I don’t think I would join the bandwagon.


  5. i dont get twitter =/


  6. mabrook 3ala ur twitter account! haha ;p Luvin the blog by the way, make sure u check mine out! : )


  7. ME TOO! it’s amazing! I just use to see what the stars are talking about ;p


  8. i’m still contemplating the thought.. maybe i’ll just wait till you give us your honest feedback 😉


  9. tweet tweet


  10. me 2 9arle one week b twitter : april_q8


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