My Yummy Sea Side Breakfast!!!


I open my eyes this morning and the first thought that jumps to my mind is “I feel like going out for breakfast now!” 


Just like that. I want to go out for breakfast. So today my breakfast could be my weekly free meal…


By the time we reach the place i chose for breakfast, it was 10 am. Not many people are there… and i enjoy a good healthy meal while sitting as close to the sea as possible 😀


Now if u are familiar with the place u already know it from the picture above…


If ur not, let me tell u about it…


It is the living room Lounge in marina mall… underneath maki!


I usually go there for a cup of coffee and to relax only. They have a little problem with their waiters not being prompt with the customers so i never order anything more than coffee when im there … yet the seating is amazing, the location is unbelievable (masha2 allah) and the soothing sound of the waves breaking on the shore nearby is theraputic…


You can sit for hours undisturbed, watching and marvelling at the beauty in the sea and the gleaming shoreline of Salmiya… the occasional jet skeir comes close and one time a guy intentionally swerved in his jet ski and splashed us all with water (old guy b3d)… but i did not mind much because the lovely sea breeze, the sun, the salty spray of water, and the mind blowing cool wind all came together and act as a numbing concotion to my ever burning  nerves…


Anyways, today i wanted to go there… and i thought to my self  that i want to try their breakfast…


We order one Arabian Breakfast for Butootee, and one Scrambled Eggs for me…

Arabian Breakfast

Arabian Breakfast


Of course the arabian breakfast arrives without the bread. We wait for ever until we call over the waiter and remind him. Then we call him again about my toast, when he is back he comes with toast and salt & pepper which i was about to ask for which is a good thing. They are good but seem a bit dazed. I do not blame them. I would be in a daze of my own if  i have to work in someplace that beautiful…


Arabian breakfast has Labnah (good enough), Foul (eatble), Hommous (must have come out of a can but edible), and some veggies with arabian bread.



I would have liked to see more things like slices of cheese, olives, or falafel but Butootee was happy and content… i wish they also had a continental breakfast option with Croissants, danish, jam & butter but maybe they will do in the future…

 Eee o i forgot to add… there are butterflies EVERY WHERE! Where on earth did they come from?! They attacked me, they stood on Butootee, i screamed at them and shooed them but Butootee was happy for their presence and would not shoo them away when they stand on him *SHUDDER*!!! WHY R THEY THERE?

Now… we come to the reason i decided to write this post!


The scrambled eggs with a side of potatoes and cherry tomatoes!!!!!!




It is YUMMY… mind blowing yummy!!!


First look at the presentation… I LIKE!


Now lets talk about the taste…


It has at least three eggs in there. I do not eat that amount of eggs. But the moment i put a spoonful of eggs in my mouth… i am hooked! I do not know what they have scrambled their eggs with, double cream? Vanilla ice cream maybe? Something unusual and a little heavier than what i would care for… it is not exactly a dish to have daily as im sure that something this good must be damaging to ur waist line…


But the result is something i cannot really describe. The texture is smooth, creamy, salty, yet eggy… still there is not one single whiff of egg smell or zofar in it… it is like im eating eggs in the UK… ay eggs in the UK? I have never tasted such good eggs… 



I could NOT put the fork down. I could not offer Bu Tootee more than a forkfull, sorry it just would not do. I wanted it ALL… i ate it ALL… and by the time the toast came, it was almost useless… i had almost finished the whole amount.


It was like eating a yummy cake… not some scrambled eggs!!!


and im sitting here, on my couch, hours later, thinking about those eggs, the taste just will not leave my mouth, i wish i would go again now and have some… it would be a personal record, 6 eggs in one day!!! I AM CRAVING EGGS NOW and i do not even like eggs that much!!!


o the view b3d?!  ahhhhhhhhhhh



I cannot wait for my next free day!!!!


25 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lama on April 10, 2009 at 8:52 PM

    you should work in advertisement 🙂

    you’ll do great 🙂


  2. allaaah shakla eshaweg!! weddy aroo7:( *meteeenaaa*!!


  3. mmmmm… I think i’m gonna have to have breakfast there tomorrow morning… that is if i can get the wify to be up and ready early in the morning on a Saturday… I wonder how early they open? might give them a call to check.
    Hmmm.. strange, last time we were there I didn’t find any breakfast items on the menu… certainly no eggs? Oh, they must have a separate breakfast menu or they added it since then?

    I just called the…. darn, they don’t open until 10AM ?!!! That’s rather late for my taste…. but at least i don’t have to suffer much to get my wife ready on time ;p


  4. 3ad ive never been there bs el view shayyyy 😉

    i had scrambled egss mara in sofitel in qatar and they were the best scrambled eggs ive ever had iin my life…exactly how you described it…hatha oo ana i hate eggs a9lan!!

    t’haigain they hired their chef? ;Pp


  5. bl 3afiyaa it looks yum! and I don’t even like eggs :/

    p.s. looked for your email couldn’t find it..


