Starvation Induced Rant


After a shower of nasty comments i had recieved regarding my weight in a recent party i have attended, almost as if the whole universe will cease to exist  just because im a little fat, i have decided that i would love to have people eat their words…. i have had enough prejudice!

So i decided i am not going on a diet, rather, i would simply detox and eat healthy for a bit… only for about a week, see how it goes… if i say the word diet to my self i would probably end up gaining 3 kilos from binge eating.

I have had not much of an appetite lately. I would eat just because ok there is food and i have to eat it. But no real “Ooooh my god im so craving this my mouth is already watering blah blah…”

So yesterday i started my day with my black coffee and my apple 😀 I was fine

By midday i had my mangoe passion fruit goji berrie innocent smoothie (yeah i brought enough from UK to last me until the end of March)… followed by french coffee… nice…

Then i was a bit hungry. So i decided it was time for my main meal of the day at five… Home made mashed potatoes with skim milk (0 fat), boiled veggies (0 fat), and Vegetable Kiev baked in the over (300 calories from M&S and very yummy)… and pepsi max, followed by sliced orange and black coffee…


Half way through my meal i felt full munching on all those veggies. I almost did not complete it… i was happy and felt very light and went to play on my Wii…

Then came 7 p.m.  which is merely two hours later,  i am in the Co-Op trying to buy some laban drink for dinner, when all of the sudden i felt the mania strike…

It began in the canned food aisle, while looking at the Nestle Qaymar can, i suddenly had a vision where im dunking wedges of freshly made hot irani bread in the qaymar can and savouring every bite!!!

So i decided to move on… Wella toast il ma6a7en!!! i Do not like that toast, i do not buy it usually unless i have no other alternative! Now im standing over it, visions of two white toasts hugging devon cheddar (fromt he UK) and yummy mustard (from swiss) with fresh veggies in between are making me dizzy…

I move on, wella tubs of fruit yoghurt are singing to me, calling out for me!!! I decided OK do not taunt me i will take only one low fat strawberry tub from Yeo Valley for breakfast tommorow (which im now happily eating and it does not taste as magical as it promised yesterday)!!!

Passing by the canned food aisle again, i see canned peas!!! now, vision of peas with tomatoe stew (7ameesa) are making me salivate!!! Walaaaaaaaain?! So ok i took my self a can and promised my self that if i were good i might have that dish for lunch tommorow without bread…

Need i tell u i almost cried near the frozen section!? when for once, almost all the flavours of Baskin Robbins ice cream where available?!?!?!?!?!?!

By that time i was soooooooo hungry i could not really walk anymore… the final blow came when at the cash register, there was a stand of Hershey Chocolate. Now, i really really REALLY hate hershey chocolates. Cannot stand it’s taste. But yesterday, as if i was hypnotized, i walk over in a daze, pick up the cookies and cream bar, and i can taste the milky white chocolate melting with bits of bitterish cookies crumbling…! I have not had that chocolate since 1995!!! almost 15 years!!!!


But i put it down. Went home to my dinner (3 pinapple slices, 5 strawberries, and 8 red grapes with laban drink)… had to look away when butootee is having dinner (pinar labneh saj sandwiches with fresh veggies)…

Yeah o when i got out of the Co-Op, all around me there are corn stands, baked potatoe stands, ice cream and stuff, all calling out to me, all smelling nice!!! It is impossible!!! Am i supposed to hide away from now on? Take refuge in my house for 2 month so i can lose those 10 kilos i want gone?!


P.S. I keep distracting my self by scoring net-a-porter and promising my self to buy a gift for my self… this shoes for the first kilo off, this bag for the 2nd kilo off… it is working somehow… but not yet very successfull… if u have any other techniques let me know!


12 responses to this post.

  1. i miss real food ;( i hate rjem!


  2. oh mi god

    im like that

    i think of the word diet and my tummy starts growling

    then i eat everything in site

    every time i think about wanting to lose weight i gain more!

    madre shasawe eb 3mri

    so just the fact u went thru the first day

    aaand went to jam3iya

    is a big deal!


