The Q8y way of dealing with the credit crunch…


Is by accepting nothing less to drive than a Bentley!!!

Even since this credit crunch started… i began seeing Rolls o Bentleys all over the place, popping up like corn kernels in a microwavable pouch!!! No seriously, one of our neighbours suddenly grew three glorious rolls on his parking slots… i begain seeing 3-5 rolls riding in the streets especially during the rush hour time PER DAY!!!

What happened? are they being distributed for free or something?!!!?

Ama il young and restless, masha2 allah… bently after bently… jamee3 alwan il 6aif… o you would expect the drivers to be as hip and young as the car itself… ma boga 3ayooz ma boga shayeb for il 50 ma sag lah bently bab wa7ed…!?

Malaaaaait min kither ma ashoof bentleys o rollsaat khalaaas!!! Dawroolkom habba thaniya!!!

Actually, there is a habba thaniya… a maserati!!!


3yayiz o yosogoon maserati bab wa7ed…! Intay waaaaaain o il maserati wain?!

Buy your self a Red Ferrari then? Oh i forgot… Ferrari is so last decade… ra7at 3leeha… shakhbari!!!

Inzain i have a Q… when you buy them… you do not service them?!

Plus… min 7alat showare3 il Q8?! wella min zeen o sana3 il drivers out there?!!??! Wella min kither ma il parking lots are available every where? Elee Even if u drive carefully… u will see ur car scarred by key marks just for the fun of it?

I once saw an amazing bently parked in the middle of a narroooowwww road with passing cars in ARth il ma3areth ib mishref… Mo 7ram?!?!?!?!?

I understand it if ur a millionaire living in a mansion in the q8y suburbia with a trust fund that is ammune against any credit crunch out there…

But normal working class people? driving their maseratis o bentlies o rollsat to work? In the middle of the credit crunch?! Really?!?

A porsche is no longer “hip & expensive enough”… !!! Neither apparently is a Ferrari!

What’s next? Buying cars that are actually mini rockets made by NASA?


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  1. How did you conclude that they are part of the “working class”?


  2. Posted by 2twentythree3 on March 31, 2009 at 12:21 PM

    Credit Crunch is NON existent in Kuwait..
    It never will be while Oil is cheaper to drink than Water. LOL
    I mean come on.. You can fill your car for 3kd.. 40litres? right ? 40 litres of water would cost how much?

    As for the cars…………. I’d quite like one.. no hell, I’d like a couple. If you find out where they are handing them out free.. let me know lol 🙂


  3. Posted by Daddy's Girl on March 31, 2009 at 12:55 PM

    Hasan B.

    Judging from the employees parkings lots… not even the managers… in many workplaces…

    Hasan B.

    Judging from the employees parkings lots… not even the managers… in many workplaces… not even big investment companies… we are talking ministries


    Unfortunately there are some impacts of the credit crunch in Q8

    One of my husbands friends was let go of his private company
    Another have had his salary reduced to 60%

    Not counting the Stock Market losses…

    But not seriously… they are like mushrooms, popping every where particularly since the global credit crunch appeared!!! I have to admit i love the bently a lot but i for it’s price i would rather buy a piece of land… even if i got it *cheap*… how much would it cost to maintain?!?!?


  4. Posted by f7ee7eely on March 31, 2009 at 3:19 PM

    I have a verrrrrry rational explanation for your inquiry — you see in dubai’s automobile auction its a helll of alot cheaper to by a used bently then to buy a used porsche in kuwait due to a massive expat migration from DXB who have failed to fullfil their car payments….


  5. ymkin with the credit crunch elnass gamaw ybe3oon their rolls oo bentlys for a fraction of the price

    oo the working class bel7ukooma moo mat2athreen mashi ma3ashhum

    so they buy em!!

    oo kel shay ela el maserati.. if i ever drive (hopefully one day soon)
    so gna get me 1 !


  6. la , yesterday i wan watching a prog 3al MTV 3n el celebs o thier houses o rides !!!

    bel the auto part , they show cars that we already see in our daily life !!!

    ba3den ete7al6mon o egolon el qoro’6 ! , honestly i have a classy car , bs i dont drive to work on it , i use a crappy Pigoute to work , o everybody swears at me o shout o swalif , bs when i drive on my other car , i get the respect of everybody !!!!!

    does the car define what type of ppl we are , ! i dont see that as a benchmark to judge ppl


  7. It’s ok daddy’s girl, if u have the money why not??? credit crunch wala mo credit crunch a hot car is a hot car. And talking about the 3ayayiz lol, its the new “thing” porsche caynes, bmws, etc. but i dont think any 3ayooz has the nerve to drive a maserati (except the maniac that wanted to kill u) talking about killing, did eedi die yesterday or will she live??


  8. Posted by Daddy's Girl on March 31, 2009 at 7:27 PM


    Finally!!! Thank you!
    That makes sense… though the ones who fleed dubai were not supposedly that rich y3ni… how many bentley’s o rolls is r their?


    Thats what my husband thought too…
    Though, a bentley is a bently!!! Y3ni even if i buy it for fraction of the price… how much do i need to maintain it???

    What!?!?!? U do not drive?!??!?!?!? How come?


    Apparently in a community when ur measured by how much u own in the bank yes the car will define u.

