Guess what i found in our Co-Op yesterday?!


Remember when we were kids in the 80’s, and we loved the chocolates above?

How we would love to tear away the colorful qasdeer, and usually the chocolate is melted so we would lick it off, or if it was in the fridge we would pop it out? How then we would flatten the qasdeer out and do whatever it is we used to do with it????

Yesterday in our Co-Op, i found the same chocolates, and next to them i found two more new flavours!!!

The Original


Espresso Flavour


Cappucino Flavour


y7leelhom they are keeping up with the demands of modernizations!!!!

Of course i did not buy them as im on a diet and i remember how creamy the originals were, melting slowly every where mmmmmm…

I will wait. For a month or so…

Guess what else i found?


Mars Planets is one of my favourite chocos, each bite surprises u with a different texture, caramelish, crunchiness, or creaminess… i always bring some back from the UK, but these are being sold for 400 fils per tiny bag! PUH-LEEZE!!!! No surprise there since the shelve says kakaw london store!!! Someone should moderate their prices!!!

I also found these


The two kitkatat flavours, the mint (too sweet for my taste) and a new cappucino one! I never tried that one before…

and now…  these are not bought from q8,  one for me to celebrate with one day, and one is  a special thing for Eshda3wa 😀



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  2. this reminded me of kakaw bo shamseyya.. the chocolate wasn’t the best, but we used to love it.


  3. i second atoona kakaw bo shamseya 6a3ma ma2saat but we loved it;p!! a7eb hatha ;1st pic!! i didnt know enna lel7een 3ayesh;p!


  4. Posted by The Spanian on April 18, 2009 at 5:51 PM

    waaw .. u remind me of the good old days .. where we have nothing to worry bout in life other than choosing which color of those chocos are we going to pick 🙂

    now tell me which Co-Op is that .. i like the Flake moment i want one 🙂

    i told you before .. your blog is meant to destroy the diet 😉


  5. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 18, 2009 at 9:40 PM


    first post?!


    Eee it did not taste any good… but the hapiness from eating it was worth it!
    So were the ones with the glasses we used to pop remember?!


    Eeeee layl7een mawjood… jabriya co-op 😀

    The Spanian

    Why does every one say my blog destroys diet?! Helloooooo upstairsssss diet daily thingyyyyyy :`(

    thats the fourth comment i heard in less than one week :`(

    It is in jabriya Co-Op… sorry no can do it is reserved for Eshda3wa… next time insha2 allah 😀


  6. woooow abeeeee ma3aa ene ma a7eb el saweeet bas abee 🙂


  7. I love this chocolate bo qasdeeeeeer!
    And mmm danderma my brother in law is the main distributer of kakaw landan :/ he sells it to jam3iya and they set the prices ..




    aby planets! aby aby aby aby!!

    screw diets!


  9. I remember those! Oh memories 😀
    And sara7a el kit kat lazim original wila balash


  10. see i told u ur not good for ppl on diets!

    and my flake !



  11. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 19, 2009 at 12:37 AM

    New Bride

    Hatha ‘3aiiiiiiiiiiir hatha kakaw ayam il 6foolaa 😀


    I thought the main distributor was the same owner of ma67anat heathrow no?

    I recall when they first started selling it bel ma67na o il ma3areth, it was literally double the price. I once objected because a kitkat packet that clearly had a 1 pound price on it printed was being sold for 1 KD…

    o il kinder eggs il mini, il bag is 3 KD!!!! eshd3wa?! Even before they had it in the co-op it was expensive

    No offence hon or anything i do not mean to be rude or disrespectuful but it is quite expensive. If i order it for my self from UK direct it will be cheaper for me…

    o il7een ya shagool, agoolich 3ogob il regime inyeeb 7g roo7na kakaw o akil min london… laish ma tet7achain?! Ma 3ndokom khasem for u?


    7yach allah ib jm3iyat il jabriya imkawad!!!


    A7laaa shay laman yekoon feeh qasdeer…
    o ya rait b3d lo yeraj3oon il transparent paper thingy… ilee chinah baking sheet!!! A7laaaaaaaaaaa kitkaaat!!!!!!!


