Wii Fit Jokes on April’s Fool Day! Ya7leelha!!!


I switch on the Wii, i stand upright and click the A button to start my daily workout on Wii Fit… When im greeted by the Screen Above!!!!

I double over laughing from it’s *tharafa* sara7a… Those Japs have a great sense of humor and those programmers at Nintendo have done a great job!!! I wonder what other occasions would it celebrate!!! Not that im a big fan of April’s fool day since i hate practical jokes and anything related to them o think they are the cruelest thing ever happened to mankind…

But wait… there is more!

So i laugh and laugh, go running for my camera to take a picture, call out Butootee to see, by the time i start taking pictures il 3amma Wii Fit got tired waiting for me to click A, so it collapsed on the floor as in the picture below…


This induced another round of laughter!!! Who knew Aprils fool day would be so funny?!?!??!

Then comes this screen…


Tell me where in Q8 would you find such a funny and cute gym with a sense of humor???

I ❤ my Wii Fit

and i am sooo soo SO glad that the parlimant has dissolved!!! So we would not get some MP’s leaving all the important problems in Q8 and yelling their lungs out about banning Wii from Q8 for celebrating April Fools day!!!


11 responses to this post.

  1. loool



  2. Wow !! .. 9ara7a .. that’s a very nice thing .. u will really feel there is a real trainer who takes care of your trainings ha 😉

    3ad i have one but i didn’t play with it yesterday 😦 .. i missed the April Fool ha !!


  3. Posted by Lama on April 2, 2009 at 12:07 PM



  4. Okh ana ba3ad 3ndi wii !! heheh and it did that to me yesterday! 🙂 I love it .. Missed you so much :**


  5. LOOOOOOOOOL.. how cute =D


  6. lol @ parlaiment! =)


  7. loool thats funny ;P


  8. lol!
    ee they’re so creative, i love wii ❤
    i still don’t have the wii Fit tho.. but ur advertising it really well ;D


  9. ya7lailha il Wii! khafeefat 6eena 🙂


  10. Posted by eleventhst on April 3, 2009 at 5:15 AM

    haha its funny that the wii had their won aprils fool joke!

    I did like youtube’s upside down website!


  11. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 3, 2009 at 11:39 AM


    Loool walla damhom khafeef!!!

    Lonley_Ed 7

    Now u know to play with it at every universal occasion 😀


    Thareefa mo? 😀


    ana im7arbetich… ee
    im7arbetich ila il abad :`(

    Cute funny and Useful!!


    Wana 3nd rabi sajja… kil ma namla ka7at athoona o gelbaw il deniya!!!

    Very Very funny! I started exercise with high spirits sra7a!!!!


    Buy the Wii Fit 😀
    If there is one thing i did not regret buying on earth is the Wii Fit!!!!

    This Lady

    Eee khafefat 6eena o ham mofeeda 😀


    you tube had their site upside down!?!?!?! 7safa i missed that 😦


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