    Many things are forgiven for u if you have enough bank notes… ur origins, ur faith, ur class, ur manners (or lack of them)… if you have enough money then ur respected

    Q80 Boy

    Ahhh now u did not get my point…
    Half the people driving cars out there are driving it on loans… though that fraction reduced with the new car loan laws…

    But this is besides the point…
    My point is, how come when every where on earth people are *financially* suffering, when suddenly, normal people have not one, not two, but suddenly several rollses… o every one is driving a rolls now adays!!!

    Looool ta3al shoof il 3yayeez ilee ga3deen yesogon il maserati.. ay nerve ay ba6eeekh!!!

    Did u know that Showtime did not air yesterdays DHW episode? Some kathy griffin thing was on instead!!! I was So ANGRY i send a long long email to them although i know no one will care y3ni…

    Did u happen to catch it yesterday did they put it anyways at another time?! or did you watch it else where?


  9. Posted by AisFee on March 31, 2009 at 7:36 PM

    Awal shay 3alaihom bel 3afya ;p thani shay wetha sheyab esogon maserati wela bentleys ? 3aib wela 7aram? wela taboon nas bel 20s esogon.. 3al aqal el shayib eli esog el bentley wela maserati kad 6ool 3omra oo sharaha ;p oo showari3 lekwait i think one of the best in the world ;p comparing it with europe and the US .. 😉


  10. Posted by Daddy's Girl on March 31, 2009 at 7:41 PM


    3la qooltik 3leehom ib alf 3afiya…

    La walla maho 3aib wala 7ram… lakin ham il 3omor lah a7kam
    Same thing goes for a shayeb labis lee short orang o faneela 3laq banafsjiya mathalan, la 3aib wala 7ram… lakin still il 3omor lah a7kam!!!

    Tha7aktnee walla 3la kad 6ool 3mrah… y3ni oho min ma3ashah il taqa3odi sharaha? Laish? il akh kan CEO mal Microsoft yom taqa3ad???

    Inzain yalla, 3leeh bel 3afiya… laish bently??? Laish mo rolls?

    O leen meta beyked 3shan yesaweelha service?

    Aman 3n il showare3 bel q8… ism7 li.. cham marra did u change ur front car window min kither il 7asam ilee yetkafakh feeha when u drive on 5th ring road?


  11. Posted by aws on March 31, 2009 at 10:30 PM

    there was a report in the news papers some days ago that majority of kuwaitis are heading towards car rental rather than purchasing their own car.. maybe this takes care of high maintenance cost… though i’m not sure if u can rent a bentley !


  12. Posted by AisFee on April 1, 2009 at 2:19 AM

    Hmmm.. i think eli yegdar yeshteri bentley wela rolls .. service and the new window costs are not his concerns… ;p u travel alot right? i think that most supercars are owned by “old men” (not in the arab countries) .. another thing.. ma3ash taqa3odi? u r in kuwait.. people r rich.. many people are rich.. most of people own real estate or stocks or any other kind of income .. not ma3ash taqa3odi.. 😉


  13. Posted by Seattle Dude on April 1, 2009 at 8:33 AM

    thats funny, the other day i saw some old geezer in a coupe bently driving in hawally. laa ow nam 3alay 3end el eshara!


  14. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 1, 2009 at 9:13 AM


    They are renting now?!
    I think ur right no one would rent out a Bently though…


    Ok ur totally not getting my point
    I am not talking about rich people who have owned Rolls and Bentlies for millions of year in Q8



    not all people in Q8 are rich… yes we have rich people, but really, not every one is rich around here this is a general misconseption

    and no, not most of the people have real estate or stocks!!!

    and in case you have not noticed, the real estate prices have plummeted down due to the new real estate laws… and the stock is not doing so good at the moment. So if they had wealth it would be worthless y3ni…

    But then, when a regular house in a regular area with regular people suddenly own cars that are worth more than their own houses… you have to open ur eyes y3ni!!!

    Y3ni faj2a il borsa 6a7at, o il 3aqar 6a7, o il nass ga3da tetfanash, o BAM every one is riding a rolls!!! this is my point!!!

    Besides, yeah true elder people drive expensive cars abroad, but i did not see them riding a one door shiny sports car convertible!!! If they do, they would laugh at them and say they are having a mid life crisis… o i am sure they will not drive them to places like Hawalli and Arth il ma3areth o park them ib noss il share3!

    Seattle Dude

    Sheft ishloon… ham ma y3rf yesoog o ham raye7 feha 7awali 7safa 3leeha…


  15. Posted by MUFC on April 2, 2009 at 4:41 PM

    bil 3aks i like it wen old people drive the kesh5a cars.. bara in europe for example, men and women in their 50’s and over drive it.. ya3ni itha young ppl drive it, shbi5aloon 7ag lama yikbiroon? mu ma38oola theyre gonna downgrade themselves from a bentley to an “old ppl’s car”


  16. Posted by Daddy's Girl on April 2, 2009 at 6:32 PM


    How is driving a four door rolls royes a downgrade from driving a red convertible bentley!?!??!?!??!

    I did not say old people are supposd to drive garamba3 o keep the expensive cars to the youngsters…

    I said that i believe an old man/woman driving a car that should be driven by an 18 year old child is not really that nice or good or whatever…

    o thats my opinion y3ni

    Ma feha shay yom ilee a6g il 50 i ride a maybach or a rolls. Given that they can afford it of course o afford the cost of maintaining it not taking loans or whatever then running over to the goverment crying about being poor and in debt…

    O abroad as i said when ur 50 o driving a sports car ur mocked and labeled as a someone with a mid age crisis!!!!


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