Starbux Drive Thru in Q8



*********************************************UPDATE *********************************************

Thanx to NBQ, here is the exact location on the place using Wikimapia

and Thanx to Hilaliya, a detailed description plus pix of the place, aythaye3 shwaya ohoo

and for the record, early morning before 7:30, there is not much traffic… easy to pass through & get out, takes me exactly 10 minutes detour to get my coffee. 15 if there is not one before me.  Perfect for us early birds forced to be at our offices before 8



I am surprised that a lot of people are baffled when told them today about my Starbux Drive Thru story… they would go “Ako starbux drivethre in Q8?”

Yes, fellow q8y coffee addicts. Ako. If ur in a hurry to go to work/college u can pass by the drive thru and get ur morning fix…

Where is it?

Now im the worst person on earth to give directions, but…

Do u know share3 il pepsi? ilee feeh wekalat mercedes?

If u keep mercedes on ur right, and shuwaikh o share3 il ghazali is infront of u, take the last turn to the right after u see mercedes, then take a right, it is a long narrow street ka7yaan, o u will reach a place called tiles and more on ur left… inside that building is the drive thru, the Starbux sign is evident…

I wanted to draw u a map but sra7a madry shloon?


8 responses to this post.

  1. I’d hate to promote Starbucks, but oh my God people!! Why don’t you utilize ?

    I was going to mark it, then I found it marked already 24 months ago 🙂 . Here’s the permalink:

    It seems the building it is in (or next to) is the HQ of Al-Shaye company. Makes sense? loool


  2. Posted by ewfwef on March 18, 2009 at 6:23 AM

    “If ur in a hurry to go to work/college u can pass by the drive thru and get ur morning fix…”

    you mean if you’re lazy and lazy, u can pass by and get ur morning fix.

    Kuwait saddens me.


  3. Posted by Daddy's Girl on March 18, 2009 at 9:07 AM


    Thaaaaaanx Perfect 😀


    Hmmmm slipped my mind sara7a… Thanx a lot!!!
    Yeah figures 😉 no need to pay rent and his emploeyees would buy their coffee from him, dehenhom fe mokabat.hom i guess. Still i am really glad inah ako drive thru


    Of all the things to make u sad and miserable in q8, you chose the one thing that is a time saver for people who find no parking most of the time and have no proper coffee in their workplace and have gone through one hell of a traffic jam with crazy people driving aroud them and dodjing cars all around like ur in a freakin video games race just to get to their work that starts at 7 am which is the crack of dawn…

    Really? Lazy?! It’s lazy cause in my 10 free minutes before my work, instead of driving, trying to find a parking, parking, walking, standing in line, orderring, waiting, paying, going out, switching the car on, and the drive back … instead of all of those, i can just pass, order, and go, in less than ten minutes?

    Time is like a sword, if u do not cut it it will cut u, heared of that before? Or just because we live in Q8 time means nothing y3ni?!?!?!!?

    I can give u a list of all the things that make u sad in Q8. But there is a list of good things that makes life easier in Q8 also, on that list of mine, Starbux Drive Thru is one of them!


  4. Posted by Seattle Dude on March 18, 2009 at 9:41 AM

    Well, typically in the morning times that area is traffic jammed. else i might consider it, since our little old lady porter is taking a vacation at work, i’ve been cut-off from my caffine supply in the morning :/

    and i’d just ignore that dude, i mean for godsake the name is ewfwef lol


  5. okay Now i’m carving a tofee-nut latte.. bs they dont make it anymore 😦


  6. I know where that is
    I go there ALOT bas mo 7ag el drivethro
    7ag el hudoo’a 🙂


  7. Posted by nbq on January 3, 2010 at 6:10 PM

    OH MY GOD!!!!
    I put one and one together and I just figured it out!!! 🙂


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