DEERAW BALKOM…U HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Beware from this Call…!!!


Remember this post about the cupon people who kept calling like crazy???

They kept calling and calling for days… until we couldn’t take it any longer. I tell Butootee that anyone calling that much must be really desperate. Then when we have had enough, he decided to answer it and tell them to stop calling him and he is not interested as it was evident they are not going away or giving up.

I was not around him when they called. He comes over on Thursdays and says “we are going to pay them a visit on Saturday between 11 and 2”!!!!! I tell him if he is crazy and how on earth did he decide that!??!?

When he answered the phone to give them a piece of his mind, they replied that they are not really a ‘sell-a-product’ company. They are a company that does business and customer behaviour research & analysis for big BIG named companies. and i mean big big names. and that what they want us to do is to give us two cards that we take whenever we buy or eat out from stores (very popular every day ones) and we will get a discount using those card and our data (purchase o amount o date o frenquency) is being noted down for their own business analysis. I did hear or read once about a shoppers program or a survey program that was operating like that.

and the man assured butootee that there is no hidden papers or purchases. That all he needs to do is pick up the cards and start using them right away. That’s it. No more no less. and there is no more promotions or purchasing involved.

Sounds good eh?

So i agree. yes. I fell for it… and we went yesterdsay.

We go in. We are greeted by this cheery egyptian lady. Butootee asks for the guy who called us and she says he is not available but we will be helped in a moment. A big poster with all the names of the stores we were told about is there with something about “our partnerts” or somethign like it. We sit down and she looks at me and says “Sharafteenaaaa ya madaaaaaaaaaaam”… 2 minutes later “Ezzayeeeek ya madaaaaaaaaaaaam”… another 2 minutes pass and she goes “Teshrabeeee eeeeh ya maaaaaaaaaaaaaad”…. as if this Madam is the most important person on earth and the man sitting next to me doesnt count.

She gives butootee a papaer and asks him to refill his personal details in. He asks why since he already gave it to the man who called, she replies “oh well u know ur number came in a draw and it was annonymous and we need to double check ur details. Ur privacy was important to us that’s why we had no details from the phone company, we just got ur phone number by a random draw!”

Yeah right. If u had not gotten our details, then HOW ON EARTH did u get both THE VIVA and THE ZAIN numbers of Butootee when he did not give it to U and u ALREADY KNEW he was MARRIED?!?!?!?!

I do not like this. Yet Butootee fills his part of the details. Mine is not filled since i was a bit skeptic and wary so she assuered me she did not need me to fill it out… ok

Then she goes…

“We thank you very much for coming down. We are a company who specializes in tourism in hotels and resorts abroad” WHAT?! “All we need from u is ur good word to ur friends and families regarding our services. One of our officers will sit for an hour with you and let u know all about our services and then u will recieve a gift of either a Zain phone number or a Cupon Booklet…”


A resorts company.!??!?!?!??!. if we sit and agree to whatever they say THEY MIGHT GIVE US A COUPON Booklet?!?!??!

What happened to the customer data analysis?!?!?!?!??!

I do not like this at all. Butootee of course, is sitting down jovially. I look at him angrily, but i know that in these situations he will not budge or move and will force us to sit down and say “lets check them out”… u know what?! It is my mistake i listened to him in the first place.

A nice q8y girl comes out, infact she looks very much like one of my sisters with a nice 7ejab but with a ton of makeup on, she greets me and shakes my hand and lead us down the hall through a closed door.

Behind the door, it is like stepping into a luau party! Hawaian music or salsa music is blaring LOUDLY… and many round tables with officers and people around them sitting talking, Tan tarantan tan tan taaan taaann taraaaan tan tan tannnn… pictures of all the world’s landmarks are painted on the walls, we sit down and she smiles stiffly and began firing her questions…

How long have u been married? How many kids u have? We answer

Where do u go in the weekend? I say we stay mostly at home

How much do u travel? I say we never ever travel -i see where she is going with her Q&A game- and that the last time we travelled was for  a week to london on our honeymoon 5 years ago…

She asks about the chalets and resorts we go to, we say we never go to any *we really don’t, both of us do not even know how to swim. perioud*

She is a little puzzled. She is just about to launch into her offer when suddenly…


we whip around wella behind us a hysterical woman and her son, the woman is a 7ajjeya of about 55-60 with her 3bat. and her son is about our age, wearing a yellow  sproty football club like shirt of some sort and a cap. They have entered into the middle of the room, and the woman is screaming her lungs out in the middle, almost crying…

She goes screaming “You lie to people, you call people and tell them u have a free coupon for them, you bring them here, lie to them, give them some papers to sign, take their money away promising them 15 days at resorts and then you disappear! U do not give us anything!!! U do not give us the 15 days and u do not give us our money back!!! People they are lying to u do not sign any papers”

A man working there turns off the luau music, Butootee looks amused and whispers to me ‘akeed il camera il khaffya’ -it must be the candid camera- and is sitting there smiling!!!! Several people bolt from their chairs and leave, i nudge butootee’s knee as in lets goo TOO!!! O he is sitting there smiling!!!! I cannot believe it! The girl who is sitting with us goes “waaay 7amd le allah wel shekeer ishtabee hathee waaay awal marra itkhare3nee wa7da chitheeee” but i ignore her and keep looking at the woman!