    Basawee Poll o ashoof…


  12. Loool, rayel e5ty already falas men warana 😛
    gabel kan el ma5zan 3ndna belbait ya3ney tet5aylain elthalaja el chbeera feeha kelanwa3 elkakaw?:/
    B3dain 5ala9 ra7 el ma5zan , 0 e7na gamat tloo3 chabdna men elkakaw !
    Mo intay matadreen shino el jamarek ehneey eyanenoon elwa7ed marrah wa9la delivery for 1000 kd o ele5wan ga6eenha belshams !


  13. That chocolate in 8a9deer has been in CO-OPs for a long time, we’ve been getting it on a weekly basis 😛

    And yeah, it is one of the best ever!


  14. I found the cadbury minitures at mishref co-op the other day for 900 fils .. i was craving london so much i had to get one 😛 Oh im also toilet training my son, for each time he says he needs the bathroom as doesnt have an accident i give him one piece 😛 its working..


  15. ya7laaaaaaailhm walla te6aweraw
    9ar ako flavors
    mo hayneen :p


  16. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 19, 2009 at 11:14 PM


    Weeeeeeeeeeeeh 7safa 3la il kakaw!!!
    Esh hal ‘3aba2!? Akeed sa7

    tadreen i7na lo kakawayaya it6ob beetna, ma itlageenha next day?! Ommy imsameetna il namil…

    Ahmad Al mslm

    ee i know bugasdeer mawjood… o it feels soooo good to eat it 😀 one kind of comfort food..



    loool y7leelah walla khosh 6areqa for potty training!!!!
    Ams i saw il kakaw cadbury hatha in jam3iya o i remembered ayam il 80’s ilee il nass ile yayeen min uk lazim ayeboon hal kakaw soo’3a lazim!!!!


    Eee walla tha7ekonee… il 3ada il ashya2 il 3ateeja yethelon 3la detharat.hom bs hathola met7athreen 😀


  17. yuummmy:)


  18. laa2 i swaer im soo extra jelous! eshlon chetheh 3ndekum ashya latheetha we7na we dont have them !!!
    3ndena kela the ordinary things that r boring! o laa ento they sell them bel jma3eyat! e7na etha kena nbi something eshway special lazm we go to more expensive supermakrts!

    ufff i miss dubai! kan feeha ashya lathetha like that!

    i cnt remember that we had the choclate in qa9deer thingi!

    bel 3fyaa!


  19. fee peanut butter?


  20. Posted by eleventhst on April 22, 2009 at 12:34 AM

    I love candy and chocolate!

    However, recently, I tried eating the candy i used to when I was a kid, and i couldn’t: it was too sweet! I never knew candy could be too sweet!

    so I guess for now ill stick to skittles and starburst!


  21. hi
    from where did u fine flake moments ?


  22. haha I remember that chocolate my mom bought it for me when I went bk home she remembered how much I used to love it when I ws young w the taste and the way it melts in your mouth 3ajeib ❤ ..!

    bs wallah I ws surprised when i knew that the shops still sell it !! =)


  23. ما ودي أصدمج … لكن أمي عزيزة قالت يوم شافت الكاكاو : وي يا حلوا … وين طلعوا كاكاو قبل ؟؟؟


  24. Posted by MC on April 23, 2009 at 2:44 AM

    Mmmm…I remember they were yummy, also used to get them in girgi3aan sometimes, I used to get so excited when I hit up a house with good girgi3aan :p


  25. Dandermaaaa plz email me 🙂


  26. Posted by q8milk on April 26, 2009 at 7:58 PM

    denderma, 3asa ma sharr, where are u ???


  27. hey!

    wain ekhtifaitay la 7es wala khabar!


  28. Posted by Principessa on April 27, 2009 at 8:02 PM

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ana eli athker aawal ena kan em7azer bas emsela 3alaina kil shay nakla :P!


  29. WOW… I loved that first one 🙂


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