Buy Buy Day 4…. & an Appetite Curbing Secret Discovered!


Actually they are two secrets…

The first one, when you are really really hungry with ur stomach rumbling, drink one Turkish Coffee medium. Preferably badly made. Your Appetite will disappear for HOURS!!!!! Espresso doesnt work cause its light. The Coffee Bean Residue in the Turkish coffee makes it richer hence the Qamta feeling!!!

The second is, Wii Fit!!!

If this works, if by playing on my Wii fit makes me lose a little bit of weight, i promise my self i will take a before and after pictures, take off to japan, head to Nintendo, and congratulate them warmly for this great great GREAT invention!!!

Four days of detox thingy… 4 days without chocolate or wheat or bread 😀

and this is day 2 with 40 minutes vigorous exercising on Wii Fit…

Suprsingly when i started to work out, all the cravings have dissappeared? It was easier to stay on track and focused, because u have worked for it you feel so remorseful if u think about eating something unhealthy. Ya rabi at7asaf akil 😀

Today someone brought a platterful of mini fatayer for work at breakfast time, i took one look and said “no, thank you!” … Me? Not even craving fa6ayer and turning to my apple!??? Eshsayer bel denya?!!??!

I will keep not eating wheat until friday morning insha2 allah… Maybe then i will have some pancakes or homemade french toast for a nice lovely celebration 😀

I feel lighter, i move faster, and i sleep without any troubles within minutes of my head hitting the pillow… i wake up the moment my alarm sounds because all my senses are somehow more alert. Apparently when we indulge in food, the full stomach effect clouds my senses and makes my responses slower and more tired!!!! I am happy about how i feel!

Im still searching for a real gym! Many people told me that when i join a gym i will definetly lose weight even if i eat a little and cheat…

Stupid Wii fit asked butootee when he played after me “Hi did u notice any change about Daddy’s Girl Appearance?” Ya raba6at il 3asa3es!!! Eshtabeen im standing right there!!!

Whenever i play wii fit, i remember the episode of Al Haddaf cartoon when fareeq il kamal went to this school to play with them and that school all trained using machines and computers… Now what seemed like science fictions is actually true!!!

Now, i still mildly crave somethings, but only for a sceond or two… i will post a list of things i want to congratulate my self on when i have a free day…

1- Cupcakes or Creamy White cake with lemon/mango/berry filling


Day five is near 😀


4 responses to this post.

  1. keep going girl 🙂 wish u all the best , for me i can`t go on diet what i am doing is eating a good breakfast and lunch but no dinner


  2. 3ala 6ari Wii Fit a colleague of mine in graduate school is doing a study with young adults playing Wii Fit and comparing it to the traditional 20 minutes on the treadmill.. so far he’s just been piloting the data.. bs lama he gets results i’ll share 😉

    on a side note: we encourage Wii Fit for families with overweight kids so that its a family activity oo yitshaji3ooooon oo they move more.. honestly I LOVE IT lol


  3. sorry 6awalt bs btw exercise is an appetite suppressant and releases hormones that

    (hehe sorry its hard to keep me from rambling about something i’ve studied and gotten my masters in ;p )


  4. I would love to write and say what a great job you did on this, as you have put a lot of work into it.


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