It is working!!! It is WORKING!!! The diet and the 30 minutes exercise on Wii Fit daily has paid off!!! I have LOST WEIGHT!!!! Significant amount of weight!!! and it is NOT WATER!


Yesterday i have done the Wii Body Test, it shared with me my happiness!!!

The Wii session daily is amazing! The day i used it is the day i stopped craving food & feeling resentful towards my diet! It is the day i started sleeping earlier and better, is the day i started waking up at the first ring of the alarm and get to work early!!!

I feel lighter, i feel stronger, i feel more flexible. Even my body feels a little tiny bit more musclar, more firm!!!

Plus, for some reason i feel euphoric! I do not know why but i feel calm, quiet, serene, and euphoric. The other day i was smiling like a maniac for nothing… it’s like being on Prozac only with ur mind still functioning properly…

Did i mention that i have no cravings at all? I do not really crave anything. I just eat when i eat because it is time to eat!!! You want evidence? I watch 3 channels only. Show Series, BBC Lifestyle if there is a cooking show on, and Fatafeet. Fatafeet is working 24 hours. All sorts of food and cakes and yummy breads and pastas. and i feel… NOTHING!

I might go “Oh thats good for Ramadan” or “oh nice idea maybe one day…” but nothing like “waaaaaaah i want to eat NOW NOW NOW”… Not anymore!!!!

Then why im watching? To find low fat recipe ideas 😀


and alsoooo…

Today, during the Yoga Session, i felt a bit tired. I wanted to not play. Just lay on the couch. and i did, all while i was watching ugly betty i was in inner termoil. I wanted it to end so i could jump back on the Wii… those 40 minutes on the couch thinking that today will be work out free, i began craving food again, and i thought of cheating, i told my self… oh well no workout, free day… lets eat something nice for dinner????

HA! Wii not only helped me conquer my hunger and curb my mini craving, but after the workout i felt calm again, held together again…

I am happy. It is working. One day i will lose this weight. One day i will no longer be the subject of ridicule of people who think fat people are disgusting and dumb and disrespect them thinking that just because ur fat u are wearing a sign that says “no feelings included, whak on my ego all u want”…

And that Page for my daily diet… will be back up. With Pictures.


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  1. I liked your older page/header etc..
    This is too crowded other than that ur blog is great 😉
    Shwagatni wdi ashterili Wii and all this stuff mn wain u got it??


  2. Congrats !!! Good for you, oh and do u know that I started to go on diet cause u did !! BTW i AM craving something, the Wii Fit !!! oh btw yesterday’s DHW episode was fantastic right ??


  3. Wooo HOOOOO! I think I gotta try this Wiii Fit . . .

    And broccoli?


  4. Posted by R on March 24, 2009 at 6:46 PM

    I have the wii fit too, but it doesnt have a specific program to follow.. i can just choose whatever i want.. So my question is, what exactly does your Wii Fit workout consist of?


  5. I’m happy 4 u !
    Keep up the good work !

    And thanks for changing ur layout 🙂 much easier on the eyes.


  6. Posted by *F on March 24, 2009 at 8:27 PM

    yaay! congrats! I prefer running outside than being indoors to do my exercise, either jogging or playing soccer!


  7. Posted by Daddy's Girl on March 24, 2009 at 11:11 PM


    Kil min yegol inah il new one mo 7elo mo 7elo…
    Fa i changed it back 😀

    You can get both the Wii and the Wii fit from Mojama3 il Re7ab. In the 2nd floor ask about a store called “Game Station” and go for “Sha3ban” he will give you a good price… but send a guy better or wear a mask cause the smell of cigarettes is over whelming…

    You can call them at “25715330”

    Q80 Boy

    Loool I was watching it last night and my husband going on about it that it’s a great show fa i remembered u… What’s with men and DHW :p

    Yalla get ur wii fit o start playing! It is like a video game but u will double the weight u lose by deiting 😀


    Wii fit rocks!
    and Brocolli Rocks too… I LOVE brocolli!!! With some baby carrots on the side 😀 mmmmmm

    But i do not like the cauliflower :S i really cannot stand it’s smell!!!!


    I start by stretching ishwya with yoga, every day i choose 3-4 yoga positions that are differnt but one of them must be the Chair 3shan la amil. Also, the body gets used to the exercise fa u must trick it…

    Then i go with the Strength training… i do a lot of those, like maybe 15-20 minutes… the more u play the more new ones will appear plus extra repititions of the same training will appear.

    Then i go to my favourite… the Aerobics part 😀 I love the advanced steps and the short distance run… i am not very friendly with the hula hoops… sometimes if i have something on TV i will do the free steps for 10 minute while im watching tv…

    Good Luck 😀

    Delicately Realistic

    Thanx Hon :*

    and ur welcome 😀 was it that bad!?

    Lool not in Q8… The best thing about it is ur staying at home in the AC 😀 o when ur done u jump right into the shower!!! No more excuses for not working out!!!


  8. wonderful….your enthusiasm is infectious 🙂


  9. Posted by Daddy's Girl on March 25, 2009 at 8:33 AM


    Thanks …I have strong motivation behind it too 😀


  10. HHHEEEYYYY I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU.. ALF ALF AFL MABROOOOOK… wallah shaja3teni and you showed me fee hope..

    hmm shaklo this Wii is the magic behind loosing…
    i am considering getting it now

    Q: if you dont mind, how much did you loose taqreeban??
    and how do you know it is not water weight?


  11. Posted by aws on March 25, 2009 at 2:14 PM

    i think both carbs and exercise release endorphins… that “good” feeling similar to prozac you were talking about..
    you were simply craving food to boost your mood.. which your exercise already took care of … faa the fine result..
    glad it’s working well for you dear… keep up the spirit 🙂


  12. oh YAY!!

    you should be so very proud of ur weight!

    im proud of u !


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