Did the cupons people call u? & Surviving Day 2


On Saturday night, a phone number called Butotees mobile phone, the number for every ones records is “22429534”

Anyways, they tell him they are some agency, and that his phone number has come up in a draw!!! So now they are calling him to congratulate him on being eligible for a cupon booklet chock full of disccounts for restuarants and services in Kuwait. All he has to do is to come with his WIFE to their location in Khalejiya center and get the booklet. Nothing need to be purchased…

So of course, bu tootee is happy and agrees to come over at 6 pm sunday night. I am furious with him, explaining to him that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and what right to they have? Calling us, demanding that he and his wife, which by the way they already knew, come down TOGETHER to get a booklet? Really?! Have we got nothing else to do? Have we completly lost our minds to fall for such a shameful scam? If u had such coupons, why lure us into ur den? Why not drop it off at our home address which of course u already knew when u got our personal info out? And how on earth did they get it? Under which right? this is a total violation of our privacy!!!

Come 5:30 sunday, half an hour before our “supposed” appointment, and we get a missed call from them, which reminded us that oh we still have an appointment…

one minute later, butootees other phone rang, same number…

not one second after the missed call, his first mobile rings… and suddenly for the next half an hour, all we get is frantic calling on both his mobile phones!!! Maybe 30 missed calls!!!! It made us soooo angry we decided to totally ignore them and be as rude as to simply not show up and not apologize for standing them up!!!!


Then they relaxed for a few hours, again at night they start calling… until i was so angry i wanted to pick up the phone and give them a piece of my mind *i did not*… and today, they are calling… and calling… and calling!!!

What is the matter with these people? are they giving us a free coupon booklet or are they vampires in need to feed to survive and need us right there?!?!?!!?!? Weeeeee3

Anyways, today is my 2nd day of detox diet/style/whatever thingy…

My breakfast is an apple, black coffee, and a tub of yeo valley organic fat free strawberry yoghurt…

Then french coffee

Then at five my lunch was a nice green salad with home made vinigarette dressing (very little olive oil) and about 6 table spoons of Co-Op bought nakhi (chickpeas) with a tub of yeo valey organic greek style fat free yoghurt





Followed by some strawberries and one sliced orange and coffee… in here this is for both butootee and me


I have had that Alladin Mug for over 16 years now!!! I bought it from the Disney Store in the UK in the early 1990’s… and i cannot part with it… i just love it 😀

Now dinner came at 9, One packet of skim milk with splenda and 5 frozen strawberries mixed together in the blender, making sort of strawberry smoothie, with pinapples and red grapes. By this time i was soooo tired i did not even have the energy to pour the smoothie out of the blender!


By the time i was slurping my smoothie, comes butootee and sits next to me, he has a plate with two saj sandwiches, the hot saj smell makes my head light, one of the saj is filled with Mexican Quesidella filling, while the other has labna filling… and some M&S Hommous from the UK that i have been saving for a craving :`( 


I almost took a bite out of his sajes… and he ate them very slowly, the smell just would not go, i try to concentrate on the tv, DHW was showing, and then bree goes and cuts this yummy looking apple pie and Orson is throwing the pie at the man and the pie looks soooo delicious and my my my i want an apple pie now only i have not had one in Q8 since 1995 or so and i think there is a good one in FUDS but not sure if they do it anymore and OH MY GOD ENOUGH I WANT AN APPLE PIE AND SAJ AND FOOD AND ORDER A DOUBLE DOMINOS PIZZA EVEN THOUGH I HATE DOMINOS PIZZA EVER SINCE THE NEW FRANCHISER MAN CAME I AM HUNGRYYYY TOO MUCH TEMPTATION JUST TOO MUCH…


I drank two glasses of water after dinner. That should stop me eating for a while.  

Oh and yes i have remembered that although i have spent almost all of last summer eating minestorne soup only for a main dish, i barely dropped 3 kilos all in all… so my problem is not really food related. I do not over eat (unless when i go on a diet)… my problem is that i need to move… i need to go to a gym…

Gym help plz?!?!??! im a total q8y gym fool!!!


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  1. Drink coffee and chew gum/eat candy, both are ways of reducing one’s appetite.


  2. Posted by f on March 17, 2009 at 1:09 AM

    Hi Daddy’s Girl,
    Did you ever have your thyroid checked? Or any other blood test checking all hormone levels? It is a really common thing in women which weight problems are a symptom. Even if you don’t exercise, but if you are restricting food intake it should have some effect on weight loss. And you don’t have to be significantly overweight either. I say this from experience because I had some issues with this, as do some other women I know. Feel free to email me if you would like to know more detailed info.


  3. Posted by Zabo0o6a on March 17, 2009 at 1:22 AM

    Goood Job Girl !
    Hehe , i think i got stomache flu :/ 7alty sa3ba
    o elcoupon ppl is hilarious !


  4. wow i loving ur dishes.. colourful and healthly 🙂 i always thought detox was drinking that awful-tasting green stuff from Boots.. but urs looks like fun!
    what dyo need apple pie an saj for if u’ve got lovely delicious tasting fresh crispy colorful fruits and veges 🙂
    keep it up grrl 😉

    btw, ur mug rocks!


  5. sweety ur food is looking really good. you’re on the right track 😉 but u do reallly need to move and exercise ..

    and another thing.. use cognitive behavior therapy.. transform all ur negative thoughts about ur dieting into positive thoughts

    and look at the far future: u’ll be healthier, live longer (ib7ail allah witshoofeeen a7fathich oo a7fath a7fathich ), and will be disease free! 😉


  6. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.


  7. Posted by Daddy's Girl on March 17, 2009 at 9:24 AM

    A 3 AM Flight

    I find gum ishwaya distracting but i hate to forget my self while eating gum i find the look of chewing gum very vulgar…


    Hi yeah i have checked it five times already with different doctors but nothing is wrong with it il 7amd le allah. It is just a very low metabolism issue thing 😦


    Wee ma tshofeen shar… first ur ankle now stomach flu?!
    Deeray balich 3la nafsich!!!

    Sar li senna abi adesh ur blog mo gadra!!! Every time there is a trojan in one of the applications u have in it and my anti-virus goes nuts!!!!

    I love alladin 😀 I always did 😀 o i love the disney store 😀 it is one of my most valued and prized posessions… this baby has gone through middle school, high school and college with me 😀


    I dont wanna think positive… i want to wake up and bam this nightmare is over 😦

    can’t i eat something nice now and start dieting tommorow 😦


  8. my last year f uni i joined a gym..
    everyday for tw months i went
    for an hour

    and what difference it made in my life!
    i lost soo much weight

    but now that im here in q8… i cant get myself to go
    madre laish!


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