El 7ajjeya ilee ingalbat Rambo!!!


Tra seriously il awadm yannaw!?

Ako something making all people crazier, more aggressive, something in the air maybe? or in the water?

Every day you hear stories about people treating others badly, people behaving oddly and very out of character, and lel asaf the rate is increasing!!!

What happened?

It happened last week on the same day i encountered the Hypocrite woman at night. I waited until i was calm so i can recount that bizzare episode in a more coherent way…

You see, i was driving happily from Work back Home.

It was almost 4 in the evening, maybe 3:40 – 3:45… i have just entered Surra from 4th ring road, en route to Jabriya. The way to go is by passing The Surra Bridge. I hate that bridge, i am always very very careful and slow when im driving on that bridge as i recall a friend of mine had gone over it too quickly when she first got her license and almost flipped over…


To picture this, the incident happened at the last last right turn on the street leading to Surra Bridge. Right before the big islamic charity building. I beilieve that turn takes you to Surra Block 2.

So im walking in peace, at the right lane. Not slowly, but not fast. Traffic is smooth, The car infront of me just passed the floor bump (ma66aba), and i was now passing it, when suddenly, it halts with fierce red breaks!!!!

Of course i had to break very very veeeeeeeeeeery hard in order to avoid hitting the stupid car infront of me. I look beyond his car and see why did he break suddenly?! A lion passing the road maybe? Wella the stupid driver decided to break so he would let a woman waiting in the right turn to pass through to the main road!!!!!


What kind of stupid driving is that? Ako rules for passing and breaking! I almost wrecked my car and slammed into you because u decided, out of ur place, that you want that woman to pass?!!??!

So naturally i honk my horn at him, and he lets the woman pass, and speeds away…

Nothing happened thankfully. The story should end here right?


The car that was allowed to pass, a maroon (3anabiya) Nissan, had two women clad in black abayas inside. The driver is 7ajjeya style, like, 55-65 years old. The other is younger, maybe late 30’s. and she went straight into the left lane ok?

Now im in the right lane.

I am driving  straight ahead in my lane.

Now the 7ajjeya suddenly speeds up until she is at the same level with my car. and suddenly she swerves into my lane aggressively, i had to hit my breaks again or i would have hit her. Now she is infront of me and we are both driving on the Bridge… !

What the hell is wrong with this woman? Ok she could be just an unskilled driver. I ignore the gesture and move on. The street was full of cars by the way.

Now we are on the bridge, she keeps driving strangley infront of me o hitting her breaks in a way it is evident she is doing it to bother me? Come one lady what is wrong this is a bridge!!!!

So i decide to calmly move to the next lane, without putting on a signal to alert her.

The moment i try to switch lanes, the crazy lady swerves to the left, in an attempt to block me going into that lane!!! O breaks too in the middle !!!




Shino saweetlich ana?!

Ok… give her the benefit of the doubt… maaaaaaaybe this is a coincedence? So i decide to go back to my right lane…

By the way ur not supposed to switch lanes on the bridge, the street line is straight which means a traffic fine if you change lanes.

The moment i go back to my lane… she speeds up, swerves infornt of me AGAIN, for the third time, causing me to hit the breaks hard and i was sooo scared i would flip over and tumble down from the bridge!!!!

So NOW it is personal!  I am seriously scared of this woman! My heart is thudding loudly and fear is gripping me! what have i done to her to deserve all this aggressivness? Anger is pulsing in my veins, i am this close to becoming red Daddy’s Girl, the one that when she crosses that threshold of anger she can literally inflict bodily harm!!! How far is she willing to go? If she stops now im doomed to slam into her!!! I am under attack in the middle of the day FOR NOTHING!!!!

I honk at her and flick my flusher… what does she do? She drives into the middle of two lanes, smack in the middle, blocking the entire bridge for every one o forcing me to stay behind il 7ajjeya il maynoona…

I do not know why i remembered when Gandalf in LOTR screamed at the demon “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”….

Anyways, the moment we are off the bridge, she wants to go to the first left turn into jabriya za7ma street, so now im free, i speed up to her, honk and look at her  o She and her passenger look puposely in the other direction avoiding my gaze!!!

Este7eee 3la wayhich!!!

YAL 3aYooooz!…  laykooon sadagtay 3omrich inich rambooo?!

Shino kharaftay?! Yanaitay?!

Shelsalfa?! Eshsawaytlichj ana?!

3ada le yantaqem 3la shino?! 3la inah 6ageet hern 7g il syara ilee khalatch itmoreen jedamna o bo’3ayt ad3m feeha?!