  3. Posted by J on March 16, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    Ooooookay, no. I don’t know u, u don’t know me, but god made me stumble on this blog for a reason, and that reason ya 7beebti is that I was 96 kilos. Gym ALONE made me lose 16 kilos in 6 months. Which is healthy. I eat fries( my vice) chocolate and everything else the fat lady in me needs to satisfy her crazy appetite. I won’t lie I am naturally in love w home cooked meals and I don’t like mcds but fries from a restaurant kills me oh and pizza. I nevr say no. I go to spinning and aerobics and do sum resistance training like weights n stuff. Plz latgolenlee malech khelg this is the healthy way to do it cuz ur like me ana wayyyyyyyed a7eb el akil ok sorry esht6ayt bs inshalla u take this advice. Gluck


  4. ambeeeeeeeeh i guess elnaas ma 3ndhom salfaa walah elaaa matnana o tha3faanaa 😛

    i need to loose 5 kg so mo ga3daa aswee diet o ga3daa ad3ee rabee enee ath3aaf bas , o enshalah ath3aaafa heheh


  5. Posted by Seattle Dude on March 16, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    Well, what i stand behind is that if your comfortable with yourself then thats all that matters.

    so u do ur thing!


  6. the best diet is to travel !!!

    no car, walk walk walk and can’t eat much !

    so go to the UK and don’t go near M&S (which i know is immposible) and have fun

    or just take a month of work and join a gym (watch DHW whilst exrecising – pure pleasure)


  7. Posted by Zabo0o6a on March 16, 2009 at 5:59 PM

    3afa 3afya at least the first day passed with no damages !
    I was telling my mom 2day iney maby a6la3 3shan there’s too many temptation that’d make me crave food and EAT unhealthy food!


  8. Posted by aws on March 16, 2009 at 8:21 PM

    i hae a bunch of CDs on how to prepare raw food, would u like to have them ?


  9. You’re doing everything right, except ditch the soda. Even non-fat sodas make you crave fats and sugars. Drink green tea or water or a real juice made from real fruit.

    Run up and down the stairs! 🙂 Exercise will quiet those cravings.


  10. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but it doesn’t matter WHAT you eat as long as u consume less calories than you expend.

    I’ve posted an article about this here:

    It’s a recent study done by Harvard School of Public Health

    😉 hope this helps


  11. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.


  12. Posted by Daddy's Girl on March 17, 2009 at 8:40 AM


    :`( me too…


    I am suffering… i want to eat the fridge and raid the chocolate box… i deserve a huge huge prize to reward my self…

    maybe those 750 pounds lanvin shoes i saw??? I am contimplating buying them…


    Wanasa sej!??!?!??!?! 16 kilos in 6 months?!?!??!?!?
    Ana several girls told me the same thing. I literally cannot lose weight only by starvation…

    How do i start?! Help?!


    o ana b3d wyaach 😀 khal nsawee the guild of dieting bloggers thingy :p

    Seattle Dude

    Sometimes ur comfort zone becomes ur trap. and sometimes people attack u for something that has nothing to do with them and u want to throw sand in their eyes and say HA! See? I could do it!!!

    Q80 Boy

    I knew somehow ur comment would include DHW :p

    Yes i do lose weight when i travel, but when i come back i gain it all back because i sit on the couch and do nothing…

    DHW has bree… cooking in it. Very bad for diet. Entertaining though…

    But i like ur suggestion. Take a month off, go to the uk alone and diet there 😀


    Wherever i look, there is someone ye7arethnee 3la il akil…
    Foood food foood ads papers every where…


    We will talk after thursday!!!


    I live in the third floor without a lift. Believe me by the time i reach home my leg muscles have had enough workout for the day …

    But that can of coke is my happy beacon of the day 😦
    Do u think it is whats causing me the cravings?


    I know. I have a very low metabolism unfortunately. I know i must get off the couch and workout. I will spend some time on my Wii fit today and see how it goes…

    I will check ur article 😀 Thanx




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