  6. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 10, 2009 at 11:50 PM


    If time could go back, i would have studied marketing 😀


    Saway regime, o saway free day… o have it for breakfast!!!
    Have it for a good buy breakfast tommorow then start ur diet on Sunday 😀

    B3dain having it for an early breakfast is good becasue u will 1- fire ur metabolism 2- burn it eventually 3- full of protein which is good for u



    U crack me up. Whenever the subject of food comes, i can count on u to get worked up!!!

    Bu tootee says he saw on the menu that they open at 7 am for breakfast?!!! I told him u called them and he says but he read it!!! I say go 9:30 o take the corner table overlooking two sea sides

    O insha2 allah u and the missus have fun 😀


    El thaher !!!
    il view shay min shay… roo7olah gabil la yekhrab il jaw o yeseer 7r… bs take a fleet with u for those stupid butterflies who would attack u


    Allah ye3afeech hon … i sent u an email


  7. bl3afeya sis waaaaay shwagteene abee egg now


  8. bel3afiya!!!


  9. 3awafi 🙂


  10. 3waaaaaffffffiii !
    Cheni ba5me6 rfeejty bacher o awadeeha wyay ‘3aseb ! so romantic , eh? 😛
    Danderma ana sayra 5osh wa7da o msaeya diet 3adel :/


  11. Posted by Change on April 11, 2009 at 4:40 AM

    i love this place, but last time I was in kuwait it was raining..!! 😦
    3aleech bel3afya anyways 😛


  12. bel3afyaa

    i like the place

    but their menu could really use a but of variety

    i did not like anything i ever had there at alll

    but i never tried the eggs


  13. Now I wanna go try those eggs too! YUMMM bel3afia
    I have been there only for drinks too… coffee or mojito *the waiter actually pronounce the J as J not H* hehehehe


  14. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 12, 2009 at 12:02 AM


    Hehehe eggs nos il lail??? allah ye3afeech

    3sa bs kalteelich eggs?!


    allah ye3afeech hon thanx :*


    allah ye3afeech hon thanx :*


    3afya 3la il sha6ra… tha3aftay 3ad?!?!?

    Did u go already?!

    allah ye3afeech hon thanx :*

    Mita yaytay il q8?! Today it is raining a little also


    Once Bu tootee tried their chilli fries thing… he says it was good… but the arabian breakfast is really tasteless… the eggs however are a real find!!! Try it next time ur there!!!!


    Do try their eggs they are yummy… steer clear of the arabian breakfst though…

    is their moogeeetooo any good 😉

    i like the way mexicans pronounce mexico, meheecoo… lool


  15. now i am hungry =(
    wow.. the way you discrbed it made me actually want to fly over there just to try it out!!!

    3aleki bil 3afiya


  16. I never knew about this place. It sounds amazing. Great view and great food – perfect. BTW I know what you mean about the delicious eggs in England !


  17. ambeeeeeh now batshawag lel2abad!
    o i just wana go to q8 3shn 2akel the eggs 😀

    tara i truly love eggs! love them so much! hehe
    9ij shkli esh-hi! plus the place! ahhh just breath taking! i love sea side places!

    which bahrain lacks in a way or so though its an island!


  18. Well, I did manage to go there that Saturday (11/April two weeks ago), but I didn’t get around to blogging about it until now.
    I went there with my mom, wife and her mom. Since I insisted we make it there before it is open at 10am, the breakfast outing turned out to be a full-day outing. We didn’t get back until around 3:30PM. We headed to Marina crescent for desert, then I actually convinced them to stop by the Friday Market! My mother in-law mentioned excellent Truffles (Algerian) or Faqi3 she bought from there, so my mom wanted to try it out.

    Anyway, for details and photos see my blog entry @

    Your comments appreciated 🙂


  19. Posted by mohammad on April 29, 2009 at 10:14 AM

    i didn’t get the place exactly!

    could send a replay on email plz?


    • Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 29, 2009 at 10:33 AM


      it’s in marina waves. Enter from Gulf Road to the Marina crecent parking, but take ur right, go straight until u find a roundabout and the sign saying marina waves on ur left


  20. Well, I did go last Saturday and took the kids this time. They had fun… amazing weather…
    Details and photos on my blog:

    We had noticed people were swimming… too bad we didn’t pack swim gear. So, I decided next week (tomorrow) we will go early in the morning so we can swim… then have breakfast from Living Room ( I called them to check if they have take-away.. they do, so might order breakfast and have it on the beach ;p see blog for detailed plan).


  21. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.


  22. Extenze

    OMG i thought you would at least comment in the right place! Since this is obviously not the place where ‘we leave it up to you to decide’ was written!!!!!!!!

    Plus, whats ur problem with freedom of choice? You have a mind, use it, im not ur college professor and ur not expected to pass an exam given by me… ur free to decide what u want to decide!!!


  23. […] services improved so much that we were surprised when our orders came so fast! (to the delight of Danderma I’m sure […]


  24. […] placed our orders; three Arabian Breakfasts and Three Scrambled Eggs, their famous scrambled eggs Danderma wrote about a while back… but I never got the chance to try/review it till now So just like Danderma, I […]


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