So you almost flipped me off the bridge, almost killed me, just because i honked at the car infornt of u for something bad he DID TO ME?! FOR A CLEAR TRAFFIC VIOLATION?!


Dakhalt il beet, chan aroo7 7g butootee o agolah… gemt asarekh min gomat rasee.. i wanted to hit her, really really slap her, stop her car, open the door, and let her face me woman to woman, i would strangle her and push her to the ground and stomp on her belly until she vomits out her guts!!!


If that 7ajjeya behaves that way, what on earth did she teach her children to behave like?! If she has boys… how do they drive 3yal?! With bullets and knives?

Fa ya 7ajeya ya om nissan 3anabi living or visiting Surra Block 2, this is a message for you. I have the perfect perfect PERFECT method for revenge. Something that will make u get what u EXACTLY deserve for what u did to me… this is it…

7esbya allah 3leech wa ne3ma il wakeel. Ne3ma il mawla wa ne3ma il naseer.

7esbya allah 3leech wa ne3ma il wakeel. Ne3ma il mawla wa ne3ma il naseer.

7esbya allah 3leech wa ne3ma il wakeel. Ne3ma il mawla wa ne3ma il naseer.

7esbya allah 3leech wa ne3ma il wakeel. Ne3ma il mawla wa ne3ma il naseer.

7esbya allah 3leech wa ne3ma il wakeel. Ne3ma il mawla wa ne3ma il naseer.

Ashoof ballah wain betro7een min rabich ya rambo?!

O enta ya bu il syara il zarga yalle went into block 9 in Jabriya… ham hatha 7agik…

INTA SHAKOOOO itwagef ib noss il darb 3shan il mara itmorr?

INTA SHAKOOOO imsawee roo7ik ba6al?! il bo6oola inik itkhalif il qanoon?

Shino kanat abmulance?

y3ni yekoon ryaaal?

inzain ana shino thanbi ad3m ib syartik?! Shino?

o ana shino thanbi ityenn o 7ajjeya o testanzil o taglib rambo 3lay?! O inta 7athretik tamshee ib aman allah o tosal mokan ma tabi, feeling quite good about ur self for ur heroesm. Glowing with pride!

Hathee a message 7gik inta b3d!!!

7esbya allah 3leek wa ne3ma il wakeel. Ne3ma il mawla wa ne3ma il naseer.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by xoxoxo on March 19, 2009 at 3:10 PM

    ambeeeeh a3sabiiich thank god nothing happened to you, alla y7afthich


  2. why didnt u block her way, get out, see if u can open her door, if u cant take off ur shoes and break the window, hold 3ayoozat il narr min her throat, start pulling her out the window, drop her on the tarmac, give her a couple of kicks, spit at her, go to the passenger, pull her from her 7ijab (if not, then from her hair), give her a couple of punchs, let her drop over her mother, get into ur car, smash into their car, take of their 7jabs and clothes (leave them naked in the middle of the street), get hold of a pair of scissors, cut their hair, lift 3ayoozat il nar, drop her from the bridge and try to spit at her while shes in her way down, go to her daughter, strangle her, put her at the back of their sikrab nissan, lock the doors, and start smashing into their car again.

    This reminds me of Orson’s mum, where she was going to kill Bree in season 3, I applaused when i saw the ending !!

    Live ur life and don’t let maniac 3yayiz drive u crazy !!!


  3. Posted by Daddy's Girl on March 20, 2009 at 12:13 PM


    I am much calmer now… the lady literally killed me! There should be a law against this kind of behaviour!!!

    Q8y Boy

    U crack me up did u know that?
    Well, for one moment when she freed the road, i was soooo blinded with anger i wanted to follow her o whenever she parks go over to her and give her a piece of my mind… but then i thought to my self…

    If i followed her, or harrased her like she harrased me, especially that my four wheel drive can easily harm her car, what difference would be between me and her?

    I would stoop to her level. I would be no different than her, vulgar and violent. I am not going to stoop to her level. I am a better person than that maniac and i am leaving her to god to deal with her.


  4. malat 3ala hal ashkal

    9ij hailag !


  5. LOOL!! aham shay, 7amdillah 3ala salamtik.. \
    you know what is the most unbelieveable/annoying thing is this whole situation.. that the lady is OLD 65 or so YA3NI KUBR JADATI AND YET 7ARAKAT MURAHAQA she does lool.. i really cant believe she actully did this!! so bizzar.. wallah there is something in the air!


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