Now the woman charges to an employee sitting on a table with other people, and attacks him by saying “U! didnt u tell me u will call me back with my 15 days i purchased? didn’t u?!?! Haaa? U lie to me?”

and he goes “no i never said i would call u back or there is 15 days for u”

and the woman and her son, now even more outraged go “u have nothing?! Then what did i sign? and why do i give u 1350 KD of our money?!?!?! For what answer me!!!”

I begin shaking… i want to leave, the room is confined and  she is standing really close to me, what if the man hits the employee!?!?!?!? o Hal butootee it sitting there smiling!!!!


I nudge his leg more and more insistentily, Their manager comes from “upstairs” to take this woman away and solve her “misunderstanding” i look at the girl we are sitting with and she goes… “waaay khare3atneee… this is the first time this happens, i cannot concentrate, i want to go home now… do u want to re-schedule!!!” ashwaa she began to end it before me!!! Fa i go “oh yeah we will come to u next saturday same time’

and she goes “no no no wait wait u have to reschedule now now wait mr. I mr. i plz plz plz come over now now now mr. I…”

Mr. I comes, he says “im sorry about what u witnessed, she must have been sent from a rivalling company to make this scene for us” -yeah right!- and that how can i help you guys?!

Fa we say we are coming next saturday instead… we have had enough of this luau induced lie. Luring us in for data analysis and trying to sell us resorts and spas. God sent us that woman. God must have sent it to this extra dence husband of mine who really is an easy con target from the looks of it. a desperate company who calls u endlessly and then turns out to have ur own details and lies about why it is calling u… and ur happily dragging ur wife against her will o sitting through it and SMILING! if i was alone i would have bolted. Oh correction. If i was alone in this i WOULD NOT BE HERE TO START WITH!!!

and they attention they paid me!!! oH MY GOD… as if im a woman, im easily fooled into buying stuff… if they can sway me with the allure of their offer i can convince my husband!!! that’s why they insisted on butootee that he must come with his wife!!!

When finally we were allowed to go out… i run ahead, the moment we are out of there i yell at butootee.. why on earth won’t u move when i squeeze ur knee??? He says i thought u meant lets sit down and continue?!?!?!

Yeah right. Illa walla inta ile far7an o ga3ed o morathee itgoom!!!!

La la shay ‘3air ma3qool!!!

Then he goes, i was also waiting for someone to say “cut el camera il khafya… it’s a pity we didnt film the whole scene with my mobile phone”

I am just waiting for them to call him back. I am going to answer the phone my self. and i will show them that the WIFE they thought will be naive enough to fall and buy their resort thing will be the NESRA ilee will stop them calling for good. The liars…

O la i researched them online, i found on q8yat forum their company name and that they took 3000 KD from someone o let her sign papers and then disappeared! Just like that woman!!!



13 responses to this post.

  1. my god!!! 9ara7a nas ma3endhum ‘9ameer.. second thing, ween el7oookma 3an hal sherikat???


  2. 7esbe allah 3alaihum!

    madre shloon awadem takel oo teshrab min efloos mabyooga!

    3asa allah laywafighum !


  3. by the way hathaila wain wezarat eltejara, eldakhiliya , ele3lam

    wainhum 3an hal mu9ayeb ele ga3da et9eer!


  4. oh wait i just remembered… we dont have wezarat that function

    my bad


  5. Good for you, Daddy’s Girl, putting this out. Those people promise you anything, everything, and as you said, treat you like a King or Queen – until they have your money, and then it is bye bye! God bless the angry woman who came in and exposed their lies for what they are.


  6. Thanks for the warning.
    Such idiots.


  7. @@
    I’m shocked!! how can they have the nerve to do this?!

    I couldn’t help bu chucke when you said BuTootee was waiting for the camera to appear ;p he’s not to blame tho.. thats a very wierd situation to be in!

    i’m glad u didn’t get caught in their net!.. thanks for sharing! and hope this msg of yours prevents other pple from giving in!


  8. chuckle*


  9. Ambay ;/ ma7ib asma3 chithi….hate scams


  10. Could you please give me the company’s name?

    abe asaweelihum maqlab 5afeef mithel ma isawoon benas..


  11. Posted by pink on March 23, 2009 at 3:28 AM

    Please there are numbers keep calling me for 2 weeks and i evrytime i wana pick up its closed when l call back they never answer!!!could u tell is it one of those : 22423479, 22425496, 22424897, plz help, thanks


  12. Posted by Seattle Dude on March 23, 2009 at 8:55 AM

    ugh… freakin scammers


  13. Posted by memz on March 24, 2009 at 11:59 PM

    the worst part of the story is that they can easliy obtain personal information and personal phone numbers. the concept of privacy doesn’t exist fe 3alam zain elshain !!!


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